July 22, 2021

Today I was fishing with Robbie Hooker and his son Blaine from Staley, NC and Marshall Oxendine from Mcleansville, NC. Bobo wasn't with us today. He had a groomer appointment and he was missed by all!!!

Now I know someone found a good bite somewhere today but I worked really hard and covered lots of water this morning from the river, to behind Bald Head Island, to the Elizabeth river, and Dutchman creek, and I just could not get on a good bite all morning. We caught a couple fish we had to release and had a good chance at what felt like a decent Red Drum but just couldn't keep him out of the pilings on a dock and the razor sharp barnacles made a quick release inevitable.

What do you do, you do the best you can and hope to find your fishermen some nice fish to take home for dinner, but, sometimes God will humble you and remind you He is still in control. Part of the experience of a fishing trip is the boat ride, the other part is catching fish that you can enjoy on the grill. So I did what I could do to find the fish but couldn't get them to bite, and since they got the boat ride half of the fishing trip this morning I only charged for that half and feel good knowing I did the right and ethical thing for my fishermen. Don't care who you are, it's going to happen sometimes no matter how hard you try.

Tomorrow's another day so we just have to pick ourselves up and remember that every day is different and pray that the bite will be better tomorrow, and if not, just do the right thing it will give you and your fishermen a good feeling!!

July 21, 2021

Today I was Blessed to fish again with Louis Gadrinab from Durham, NC. Louis has been fishing with me for over 20 years now and today was extra special as he had along with him his two Grandsons Colin and Cadel Henry, also from Durham, NC. This was the first time the boys had ever been on a boat fishing and they were naturals!!!

We had a great morning of fishing and catching and I wish I had all my pictures I took this morning. I'll make a long story short here. I was taking pictures and just before we caught our 1st Red Drum I took another picture of Caden's Black Drum, turned around and another rod was doubled over, picked it up and the rod butt flipped my brand new phone out of my shirt pocket and it went for a swim and drowned. So, I'm back on my old phone until my other new one comes in my water proof case for my new phone will be here tomorrow!! Was hoping my pictures would be saved in my gallery or photos, didn't get that lucky so I have the pictures Louis took after that fiasco!!

Back in business as I'm on the way home now from Verizon with my old phone reactivated.

Hope tomorrow's fishing and catching is as good as today's was, if so, everyone will be happy I do believe!! Thanks for stopping by and till next time God Bless you all!!!


July 20, 2021

I'll be honest, when I picked up Brent Craddock, David Craddock SR. from Danville,VA. and David Craddock JR from Ringgold,VA, I was worried that all the storms and rain yesterday was going to make the catching pretty tough this morning. Well, I love it when I'm wrong about things like this!!!

On our first stop this morning it wasn't long until the bite got to going and of course most every fish was a Flounder, some nice ones and some smaller ones. But regardless, they all had to be released due to season closure. We also caught some small sheepshead, Speckled Trout, lost a nice Black Drum right at the boat and got a Red Drum just shy of the 18" mark that we released.

After the tide went south I made a run to another area and here things didn't work out so with little time left on our trip I made the decision to go to a place behind Bald Head Island on the negative tide we had at that moment. This would prove to be the right decision for our fish for the day to invite to dinner as we managed two upper slot, a 26" and a 26 3/4, with tails pinched, Red Drum. As I've said before, you just can't give up, fight to the last minute and if you don't find them at least you'll know you did all you could do that day to put your fishermen on legal fish and that's all you can do, after all, we're just guides, not God!!!

Thanks for coming by and checking out our fishing/catching trips. We are booked nearly everyday so if weather permits, we will be posting daily trip reports!!! Till next time, be safe on the water and God Bless you all!!!


July 18, 2021

Today Bobo and I were blessed to be fishing with 3 young ladies from my hometown surrounding area near Lexington,NC. They were Kristin Bundy from Denton,NC ;Josie Holmes from Thomasville, NC; and Lucy Williams from Liberty,NC.

We left the marina this morning and when I got to my first stop the bite was dead. After a little thought I made a move to another spot and it was here that would produce all of today's fish.

The girls caught sharks, Black Drum, Red Drum, and Flounder. We kept enough Red and Black Drum for dinner and released everything else. Already looking forward to our next trip! You proved today that girls know how to fish and some are really good at it as you 3 were!!!


Till next time, God Bless you all!!!!


July 16, 2021

Today Bobo and I went to the Marina and picked up Dave Roberts and his son Ryan from Atlanta,GA. The mission today was to just catch some fish to fight, get a few to eat if possible, and just have a good morning on the water with a father and son spending quality time together in God's great creation together doing what they love to do, fishing!!!

We started out fishing a couple places that proved to be not the areas we needed to be in this morning so it wasn't long before we made a run behind Bald Head Island and here we found biting fish. It started off with a Speckled Trout and then a nice Virginia mullet and some good bites that didn't hook up and then it was flounder. If the flounder bite continues the flounder season this year, although a short 2 weeks should be spectacular!!!

It was just what the guys were looking for but if you know me I wanted them to have lots more fish than we got today as I want everyone that fishes with me to have more fish, but they were pleased and in the end that's what really matters. Thanks for stopping by and till next time God Bless you all!!


July 15, 2021

Today was a very special day for me as I was going to take 6 year old Aiden Osborne and 8 year old Layla Osborne and their mom Leslie Osbourne from Charlotte, NC and also Sam Rosen from Huntsville, NC. fishing. When I seen that 2 kids were to be on the Yeah Right Charter boat I made sure to have them both their very own special rod and reel to use and would be able to take them home with them at the end of the day. Don't do this every time just when Barbara knows they are going to be small children.

The objective today was to get them "hooked" even more on fishing and I think we accomplished this goal. They really wanted to catch a big shark. Now that's not the easiest thing to do in the backwater creeks, but with the hand of God helping me out on my mission today the first fish in the boat this morning was a nice bonnet head shark that absolutely thrilled the kids!!!

We then caught more smaller ones that just was the icing on the cake!!! We also caught a nice Speckled Trout and then they discovered croakers and from that point forward it was hard to keep the hooks baited fast enough. And oh yes, we caught a lot of flounders, some small and some nice ones. All flounder was released and we just kept enough other fish today for a good dinner.

When I asked them this afternoon if they liked the rod and reels they used today and they told me yes, but for me the best part of the whole trip was when I got to see their faces light up and the big grins when I told them that those belonged to them to take home!!

After everything that happened yesterday, I needed today's trip to get me back on track and knowing that no matter what happens sometimes, better times are just on the horizon so just pray and keep the faith and keep moving forward, God will listen and make things right in your world once again!!

Thank you Leslie for letting me fish with Aiden and Layla today, this was just the therapy I needed to brighten my day, you all were great and I had a blast watching them get so excited over every fish. Till next time, God Bless you all!!!


July 14, 2021


 Starting the morning off I picked up John, Buffy, and Savannah Narcise from Oak Island,, NC at Safe Harbor marina for a mornings fishing. You may recognize John and his family, they own " Oak Island Inn".

We started off this morning where I caught fish yesterday and stuck it out until the tide was where it was the day before but the bite we had there yesterday didn't materialize this morning. We hit several more places and the bite was tough, all except for the crabs, they were so ferocious the fish didn't have a chance to find a bait without a crab having already demolished it.

