Why was "YEAH RIGHT CHARTERS" invited to join the BBB? This is because we strive to be the best at what we do. We are "straight up" with you and treat you like we would want to be treated. You are never charged for your trip until after it is run and you are satisfied!! Your complete satisfaction is our main goal!! We DO NOT play the game of, "if we pull away from the dock, it's considered a trip", you will be treated fairly and with respect, ALWAYS!!!!


Do I need a fishing license? NO, not to fish on the "YEAH RIGHT" Saltwater Fishing. We carry all license and permits to cover anyone fishing on our boat, resident and non-resident are both covered by this license while on the boat!!!!


Is your tackle kept in good shape?

With respect to you so that you can fish and not have to worry about equipment failure, we put brand new equipment on the "YEAH RIGHT" every spring...  What's not replaced every year is completely serviced with worn parts replaced, cleaned, lubricated and placed in "like new" condition for your enjoyment. You WILL NOT   fish with "junk" on our boat!!! 


Will there be any unexpected charges? No, the price you see on our web page is the price you pay. The web site will be current at all times. Or, just call (910) 845-2004.  We DO NOT do the Fuel Sur Charge game or the Coupon Trick!! With us you get the lowest possible price with no "hoops" to jump through and no gimmicks, period!!! 

Do You Accept Credit Cards? Yes, we accept credit cards; however, we can only accept Visa/Mastercard. 

How do I reserve a fishing trip? Just call us at (910) 845-2004, choose a date you want to fish. If that date is still open, a visa or M/C number will hold that date for you. No charges will be made to your card unless you want to charge the trip after it has been run and you are satisfied. Please read our "deposit policy" on the "RATES" page. 


What if our trip is cut short?

Let's say you book a full day trip and a  storm makes us return to the dock at lunch, you will only be charged for a half day trip. You will only be charged for the length of the trip any given day allows us to get in. 


What if the weather is bad? If we encounter bad weather and have to cancel the trip, you will be given the opportunity to reschedule another trip on an available date or you can get a 100% refund of any money paid. This will be your choice!!



What do I need to bring?  You should bring what you would like to eat and drink. Try to keep coolers as small as possible. Also bring any personal item you may need, hats, sunscreen, jackets, non-skid shoes, etc.

Do we have to keep the fish?  Definitely not. We can release them to fight another day!!


If we keep the fish, who do they belong to?  What you catch on your trip belongs to you to do with whatever you desire!!


Are children allowed on the boat?  Children are more than welcome!!!!  However, you know your child more than anyone, so I will let you decide if you think he or she is capable to handle the day on the water. Also, children 13 years old and younger are required by the USCG to wear a commercial life jacket anytime the boat is in transit. We will provide you with this life jacket.



When should I call to book a trip? As soon as you know, call, don't wait, there are only so many fishing days in a year, when they are all booked, they are all gone till next year!! A lot of our fishermen take their vacation the same time every year and will go ahead and book a trip for the same week the next year, so, many of the fishing days are already taken before a new year even starts!!! Call ASAP!!!!  The sooner you call, the better your chance of getting the date you would like!!!

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