May 14, 2021

Just like offshore, every day is different in the backwater. Yesterday's fish headed for cover everytime we hooked one up and broke off. Today they were easier to turn and were caught and released.

Today Capt Butch took Ron Atkins and James Phelps, Wilmington, NC into the backwaters of Oak Island.

Our first stop proved to be the right place with steady action all the way to High tide when the bite finally went south when the tide dropped out. James landed a 25 1/2", 21", and a 26" Red Drum, Ron landed a 16", 25", and a 25 1/2" Red Drum. We had a couple pull the hooks that were good fish as well.

All fish were "CPR" today, (catch, photo, released) to fight another day. Fantastic day with fantastic folks to share my love of fishing/catching with today. Thank you all for stopping by and God Bless you all!!!

May 13, 2021

Where did Spring go? After some beautiful days of 70's and 80's, yesterday's high was 62 and it was drizzly all day. We canceled our Wednesday charter and rescheduled for next week. Andy Caudill called and wondered whether we thought the fish would be biting after the cold front went through. He really wanted to take his dad, Harold fishing but with the temps being in the 40's this morning he also wanted to reschedule if possible, but we were already booked for May 14th, so they decided to go. 

Here's Capt Butch's report:

Another fantastic fishing trip in the books today with Harold Caudill and his son Andy and also Jr. Hodge from the Salisbury/Granite Quarry, NC area.


Was afraid that the 45 degree morning temps after this cold front passed and all the winds would have the bite shut down, but actually I hate it when I'm wrong about things like this. Always like to under promise and over deliver when fishing.

The Red Drum and Speckled Trout cooperated quite nicely this morning. We actually had more fish to get away than we put in the boat but got a good fight out of them before they pulled the hooks.

Great day and great people to fish with today, couldn't have been any better.

Thanks for stopping by and God Bless you all!!

If you want to get in on some of this fun fishing and get some fresh fish to eat, you need to call soon. I have a few days left in May and June is filling up fast. I also have booked trips in July through October. Just  call 336 309-5900 and I'll get you lined up for one of our charters.

Take care, God Bless and FISH ON!


May 11, 2021

Today I was fishing with Wade Stanfield from Southport, NC.


Was hoping the bite we have had the last 2 days was still on but I guess the New moon and the passing cold front had taken its toll. Everyone I talked with was experiencing the same results, slow and very tough was the word I got today.

Our first stop got us a few good hard strikes on the 1/4 ounce Green Tiger Halo shad with Pro-Cure bait scents Inshore Saltwater Super Gel added but they didn't stay hooked up. The next couple of stops we were eat up with croakers and crabs on our shrimp for black drum and minnows for the Red Drum. Finally we made a stop that did get us a Black Drum and a 23" in slot Red Drum.

After the struggle we were having we discussed the issue and cut our full day to a half day and to pick this trip back up later when hopefully the bite will be better.

Good fishing with a Great Guy on a slow bite day. But we still had a great time and some Quality conversation while doing what we love to do. Wade you had many to choose from for your fishing trip today, Thank you for putting your trust in us to take you fishing. Till next time, God Bless you all!!!!

Capt Butch and Barbara's Saltwater Charters

Southport/Oak Island, NC


May 10, 2021

Lee Davis's daughter called me wanting to give her father a special birthday present, backwater fishing with Capt. Butch. I got all her information and sent her a certificate. Today was Lee's trip.

Another windy morning as I took a couple hometown guys Lee Roy Davis and Todd Harris from Lexington, NC after some Red Drum this morning.


Apparently the winds don't bother the fish as we had action from the 1st stop to the last. We got the boats full limit and released several more 16 to 17 1/2 under slot Reds. I hate it when your fingers are wet from unhooking fish and you don't get the picture you tried to take. Only had about half of today's pictures when I got home today.

Great day fishing with great people!

If you want a unique gift for your loved one, please call me, Barbara, at 336 309-5900 and we'll make it happen.

Till next time, "FISH ON"


May 5, 2021

Hit the backwater with Corey and Tucker Burgess, Ravenswood, WV. Now I'll let Capt Butch tell the rest of the story:

Today the winds were howling as Corey Burgess and his son Tucker from Ravenswood, WV pulled out of Safe Harbor Marina with me in search of Red Drum, Speckled Trout, and whatever else we could get to bite.

We got set up on our first stop and it didn't take long until we had a under slot Red Drum and a short Speckled Trout in the boat. Our next couple of spots provided lots of action with Red Drum, a few short Black Drum, and I bet Tucker caught at least a 100 Croakers and Silver Trout.


Great people, Great times, and good fishing in the not so good conditions. We have the ability, equipment, and the experience to make it happen.

I've had a few ask me just how in the world have I been able to fish in these kind of winds the last few days and catch fish like we have? The answer is, we at Yeah Right Charters get the resources we need to equip our boats to make your fishing trips as good as they can be. The 36 volt ulterra trolling motor has the GPS technology to keep the bow straight in heavy winds and currents while the 2 Minn Kota 15' Talons hold the transom at any angle in strong winds and currents to the areas fished that it needs to be to present our baits properly. . Yes, it's expensive, but it gives you the advantage to overcome a lot of conditions on the water that would otherwise be very hard to control the boat, and boat control is 80% of good bait presentation. So that's why we can fish and catch fish in adverse condition. It's around a $10,000.00 upgrade to have this type of equipment ( and that's doesn't include the spares we have for backups when something needs to be in the repair shop) but for our customers we feel they are worth our attention to the details!! Just another extra you get with Yeah Right Charters!!!