Finally I hit a place and I even made the comment we might catch a fish here the crabs aren't that bad so far. and we did, we caught a variety of fishes that included sharks,Whiting, croakers, Black Drum, and a few nice Speckled Trout. Everything we caught today was released for another day!! After the tide slacked we decided to call it a day and head back to the marina.

Maybe the fish weren't biting a lot but the fellowship was the best. Thanks guys and hope you enjoyed my company as much as I enjoyed yours.


July 13, 2021

Today I was fishing with Jon, Kendra, and Conner Wooten from Clemmons, NC.


I made a run to a spot behind Bald Head Island that has been doing fairly good on the tide we had this morning, and Jon proceeded to deliver the fishing " kiss of death" technique. You know what I mean if you are a serious fisher person!! If you don't know fishing's "kiss of death" well here's how it happens......we got set up and Jon made his first cast, BAM!!! a nice 19" flounder boated on the first cast of the morning. That was it for this spot!!! We gave this spot a good working over because of the fish it has produced on this tide in the past, but that was it for this spot !!! We made a couple more moves and those produced nothing as well. Then I made the decision to make a move to an entirely different area!!

On this stop we found some fish that would cooperate for us. Kendra would deliver the first punch with a barely nonlegal Speckled Trout. Next a rod doubled over with a good fish and Conner was in line for this bite but the fish had us wrapped in the structure and I realized he was tight to whatever he was in so I knew that to try to pull him out was most likely a broken line so I just gave him slack and put the rod back in the rod holder, it has worked for me before, and it worked again this time !! With the fish out of the tangle Conner was hooked up with what I thought was a nice Red Drum, but in a bit I slid the net under a 6lb. 15oz. Sheepshead . Then another rod doubled over with another good fish and this time the hook just pulled free so we'll never know what we had to just swim free!!! Not to be out done Jon would follow up with another Speckled Trout right before it was time to head to the marina.


As the water warms more and summer progresses the fishing gets more unpredictable but please know we are doing all we can to stay on the move to try and find you biting fish. Mother Nature can be hard to figure out sometimes but we don't like to take no for an answer and I never give up!!


A good day on the water with some great people from a town just upstream from my hometown of Reeds Cross Roads just west of Lexington, NC. Thanks guys for choosing Yeah Right Charters for your fishing trip, I hope I met and possibly exceeded your every expectations. Till next time, God Bless you all!!!


July 12, 2021

Today Bobo and I were fishing with Tom and Ann Gaudreaux from Southport, NC and their grandson Quinn Dooley from Oakland, CA.

Our 1st stop soon had Quinn hooked into a speckled Trout that would be just short of the 14" legal size to invite for dinner. Not long after this we would be hooked up with Black Drum, both keepers and shorts.

With the winds picking up and the current getting stronger to the point my 36 volt trolling motor, both Talons down and the 175 Suzuki engine in gear wouldn't hold us in position. Now that's some really tough conditions to try to fish in and I believe the fish had left the area also, so we did as well.

We ended our trip keeping a couple nice Black Drum for dinner and got back across the Cape Fear River before the tide started to fall into the stiff South West Winds. If you fish this area you know how nasty that river can get in those situations.

Thanks for stopping by and reading our reports, you all are the best!!! Till next time, God Bless you all!!!


July 6, 2021

Today Bobo and I were fishing with Derek Mohr and his sons, Matt and Jack, from Cornelius, NC.


The bite was a little slow so after our 1st stop which didn't produce hardly any bites we kept on the move picking at them all morning. Our 2nd stop got us some Red Drum that were in slot, under slot, and a couple nice ones that pulled the hooks right at the boat. Also some nice flounder, small flounder, small Speckled Trout, and a couple Black Drum. Another major move would finish out the day with some more nice Black Drum and some nice Sheepsheads. Along with more flounder.

Looks like after tomorrow's trip "Elsa" the proclaimed hurricane remnants might put the screws to Thursday's trip. We know how the weather can change hourly here sometimes but it doesn't look good at the moment.

Thanks guys for choosing Yeah Right Charters for your fishing trip. I only hope I met and possibly exceeded your every expectations. Thanks to everyone who continue to support us and recommend us to their friends and family. Please be sure to like us on Facebook and we welcome your comments on our posts and on our "Guestbook" page on our website!!

Till next time, God Bless you all!!


July 5, 2021

Today I picked up Tony, Louise, and Ari Marquette from St. Michael, MN at Bald Head Island and we went in search for dinner this evening. I checked the tide on the Garmin 93CV and knew just where to start.

Our first stop would prove to be our best for the day giving us a limit of lower slot Red Drum and a few smaller fish like Speckled Trout, Black Drum, and Tony's favorite a few croakers, sorry Tony, the devil made me do it!!

Tony's daughter Ari would put on a fish catching show today to prove there were fish at the areas we went to.


I got most of the pictures today after getting what was taken by everyone. That was the last straw for this phone, even after my daughter in law, Holly did some adjusting to it that helped me see and take better pictures but it's still not saving half of what I take so it's history asap!!

What will tomorrow bring, you never know as every day is different but we'll be back in the backwater tomorrow finding out. Be sure to stop by tomorrow evening and see what happens!!

Thanks to everyone that reads our posts and supports us here at Yeah Right Charters. We couldn't do it without you all. A special Thank you today goes to Tony, Louise ,and Ari for choosing us for your fishing trip, our fishermen are the best!!!


July 2, 2021

This morning Bobo and I were fishing with Joe Johnson and his daughter Cheyenne from Pleasant Garden, NC and Garin Appler from Liberty, NC.


On our first stop all we could get hooked up was a under slot Black Drum. Didn't hang around there too long and left for another area. There were fish at this spot but they were small Speckled Trout and some nice flounder that had to be released. Again, my phone camera was supposed to have been repaired but with only one flounder in my gallery when I got home it's obvious it isn't.

Time was getting short and I told my group I have another place about a mile away that the tide was right for and if we don't get any Red Drum there then I just can't figure them out today. We made the run and got set up and only got 2 baits in the water and a rod doubled over and Joe was hooked up with a nice mid slot Red Drum. Then  just a few minutes later Cheyenne found herself hooked up with another Red Drum. She fought it like a pro and it would be just an inch short of the legal 18" lower slot. A few more minutes went by and Garin was hooked up with the 3rd Red Drum at this spot and it would be another mid slot Red Drum that was to be  the guest of honor at tonight's dinner!!

I'll be honest, I was starting to think that I was going to go home today feeling ashamed of myself for not finding these guys any fish for dinner tonight, and the results of today's trip is why I never give up and fight all the way to the finish.

Joe, Cheyenne, and Garin you had a lot of charter boats to choose from and we are honored to have been chosen for your fishing trip. I only hope we met and exceeded your every expectation!!! Till next time, God Bless you all!!!!


July 1, 2021

Today we ran a double shift for a family on Bald Head Island . The morning trip was with Jay McCrary from Columbus, MS. and Will Cavender from Chapel Hill, NC. The afternoon trip was with Dr. Matt Cavender and his other son Andrew from Chapel Hill, NC.


We caught just about every species in the backwaters today. I can't believe how many flounder we caught  on artificial baits and we released them all due to harvest season closure. The 1/4 ounce Betts Halo shad in Green Tiger was the bait that put most of the bigger Flounder in the boat today!!!

We did get a decent catch of legal Black Drum to take home for some blackened fish tacos for dinner. Matt also got a couple of Speckled Trout this afternoon. Did I mention that everyone caught a lot of flounder from 2+ pounds on down. All the Red Drum today were small, looked like we have had a good hatch of young Red Drum for the near future and we definitely have had a good hatch of future flounder.

Just a good day with great people to fish with today. Weather a little "iffy" right now for tomorrow's charter but we'll make a better decision in the morning. Thanks to everyone that continues to support us and fish with us here at Yeah Right Charters you all are the best!!! Till next time, God Bless you all!!!


June 30, 2021

In case you didn't know, Barbara, the lady that does all the booking for Yeah Right Charters has a list of folks that want to do a make up trip with others when it comes available. Just give her a call and you too can get on that list and possibly get in on a fishing trip and share the cost with someone else. She can give you all the details when you call her @ 336-309-5900.

Today I was doing a half day "make up" trip from that list. I was fishing with a "returning" fisherman Michael Smith from Wilmington, NC and Frank Watkins, "new fisherman" from Southport, NC. We had a great trip especially after I found some fish that were big enough to take home for dinner.

The first several stops we made had plenty of fish but everything we caught was too small to keep, " of course some of the flounder that would be legal weren't because of season being closed, oh well, it is what it is, so everything was released. Finally, I hit the right spot and boy did it make me look really good, we were hooking up good sized hard fighting Black Drum about as fast as we could cast, but we all know God had a hand in me " looking good " and I told the guys that when they bragged on my fishing ability, and I thanked God for his grace and mercy on us today.

Another great and fun trip this morning with very nice people to share the boat with. We have some of the best "make up trip" folks in the fishing business on our waiting list. Just call Barbara, you can be on the list too!!!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope we get to fish together sometime soon. Till next time, fish on and God Bless you all!!!


June 29, 2021

What a difference a day makes was in force today since the rains and storms were at bay this morning. I left the marina on a half day trip this morning with locals Greg Freed and Tom Cosgrove from Southport, NC.

We started off in the Elizabeth River this morning where we found plenty of bait but no fish willing to take our baits. We moved then to behind Bald Head Island where we had the same results as on our first stop. After some thought on the situation I told the guys I think I have the puzzle figured out and we made a major move out of the creeks to the main river.

On this stop the bite was fast and furious until the tide slacked and the bite shut off,  but by this time we were sorta glad for the break. We ended the morning with 7 nice Black Drum, a Red Drum, Speckled Trout, Flounder, Blue fish, croakers, lizard fish, and a fish big enough to break the 25 pound line right at the boat.

What will tomorrow bring, I don't know, but I'll be on the water with more clients trying to find out. Check back tomorrow afternoon and see if we can think like a fish again and figure out what they want to bite and where they want to bite at. Thanks everyone for your continued support and God Bless you all!!!!


June 28, 2021

Today I was fishing with returning couple Mike and Mary Ross from Vancouver, WA.


We were on a "CPR" trip this morning to get "bragging rights" with a trifecta catch of Red Drum, Speckled Trout, and a flounder. Made a couple stops and I was distracted by a glitch in the Ulterra that wouldn't stow when Mike hooked up the Red Drum to get the 1st of our trio of our mission started.

We moved from there and Mike would get a Speckled Trout close enough to the boat to see it but it escaped the hook. Then while trying to get another one hooked up the bottom fell out and it poured rain but we still fished through it on our mission!!! Then just as we were thinking it was going to clear up some we seen a lightning bolt off in the distance. That was the game changer this morning and we immediately headed to the marina to find safer surroundings. No fish is worth taking a life ending risk, and lightning doesn't always play fair and has no conscience!!

We will have to pick this mission up again the next time Mike and Mary get back to Southport. NC. Thanks guys for coming all the way across the USA to fish with me again. Be safe in your travels and God Bless you both!!


June 25, 2021

If you fished today, then you know the bite was tough in the backwater for most at best, but Vinnie Paladino and Ed Worontzoff from McGaheysville,VA and Tyker Besso from Roanoke, VA. never gave up and we stayed on the move from behind Bald Head Island all the way back to the marina.

We caught several short Speckled Trout, and Flounder we had to release, Blue fish, Ribbon fish, croakers, sting Ray's, Black Drum, and Red Drum. It wasn't a fast and furious day but I have fished longer and caught less on better days so I'll just Thank God for letting us get what we got and give him praise for not letting us get skunked and to let me put my fisherman on enough fresh fillets for dinner


Taking the weekend off to service reels and tackle, change oil and lower unit fluid in boat motor, and just get everything in 1st class shape again and ready to go again every day starting back Monday morning.

Oh yeah, I know I'm going to hear some "smack" about the ribbon fish, I used to think the same thing until I decided to try it. Fillet it just like a Spanish Mackerel, fry it in canola oil and believe it or not it is as good if not better than Flounder.  Yep!! I didn't believe it either until I gave it a try. I have fishermen that have tried it after my suggestion and they now book me to fill a cooler with these very tasty fillets when they school up around the month of October.

Laugh If you want to, but it's your loss!!! Thanks for stopping by and God Bless you all!!!


June 24, 2021

Fishing today with Scott Short and his daughter Emily Short from Nampa, Idaho and Jeremy Humphrey from Arlington, VA.


To say the bite was tough today would be an understatement. We have been inundated with winds, rains, dirty water, extreme high tides and negative tides, and the full moon!!!  

Everyone I talked to today was saying the same, very tough today. We didn't set the woods on fire but we worked hard and kept at it non stop and we caught small Flounder, under slot Red Drum and a 19" in slot Red Drum, a couple under slot Black Drum and a nice keeper Black Drum. Had 2 more strong fish hit our live minnows that would find an oyster rock on the bite and we had both lines cut as quick as the rod doubled over and came tight, it does happen occasionally and twice in a row is uncommon, but it happened today, twice!!!

Want to get an idea of how tough it was today, 10 dozen live shrimp never brought us the first bite today, now that's a tough day in anybody's book!!


June 23, 2021

Been taking a lot of locals fishing lately. Hope they will fish Capt Butch's spots occasionally and since they now know what to look for find their own spots. 

The rains were gone today but the brisk NE winds behind the passing cold front made for an interesting day of fishing today with Rusty Wilson from Supply, NC and Bill Wrenn from Oak Island, NC.

We started off in the Elizabeth River and worked our way to the NE. We finally settled on a place that had a few biting fish and we managed a Blue fish, a 17" under slot Red Drum, a 20" in slot Red Drum and 4 nice Black Drum that we could keep and released some smaller ones.

All this wind and the negative tides lately and throw in a full moon now have made things interesting but we still are able to find a few fish for dinner when conditions let us get a break!! I'll have to admit that all the winds we have had this year so far makes me glad I hung up the reigns on the Sport Fisherman and all the offshore trips. Thanks everyone for your continued support and Thank you for stopping by and God Bless you all!!!!!


June 21, 2021

Wind may be blowing and trips canceled offshore, but we can still go fishing inshore.

After a couple days of unsettled weather we hit the backwaters on a beautiful morning this morning with William Long from Southport, NC, Jack Shaffer from Southport, NC and J R Raymond from Lawrenceville, GA.

On our 1st stop we had a Red Drum that doubled the heavy action Fenwick HMG rod over and made a beeline to the structure and we couldn't turn him fast enough to keep it from fraying the line on the barnacles and getting away, hate it when that happens, but in fishing, it does occasionally!!

Things slowed after that first bite so after a bit we made a move and at this stop we got each fisherman his legal Red Drum for dinner and a couple nice Black Drum to go along with those for a nice fish fry.

Hope the bite continues tomorrow, if it does or doesn't we will be there to find out. Come on back tomorrow afternoon and see what we find in the backwaters around Southport/oak Island, NC. Till next time, God Bless you all!!!


June 19, 2021

This year we have had lots of request for birthday charters. No problem. Just call, give me info and I'll book your charter or the birthday person can call back after his/her birthday and book a date.  Today's charter was a fishing charter booked for her husband's birthday. Turned out to be a great day.

Fishing a half day trip this morning with Tom Colonel from Burlington, NC.


The bite started off slow as the tide wasn't quite right where we started but I assured Tom that if it was going to happen it would start pretty soon, and it did. We were busy with under slot Red Drum and in slot Red Drum. Big ole Flounder, undersized Speckled Trout, a fish that broke our line, and a good run of nice Black Drum.

Thank you Tom for choosing us for your Birthday fishing adventure, you had lots of choices to choose from and we are honored that you chose us. I truly hope that we met and exceeded your every expectations!!! Till next time, God Bless you all!!!!


June 18, 2021

Been a busy week but fish seem to have started biting again especially trout and blues.

Today I was honored to fish with another very good friend I have made through the charter fishing business. Mark Pisano and his wife TJ, and Gina, Mark's sister from Holly Springs, NC shared the boat with me this morning while we went in search of Red Drum and Speckled Trout.

It started off a little slow with the slack tide but it wasn't long and the tide started moving and so did the fish!!! Mark caught the 1st fish but it didn't count because it wasn't a "keeper" according to the girls, then TJ, Mark's wife got things started with the 1st legal fish in the box and it was a very lost Spanish Mackerel, unfortunately, every Speckled Trout we caught was just an inch or so short of the legal size as was our first Red Drum.

After a morning of catching quite a few fish and releasing a lot of them we ended the morning trip with Spanish Mackerel, Blue fish, and a 20" in slot Red Drum.


June 17, 2021

Sometimes groups have so much fun they want to go out again before they go home. That's what happened today. Tuesday's charter went out again today but this time they exchanged one member of the party for Mom and made it a family day!

Fished this morning with Don, Dana, and Garret Horton from China Grove, NC. We caught some under slot Red Drum and an in-slot Red Drum, an in-slot Black Drum, several Flounder that we had to release and a couple nice Speckled Trout as well and we seen a couple nice alligators also!!

It is always a pleasure to be able to share a morning fishing with this family, only way it could have been better would have been if "croaker Dave" could have joined us, you'd have to have been there that day to understand !!


June 16, 2021

Flounder, flounder everywhere but we dare not keep! Did find some trout today though.

I was fishing today with Jeremy Wood from Morrisville, PA and Jack Wolff and Charlie Mastrovich from Southport, NC. After the last couple of days and the fish acting like they had vacated all my fishing spots I made a major move and bingo, I found them. Now to get them to the boat !!!

We had Speckled Trout running bait everywhere and were getting bit quite regular, missing fish, having Gulp baits bit into and finally Charlie latched onto about a 12" Trout we had to throw back and then Jeremy got a 17" speckled Trout in the boat. Not long after this, Charlie had a fish to take his Gulp shrimp he was working slowly along the bottom and it was a big one. I was thinking big ray, but it never did lay down and the swim pattern and fight was erratic, just like a big Red Drum. I was trying to get all the lines in and follow this fish when it made a charge and broke the 12 lb. Test line on the light tackle IRT Reel.

After this there were numerous Flounder caught but only had one picture of those when I got home. We had several bigger and smaller than the one pictured!!!!

Then another Red Drum buried the MH Fenwick HMG Graphite Rod and made a beeline for the structure. We see sawed back and forth for a bit and couldn't get him out so we went to him and we almost had him out and he made a panic run and broke the 20 lb. Flourcarbon.

Lots of bait, lots of fish, and lots of bites in the area we fished today, most activity I've seen in 3 days in the backwater. Will they be there tomorrow, don't know, but you can bet I'll check it out again when the tide is right again.

Thanks guys for having the confidence in me and Yeah Right Charters to have us to be your preferred Charter Boat for your trip today. Thank you Jeremy for assuring me you'll be back!!! Till we fish again, be safe, and God Bless you all!!!


June 15, 2021

If the flounder bite continues, should be a good season, if the Marine Fisheries finalizes it.

Today Bobo and I were fishing with Don Horton and his son Garret from China Grove,NC and Dave McKenzie from Mooresville, NC.


We headed to the areas behind Bald Head Island to only find a tougher than normal bite there. It seemed like the fish had gone on vacation, live baits and Gulp baits went unnoticed. It had me literally scratching my head as to what was going on!!!!

After enough of this nonsense we made a major move toward the river and here Dave started things off with the first fish of the day, which by this time we were excited to see that there was actually some sort of "fish life" in the water even if it was just a croaker, but at least it was a nice one!!!

After this we made a long run where we would finally find a good bite, unfortunately the down side was it would be from Flounder that you can't keep right now because of season closure. Garret would be the "Flounder Pounder" today with a 2.6 lb. flounder on a 1/4 ounce Betts Halo shad and another almost as big on the Halo shad while Don and Dave also caught several flounder on Gulp shrimp but not as big as Garret's fish!


After finally being convinced that Flounder was all that was there, I made another long run to an area where I have quite often caught Red Drum on the tide we had at this time. Again, our baits, live and artificial, went untouched. Talk at the marina mirrored the same we experienced today, the fish were pretty dormant.


I'm doing a complete turnaround tomorrow to try to find out where the fish have gone and see if I can put the puzzle back together again. I was reminded today that it is call fishing for a reason but I like the catching side of fishing for my clients, when I get to where I don't then it will be time for me to retire which I don't see happening any time soon!!!


June 14, 2021

I've noticed we have been taking a lot of father and sons out lately. WONDERFUL!! They grow up and move on but memories last forever. Today we also got to see one of the big container ships up close.

Left Safe Harbor Marina this morning with Travis Allen and his son's Wesley and Avery from Salisbury, NC to see if we could coax a sheepshead to bite a fiddler crab. Our first stop and it didn't take long until Wesley hooked up on what fought like a nice sheepshead but we never got to see it before it got off the hook. Apparently it went and told the rest to run for their lives as that would be the only good bite we would have even after hitting several more places.

We then decided to switch things up and see if the Red Drum were biting. Our next place behind Bald Head Island would have Red Drum tailing in the grass and ignoring everything we presented to them, even live bait. Finally, a rod doubled over with a good fish only to have the line get cut on an oyster, if you fish for Red Drum much, then you know the feeling😫!!!

Kept switching up baits and when we put on a new penny Gulp! shrimp on a 1/4 ounce jig head the flounder went wild. We caught several flounder of various sizes and Wesley would be crowned as the "flounder pounder" today as he put on a flounder catching clinic for us all. You should have seen the one he lost right at the boat, no doubt a NC Citation flounder!!!

Flounder wasn't what we went after this morning, especially with the season being closed, but the guys were happy with today's catch and that's really what matters in the end anyway.What will tomorrow bring is anyone's guess right now but I'll be back out in the morning trying my best to piece the fishing puzzle back together once again.

Thanks Travis, Wesley, and Avery, good people who just like to go fishing and catch whatever we can get to bite. Till next time, God Bless you all!!!




June 13, 2021

Some of our Oak Island friends took the day off from work to go into the backwater with Capt Butch. 

Yes, it was another tough bite today in the backwater and I had the pleasure to share the boat this morning with locals JD and Lori Shadduck from Oak Island, NC.

We gave it all we had and the best we could do this morning was a couple of nice Speckled Trout and that was it unless you want to count the ever relentless croakers and crabs that will bite anything and everything you cast into the water and like today about as fast as you can get it out they were on it !!!

All I can do is hope for a better bite tomorrow and realize that today God had a better plan today for his fishes, except for two, to let us catch them!!

Thank you JD and Lori for your continued support, you had lots of choices to choose from here in Southport/Oak Island and Barbara and I thank you for choosing Yeah Right Charters, we hope we met and exceeded your every expectations!! Thanks again for your continued support and God Bless you all!!!


June 12, 2021

With all this rain the red drum bite has slowed down, but there's always something willing to bite. These guys had such a good time thye called heading home and booked another charter in September. 

Picked up Chad Cunningham from Jacksonville, NC Brady Cunningham from Aynor, SC and Don McNeil from Jacksonville, NC to see if we could keep the Red Drum bite going today like it has been lately.

The struggle was real today for us as we fished from Dutchman Creek all the way to Cape Creek behind BHI and spots in between and one upper slot Red Drum was all we could find. These guys were a blast to fish with and were experienced fishermen that understood they don't always bite, but I don't have to like it when they don't!!!

After finally coming to grips that the bite had gone south we turned our attention to what would bite and after a few short Flounder that we would have had to release anyway due to season closure and a small Speckled Trout and the smallest Red Drum I think I've ever seen we got the cooler filled with our limits of decent croakers after the guys said they would like to have some of those as well.

Sure hope the bite is better tomorrow but I can guarantee I'll be out on the water with my crew giving it everything I can to convince them to bite for us!! I know it's called fishing, but, I like the catching side of fishing, and I bet you do too!!! Till next time, God Bless you all!!!


June 11, 2021

Never give up should be the motto for today's charter. Read on to find out why.

Fishing another half day today with Vernon Norris and his son Paul from Elizabethtown, NC.


The bite started off quick with a under slot Red Drum then slowed to picking a short Speckled Trout, then a small Flounder, then another 17" Flounder, (all released), and then another dry spell.

After making quite a few moves to no avail I told the guys I have a place the tide is just about right at so let's give it a go and within 30 minutes at this place we had our limit of in slot Red Drum and a nice Speckled Trout. Doesn't hurt to be lucky once in a while!!! Till next time, God Bless you all!!!

Like I've said before, Captain Butch has lots of place to fish and gives it 110%.


June 10, 2021

Each day is different in the backwater. Some days the fish chew on anything and everything, some days they are picky and some days they just aren't hungry. Capt Butch takes it all in stride and faces each challenge with new and inventive ways to catch fish. Here's the rest of the story.

Today I was fishing a half day trip with Chris Lorizos from Bunker Hill, WV and Brian Rudy from Martinsburg, WV. Our first stop had me thinking I was in for another tough bite like yesterday when it produced almost nothing on artificial and live baits, and just one croaker on shrimp, oh boy, here we go again, was what I was thinking!!!

Moved on to my next place and again nothing. Then on the next stop we had our boats full limit after about 30 minutes of fishing. Sometimes the stars and planets just line up for you and you get lucky like I did this morning.


Back at it again tomorrow morning check back tomorrow afternoon to see if i get lucky once more. Till next time, God Bless you all!!!


June 9, 2021

One of our goals here at YEAH RIGHT CHARTERS is helping families make memories. Here is a text I got from Scotty Pate about today's charter:

I wanted to thank you again for the backwater trip Wednesday. The memories of that trip will never be forgotten by me or my sons.

Now here's Capt Butch's report:

Today I was blessed to be able to share the boat with 3 very fine guys. They were Scotty Pate and his 2 sons Ethan and Nathan Pate from Eagle Springs,NC. The bite was slow today but that just makes me more determined to get them to bite and we never gave up and hit every hole I knew that should have held fish and they did!!!

The guys got the boats full limit on in slot Red Drum plus several more that were under slot that we had to release. We also lost count of all the Flounder we caught today and had to release due to season being closed.

After all this we went to a place where I told the guys there should be Speckled Trout feeding on the tide we had, and it was obvious they were there because we seen them busting the bait but we only managed one small undersized Speckled Trout to stay hooked up.

Another great day of conversation, fun, and fishing and catching with these guys and I'm already looking forward to our next trip. Also, check out the picture of Barbara at the Southport/Oak Island Chamber of Commerce this morning receiving yet another "Golden Pineapple Award" for Yeah Right Charters for outstanding customer service, we've also lost count of these as well!!


June 8, 2021

While in the mountains of Tennessee, we have made several new friends. Here's another one from Boone, NC, Art Barber that went out with us.

You would know that the heavy rains we had Friday night finally dirtied up the water and it had effected the bite and after talking to a couple more Captains when we got in found out it wasn't only for myself either, the bite was tough for most today.

We picked up a in slot Red Drum behind Bald Head Island and that was it until we made a major move. At this next stop we had a good Red Drum hooked up and it looked like we were going to get the boats Drum limit with this fish until it came off so quick I thought the 20lb. Flourcarbon leader had broken but the hook just pulled out and that was the end of that fight and the last bite we would get there.

I looked at the tide chart on my Garmin 93CV and told Art let's go, tide is right for my next stop. After several flounder of all sizes from small to nice keeper sized, if the flounder season was open, to our next in slot Red Drum and a under slot Red. With the boats Red Drum max limit we decided to call it a day. Today's preferred baits were mud minnows for the Red Drum and the only thing our live shrimp produced today was a bunch of flounder and a Black Drum.

It was great seeing and fishing today with Art and look forward to seeing him again this winter when I get back to the mountains and we just might do some fishing in the Piedmont this winter.


June 7, 2021

Sometimes I have to play a little catch up so here goes.

Another great day in the backwater with another local group of fishermen Jerry Suver, Ron Koenig from Southport, NC and Rod Mitton from Bolivia, NC.

Our first couple stops had me a little worried there wasn't even a crab wanting our live bait and artificial baits went unnoticed. We kept on the move and finally when the tide got right I told the guys we needed to go to another spot and this would prove to be "The Spot"!!!

It didn't take long here until we had the boats full limit of in slot Red Drum, released a few under slot Red Drum, released some nice Flounder because of the season being closed, and a Gator Speckled Trout. Betts 1/4 oz Halo Shad in Green Tiger with Pro-cure inshore Saltwater Super Gel and live minnows were the baits of choice for the fish today. Oh yeah, we absolutely love the Betts Hi Viz Fish Grippers to show the fish off with today, they are a game changer when holding up fish and keeping fingers away from sharp teeth in a fish's mouth!!!


Good fishing and great people made for a very fun morning on the Yeah Right Charters 23' Riddick Bay Runner boat. Already making plans for another trip with these guys soon!!

Hope the bite continues tomorrow, I'll know in the morning, so come back tomorrow afternoon and see if the fish will cooperate with us again tomorrow . Till next time, God Bless you all!!!


June 3, 2021

One more nice day before the rain starts. Let's hope the the catch continues after the rain!

Ever had one of those days, you know the type, it was a good day but still just one of those days!!! I was fishing today with Ryan and Cordell Huneycutt and Cordell's girl friend Alexis Haithcock from the Richfield/Albemarle, NC area.

We started the day off with a small Speckled Trout. Then a small flounder then a little after that Ryan hooked into what would be 5lb. 6oz. NC State Citation Flounder. Then we managed to hook up with a couple under slot Red Drum that Alexis and Cordell put in the boat. Then this spot just dried up. When I got home the picture I took of Akexis with her Red Drum wasn't in my gallery, I lose a picture here and there like this often, wish I knew why!! Today's charter sent me Alexis' picture!!

Next, we made a move and there was a few more small Speckled Trout and small Flounder were caught. Then I went to check the live minnows we had out and one felt like a big oyster rock but just as I got it to the surface it came alive and spit the hook but not before we seen it was another very nice Flounder. Not as big as Ryan's from earlier but a good solid 4+ pounder. Of course all the flounder were released due to season closure!!!

Then a rod doubled over and a nice Red Drum was on just long enough to wrap the line around a oyster rock and that was that.

After that break off the bite stopped so I made a move and just as I got to the bow of the boat to take a picture of another Speckled Trout Ryan had caught Bobo, our fishing dog went nuts and I knew we had another Red Drum hooked up but by the time I could get to it it had run around a piling and again, that was that. A bigger Red Drum just wasn't in the cards today but it was still a good trip with some great folks that live just down the road from Barbara and I in the Piedmont of North Carolina.

Here comes the rain. Will we go fishing tomorrow? It's doubtful and we have a wedding to attend Saturday, so we'll be back next weekk. Have a blessed weekend!


June 2, 2021

Out today with good friend, Dr. Keith Morley, Elizabethton, TN. I was invited to go and enjoyed the day of catching croakers and good fellowship.


Today was a "bucket list " day and we got a couple off the list.


We wanted a big shark today so we had to start off catching a few Spanish Mackerel for some fresh bait. After we got six legal size Spanish Mackerel we got set up for a big shark. It didn't take long at all and Dr. Keith found himself hooked up with a very nice 5' Blacktip shark. He fought him to boat side where we got some pictures of the beast and then set him free.

Lines set back out and we hooked up with an average size Atlantic Sharpnose shark, shortly after that the 130lb. Class roller guide rod doubled over and this time Dr. Keith found himself hooked up with a bigger and meaner Black tip shark. Again, it was fought to boat side for photos and another release.

After this we went into the backwater where we caught several Red Drum, a nice Speckled Trout, flounder, and other fish. With the afternoon winds starting to pick up we called it a day shortly after 2PM and headed to the dock where we met up with Dr. Kieth's good friends, Brenda and Jason Andes from Johnson City, TN. After talking with them a bit I found out that their son, Tanner Andes had never caught a fish so we went out on the dock and I had the honor of getting him hooked up to his first ever fish. Looking forward to when Tanner and his Mom and Dad come on board the Yeah Right Charter boat and I can spend the day teaching him how to catch even more fish!!!

Another awesome day with awesome people spending time in God's awesome outdoors. Thanks for coming by and as always, God Bless you all!!!!


May 31, 2021

Man this month has flown. Capt Butch has been super busy and if the weather holds, June looks busy too. At the moment I only have 3 days left in June and now I'm starting on July. Read the "Guestbook" page and you'll understand why we are so busy.

Now today's charter was with a very good friend of ours, Dr. Keith Morley.

Another chilly morning today fishing with one of the best friends I've ever had. Dr. Kieth Morley from Elizabethton, TN.


We decided to go see if the cold had shut the Red Drum bite down and after several stops I was starting to think it had. But then the tide got more favorable and the next stop provided us with a short Red Drum to give our confidence a boost then shortly after that we got the boats limit of in-slot Red Drum to make our trip a success.

We fished a little longer and caught a short Black Drum and by this time the tide had gone slack and we called it a day and made plans for our Wednesday trip.


May 30, 2021

Over the years we have made friends with people from all over the country and world. This past winter, while in TN, we met up with some of them, Dr. John Holland and his wife and their grandson, Matthew. Capt Butch took Dr. John and Matthew out on this cold morning and here is the report.

Well, that was a short summer! It was cold this morning as I left the dock with Dr. John Holland and his grandson, Matthew Robbins from Elizabethton, TN. to go fishing.


Storms last night and a cold front on the backside of a full moon just went to show that just like the weather, the fish bite can be hard to predict sometimes.

Our first stop and first line in was attacked by a stout and mean Red Drum that we couldn't turn in time to get it away from some structure that was barnacle coated and barnacles and fishing line mix like oil and water. We did manage to get some of the Red Drum in the net today and kept our 2 fish in slot limit and even picked up a short Black Drum that we released. There was no doubt at the end of our trip that Matthew would be the "Fisherman" today as he landed just about everything we caught today including a bunch of croakers waiting on the bigger fish to bite.

Always a great time fishing with Dr. John and his grandson joining us today just made it that much better.


May 28, 2021

Had a cancellation for this day yesterday, but it was filled within an hour with some folks from our home town. Everyday is different on the water as you will see in this report.

Today was a tough day in the backwater. I was fishing with some home town folks, Brandon and Autumn Hazelwood and Nick Iodes from Lexington, NC.

I guess the several full moon days and then this cold front had the fish confused or maybe it was me that was confused but which ever it was someone was confused. We caught several small Speckled Trout, small Black Drum, small Red Drum, plenty of croakers, and even had several nice Red Drum either get off or got us into structure and the barnacles took care of that.

FINALLY, we got the bites we were waiting for and got an in slot Red Drum and kept it away from any hang-ups long enough to net.


The struggle was real today but our determination and persistence to not give up or give in paid off and we ended today's fishing trip victorious!!!

Thanks for fishing with us today, always a pleasure to have hometown folks on board the Yeah Right Charter Boats!!! #nevergiveup


May 27, 2021

Wow, just wow! Capt Butch keeps his charters on the fish and they keep catching, releasing those that are to big or to small. Full moon tides and screaming current still influencing the bite, but Captain Butch does this almost every day and has been fishing either freshwater or saltwater for at least 60 years, so he understands the ins and outs of his profession. 

Today I hit the backwaters with Calvin Shepard and Vinny from Leland, NC.


The Full Moon made the tides tough to fish today but we planned our strategy and stuck to our plan and it would prove to be the right strategy for the conditions we were facing this morning.

We were catching small Speckled Trout, Flounder, and even Red Drum but just couldn't find anything big enough to take home for dinner. When the tide was right for one of my good spots I told the guys to reel in we were going to make a move. On this stop we continued the small fish bite but it was more frequent so I had a good feeling about the bite this time.

Then it happened, Vinny found himself hooked into a nice fish. After netting it it would measure out at 28 1/2 " so we had to release it, over the 27 inch maximum slot size. Then right after this Calvin would get a Bite that was a Red Drum that was over 18 inches for our first legal Red Drum. Then after this, Calvin reciprocates with a 16" Speckled Trout. Not to be outdone, Vinny then commenced to put another Red Drum in the fish box at 23 1/2". Mission completed and we headed back to Safe Harbor marina to call it a day.

Sometimes it just takes patience. Trust your captain!


May 26, 2021

Full moon tides and screaming currents can often affect your charter, so always trust your Captain to know where to fish.  Here's how today went for Capt Butch.

Fishing with more locals today they were Jackie and Terry Freeman from Bolivia, NC.


We started out with a short segment on the ins and outs of Sheepshead fishing, unfortunately they weren't biting this morning butJackie and Terry are now armed with what they need to know to put these fish in the boat.

From there we went after some fish that might want to bite and we accomplished this even with the winds howling and another day of Full Moon negative tides. Tides were so low today we were severely handicapped on where we could actually go in the backwater to fish and be able to get back out.

Today we caught Red Drum, Speckled Trout, Flounder, (Terry lost a real nice flounder right at the boat we didn't get a picture of) and Black Drum.

If you're looking for a backwater Saltwater fishing trip we would love the opportunity to show you what the locals already know by fishing with us and then you too will know why they also recommend us to their families and friends for their fishing trips.

Thanks for stopping by and reading our reports and God Bless you all!!!!


May 25, 2021

When Capt Butch gets behind on his posts, so do I. Trying to get caught up today.


It's really hot here but the breeze is still blowing and the full moon has definitely affected the tides. Since  Capt Butch can't pick and choose which tide he fishes, he has places he can catch fish if they are biting on any tide.

Here's today's report.

Today I was fishing with David Schroeder and his son David, Jr. from Southport, NC.


We caught Red Drum, Speckled Trout, Flounder, and Black Drum and lost some very nice Red Drum that the guys just couldn't turn quick enough to keep them out of the barnacles which are like razor blades on the fishing line. And the full moon and negative tides didn't help the situation any either.


All in all a decent day with all the obstacles that were thrown at us.

Till next time, FISH ON!


May 21, 2021

At YEAH RIGHT CHARTERS, Capt Butch tries to accommodate you and fish for what you want. Today was one of those days.

Today I was fishing with Nick Barnes from Garland, NC.  Sheepshead was on the agenda today but I made a suggestion that with the tide we had to try for some Red Drum before we pursued the sheepshead.

Nick said that works for him so off we went to see what the Red Drum were up to first thing this morning. Within less than 30 minutes we had put 4 Red Drum in the net keeping our 2 fish limit and releasing the other 2 and also had a very nice Speckled Trout pull the hooks on a Betts Halo Shad just short of net range.

We found the sheepshead bite tough this morning and they earned their nickname the "Striped Bandit " after numerous bites with no hookups. Nick finally made contact with a nice sheepshead that is headed for the grill this afternoon and with that we called it a morning of good fishing and conversation.

Glad Capt Butch was able to catch red drum and sheepshead today for some excellent fresh fish dinners.


May 19, 2021

Today's charter was a rebook from last Wednesday when it was cold and rainy. Glad we were available.

Fished another half day trip this morning with Glenn and Linda Halsey from Mullica Hill, NJ. 


Our 1st stop didn't take long to get our first in slot Red Drum for the morning and Glenn followed that up with 2 nice legal Speckled Trout that couldn't resist the 1/4 ounce Green Tiger Halo shad he was casting on the 7' ML Fenwick HMG rod with a 400 series irt reel.

After the tide bottomed out we made a move to another area that would get Linda the biggest Red Drum of the day at 26 1/2" and Glenn soon followed up with a 23 1/2" Red Drum to finish out the boats limit on Red Drum.

By this time the tide was slack and after hitting a few spots for some more Speckled Trout it was obvious they just weren't interested with the slack tide, so we headed back to the marina to get the fish prepared for tonight's dinner and reminisce about today's catching!! Already looking forward to our next trip.

Glenn and Linda you had many choices for your fishing trip, Barbara and I were honored you chose Yeah Right Charters to take you fishing today. Hope we met you every expectations on our trip together. Until next time, Thanks again and God Bless you both!!!


May 17, 2021

Mel and Bonnie Marsh, Alliance, OH, joined Capt Butch today for a 1/2 day charter.

The bite seems to slow as the weather gets better but we still got a in slot 22" Red Drum for dinner along with a small flounder and small Speckled Trout that were both relessed.

We had a couple more opportunities to get some nice Red Drum but they proved to be too powerful for us to be able to turn away from the barnicle laden pilings and if you fish in Saltwater you know what that means, they went on their merry way leaving us to re-rig the rods.

Another great couple to share the boat with today while chasing a few fish and having a good time while doing what we love to do

Thanks Mel and Bonnie for choosing Yeah Right Charters for your fishing trip, an honor we do not take lightly, thanks again and God Bless you all!!!


May 16, 2021

I have discovered in the backwater it's not always about how many fish you catch but fish and fellowship and you know your Capt has done good when the charter calls and books another day later in the year before the Capt gets home. Been doing a lot of that lately and it really makes Butch smile to know they had a good time.

Here's today report:

Fishing this morning with Vann Steele from Mocksville, NC and Dan O Neill from Caswell Beach, NC.


The first stop got us a couple upper slot Red Drum and a couple got off as well along with a small Speckled Trout. Tried to find some Black Drum but the croaker bite was relentless. The Black Drum never had a chance to find the bait before a croaker had it.

Back at it again in the morning we'll see what tomorrow brings.


May 14, 2021

Just like offshore, every day is different in the backwater. Yesterday's fish headed for cover everytime we hooked one up and broke off. Today they were easier to turn and were caught and released.

Today Capt Butch took Ron Atkins and James Phelps, Wilmington, NC into the backwaters of Oak Island.

Our first stop proved to be the right place with steady action all the way to High tide when the bite finally went south when the tide dropped out. James landed a 25 1/2", 21", and a 26" Red Drum, Ron landed a 16", 25", and a 25 1/2" Red Drum. We had a couple pull the hooks that were good fish as well.

All fish were "CPR" today, (catch, photo, released) to fight another day. Fantastic day with fantastic folks to share my love of fishing/catching with today. Thank you all for stopping by and God Bless you all!!!


May 13, 2021

Where did Spring go? After some beautiful days of 70's and 80's, yesterday's high was 62 and it was drizzly all day. We canceled our Wednesday charter and rescheduled for next week. Andy Caudill called and wondered whether we thought the fish would be biting after the cold front went through. He really wanted to take his dad, Harold fishing but with the temps being in the 40's this morning he also wanted to reschedule if possible, but we were already booked for May 14th, so they decided to go. 

Here's Capt Butch's report:

Another fantastic fishing trip in the books today with Harold Caudill and his son Andy and also Jr. Hodge from the Salisbury/Granite Quarry, NC area.


Was afraid that the 45 degree morning temps after this cold front passed and all the winds would have the bite shut down, but actually I hate it when I'm wrong about things like this. Always like to under promise and over deliver when fishing.

The Red Drum and Speckled Trout cooperated quite nicely this morning. We actually had more fish to get away than we put in the boat but got a good fight out of them before they pulled the hooks.

Great day and great people to fish with today, couldn't have been any better.

Thanks for stopping by and God Bless you all!!

If you want to get in on some of this fun fishing and get some fresh fish to eat, you need to call soon. I have a few days left in May and June is filling up fast. I also have booked trips in July through October. Just  call 336 309-5900 and I'll get you lined up for one of our charters.

Take care, God Bless and FISH ON!


May 11, 2021

Today I was fishing with Wade Stanfield from Southport, NC.


Was hoping the bite we have had the last 2 days was still on but I guess the New moon and the passing cold front had taken its toll. Everyone I talked with was experiencing the same results, slow and very tough was the word I got today.

Our first stop got us a few good hard strikes on the 1/4 ounce Green Tiger Halo shad with Pro-Cure bait scents Inshore Saltwater Super Gel added but they didn't stay hooked up. The next couple of stops we were eat up with croakers and crabs on our shrimp for black drum and minnows for the Red Drum. Finally we made a stop that did get us a Black Drum and a 23" in slot Red Drum.

After the struggle we were having we discussed the issue and cut our full day to a half day and to pick this trip back up later when hopefully the bite will be better.

Good fishing with a Great Guy on a slow bite day. But we still had a great time and some Quality conversation while doing what we love to do. Wade you had many to choose from for your fishing trip today, Thank you for putting your trust in us to take you fishing. Till next time, God Bless you all!!!!

Capt Butch and Barbara's Saltwater Charters


Southport/Oak Island, NC


May 10, 2021

Lee Davis's daughter called me wanting to give her father a special birthday present, backwater fishing with Capt. Butch. I got all her information and sent her a certificate. Today was Lee's trip.

Another windy morning as I took a couple hometown guys Lee Roy Davis and Todd Harris from Lexington, NC after some Red Drum this morning.


Apparently the winds don't bother the fish as we had action from the 1st stop to the last. We got the boats full limit and released several more 16 to 17 1/2 under slot Reds. I hate it when your fingers are wet from unhooking fish and you don't get the picture you tried to take. Only had about half of today's pictures when I got home today.

Great day fishing with great people!

If you want a unique gift for your loved one, please call me, Barbara, at 336 309-5900 and we'll make it happen.

Till next time, "FISH ON"


May 5, 2021

Hit the backwater with Corey and Tucker Burgess, Ravenswood, WV. Now I'll let Capt Butch tell the rest of the story:

Today the winds were howling as Corey Burgess and his son Tucker from Ravenswood, WV pulled out of Safe Harbor Marina with me in search of Red Drum, Speckled Trout, and whatever else we could get to bite.

We got set up on our first stop and it didn't take long until we had a under slot Red Drum and a short Speckled Trout in the boat. Our next couple of spots provided lots of action with Red Drum, a few short Black Drum, and I bet Tucker caught at least a 100 Croakers and Silver Trout.


Great people, Great times, and good fishing in the not so good conditions. We have the ability, equipment, and the experience to make it happen.

I've had a few ask me just how in the world have I been able to fish in these kind of winds the last few days and catch fish like we have? The answer is, we at Yeah Right Charters get the resources we need to equip our boats to make your fishing trips as good as they can be. The 36 volt ulterra trolling motor has the GPS technology to keep the bow straight in heavy winds and currents while the 2 Minn Kota 15' Talons hold the transom at any angle in strong winds and currents to the areas fished that it needs to be to present our baits properly. . Yes, it's expensive, but it gives you the advantage to overcome a lot of conditions on the water that would otherwise be very hard to control the boat, and boat control is 80% of good bait presentation. So that's why we can fish and catch fish in adverse condition. It's around a $10,000.00 upgrade to have this type of equipment ( and that's doesn't include the spares we have for backups when something needs to be in the repair shop) but for our customers we feel they are worth our attention to the details!! Just another extra you get with Yeah Right Charters!!!

I think Corey said it best about the charter:

Perfect trip for my boy. Butch was great with my son giving him one on one help to maximize his success. Praise God for YEAH RIGHT FISHING CHARTERS. God truly blessed our trip! Highly recommend!!

We have Friday available if you're interested, May 7th. Take care and God Bless!


May 4, 2021

Seems like the winds and heat have gotten their months confused. Usually the wind has become less and the heat is not this bad yet, but that's one good thing about backwater/inshore fishing, you don't usually have to cancel.

Today Capt Butch took  Jim Halucy, Southport, NC out. It was tough day but Jim is new to the area so it was an informative day. They did manage to catch several fish that were to small and released, but he did find 2 nice keeper red drum and two flounder that were released.

Out again tomorrow. I'll let you know what happened here asap.


May 3, 2021

Today's backwater trip was with long time friend, Diane Painter and her long time friend. Alvin Frady, Kernersville, NC. 

Although fishing conditions deteriorated pretty fast and the winds got pretty tough to deal with, we caught quite a few Red Drum. Most were just short of the slot size, but we did get the limit of in slot to take home for dinner along with a couple legal Black Drum.

Here's what Diane had to say about her trip:

I have been fishing with several fishing charter boats. Captain Butch with YEAH RIGHT CHARTERS is by far the best one anywhere. He makes sure you are comfortable and have a good time and does his best to get you on the fish. I tell everyone I know and anyone I hear of that wants a good time fishing to see Captain Butch.

Thanks Diane! We appreciate your kind words.

Be back after more Red Drum, Black Drum, Speckled Trout and whatever else wants to bite again tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by and God Bless you all!!!


May 1, 2021

I know to many this past winter was a long one, but to us it flew. We spent some time relaxing, crappie fishing and catfishing, had to replenish our freezer) and a little traveling to the mountains where I saw my "first" pellet snow. It's been a winter of losing many friends and loved ones, but through it all God has been good to us and held us in His loving arms with no sickness, warmth, food, fresh air and everything else we need and extra. 

Now it's time to start back saltwater fishing with Capt Butch and Bobo. You may wonder why we never go saltwater fishing. That's his job and just like you don't want to go to your work place on your day off, Capt Butch is the same way. But we can put a hurting on crappies and catfish on his days off.

Okay back to the first trip of "our" saltwater season. I will post Capt Butch's Facebook post as he gave all kinds of good info:

What a great way to start off our 2021 backwater charter season today with Ray Lowe from Woodville, Ohio chasing some Red Drum and Speckled Trout today.

Our first stop would provide all the action we could handle today with Red Drum and Speckled Trout. Some of the Red Drum were big enough that even with a heavy drag and a 7' medium heavy Fenwick HMG rod we couldn't turn them to keep them away from barnacles around pilings and those little critters will slice line like razor blades.

You would know the first one we did turn would have the hook pull half way to the boat and we even Lost the first big Speckled Trout right at the boat.

But then things changed in our favor and Ray got his in slot Red Drum and 16" Speckled Trout for dinner along with several more Reds and Trout we released.

Baits today for the Red Drum was mud minnows on 7' MH Fenwick Rods with Penn Pursuit II reels rigged Carolina style on 25lb. Stren line with Berkley 100% 20lb. Flourcarbon and 4/0 Demon circle hooks.

The tackle today for the Betts 1/4 ounce Halo Shads in Green Tiger with a splash of Pro Cure "Inshore Saltwater Super Gel" were 400 series IRT Reels with 12 lb. Stren line and were cast on 7' Medium Lite HMG Fenwick rods, and and Ray used the Betts Hi Viz Fish Grippers to stay away from the teeth in the trout for photos!!

The weather is getting really nice, the fish are hungry, and we are booking every day now so don't wait to call and book while we still have some openings left. Thank you all for reading our reports and fishing with us, y'all are the best!!! God Bless you all and hope to see you on the water!!!

Capt Butch and Barbara's Saltwater Charters.

Been having some request for flounder charters. As you know flounder season is closed right now, but the Marine Fisheries has given a possible date of August 16th-September 30th. This is not set in stone so they can change their minds at any time. I am booking charters for the flounder season now but I have told everyone if the Marine Fisheries changes the dates or cancels completely, you can call and cancel and there will be no penalties. That's the way we work because you never know what's going to happen.


Hope you have a blessed summer and remember to praise God for everything because without Him there would be nothing.


Barbara Foster

336 309-5900 

PS I'll try to post some of our catfish and crappie pictures later.


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