I think Corey said it best about the charter:

Perfect trip for my boy. Butch was great with my son giving him one on one help to maximize his success. Praise God for YEAH RIGHT FISHING CHARTERS. God truly blessed our trip! Highly recommend!!

We have Friday available if you're interested, May 7th. Take care and God Bless!


May 4, 2021

Seems like the winds and heat have gotten their months confused. Usually the wind has become less and the heat is not this bad yet, but that's one good thing about backwater/inshore fishing, you don't usually have to cancel.

Today Capt Butch took  Jim Halucy, Southport, NC out. It was tough day but Jim is new to the area so it was an informative day. They did manage to catch several fish that were to small and released, but he did find 2 nice keeper red drum and two flounder that were released.

Out again tomorrow. I'll let you know what happened here asap.


May 3, 2021

Today's backwater trip was with long time friend, Diane Painter and her long time friend. Alvin Frady, Kernersville, NC. 

Although fishing conditions deteriorated pretty fast and the winds got pretty tough to deal with, we caught quite a few Red Drum. Most were just short of the slot size, but we did get the limit of in slot to take home for dinner along with a couple legal Black Drum.

Here's what Diane had to say about her trip:

I have been fishing with several fishing charter boats. Captain Butch with YEAH RIGHT CHARTERS is by far the best one anywhere. He makes sure you are comfortable and have a good time and does his best to get you on the fish. I tell everyone I know and anyone I hear of that wants a good time fishing to see Captain Butch.

Thanks Diane! We appreciate your kind words.

Be back after more Red Drum, Black Drum, Speckled Trout and whatever else wants to bite again tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by and God Bless you all!!!


May 1, 2021

I know to many this past winter was a long one, but to us it flew. We spent some time relaxing, crappie fishing and catfishing, had to replenish our freezer) and a little traveling to the mountains where I saw my "first" pellet snow. It's been a winter of losing many friends and loved ones, but through it all God has been good to us and held us in His loving arms with no sickness, warmth, food, fresh air and everything else we need and extra. 

Now it's time to start back saltwater fishing with Capt Butch and Bobo. You may wonder why we never go saltwater fishing. That's his job and just like you don't want to go to your work place on your day off, Capt Butch is the same way. But we can put a hurting on crappies and catfish on his days off.

Okay back to the first trip of "our" saltwater season. I will post Capt Butch's Facebook post as he gave all kinds of good info:

What a great way to start off our 2021 backwater charter season today with Ray Lowe from Woodville, Ohio chasing some Red Drum and Speckled Trout today.

Our first stop would provide all the action we could handle today with Red Drum and Speckled Trout. Some of the Red Drum were big enough that even with a heavy drag and a 7' medium heavy Fenwick HMG rod we couldn't turn them to keep them away from barnacles around pilings and those little critters will slice line like razor blades.

You would know the first one we did turn would have the hook pull half way to the boat and we even Lost the first big Speckled Trout right at the boat.

But then things changed in our favor and Ray got his in slot Red Drum and 16" Speckled Trout for dinner along with several more Reds and Trout we released.

Baits today for the Red Drum was mud minnows on 7' MH Fenwick Rods with Penn Pursuit II reels rigged Carolina style on 25lb. Stren line with Berkley 100% 20lb. Flourcarbon and 4/0 Demon circle hooks.

The tackle today for the Betts 1/4 ounce Halo Shads in Green Tiger with a splash of Pro Cure "Inshore Saltwater Super Gel" were 400 series IRT Reels with 12 lb. Stren line and were cast on 7' Medium Lite HMG Fenwick rods, and and Ray used the Betts Hi Viz Fish Grippers to stay away from the teeth in the trout for photos!!

The weather is getting really nice, the fish are hungry, and we are booking every day now so don't wait to call and book while we still have some openings left. Thank you all for reading our reports and fishing with us, y'all are the best!!! God Bless you all and hope to see you on the water!!!

Capt Butch and Barbara's Saltwater Charters.

Been having some request for flounder charters. As you know flounder season is closed right now, but the Marine Fisheries has given a possible date of August 16th-September 30th. This is not set in stone so they can change their minds at any time. I am booking charters for the flounder season now but I have told everyone if the Marine Fisheries changes the dates or cancels completely, you can call and cancel and there will be no penalties. That's the way we work because you never know what's going to happen.


Hope you have a blessed summer and remember to praise God for everything because without Him there would be nothing.


Barbara Foster

336 309-5900 

PS I'll try to post some of our catfish and crappie pictures later.


November 19, 2020

This morning I was fishing the backwaters with Bill Secrest from Greensboro, NC and Doug Secrest from Palmyra,VA. I'm quite sure someone somewhere got into the bite this morning but it wasn't in Gods plan for us today.

I never gave up and we fished hard and even though we caught 3 small Red Drum on mud minnows and the only fish that bit a live shrimp today for us was a out of season and too short anyway flounder and a couple croakers. I talked with a couple others at the dock that pretty much mirrored our experience in the cold and brown Cape fear river waters today. Water temperature was around 54 degrees in the backwater, it dropped fast, 2 weeks ago it was still 72 degrees at the same places it was 54 today.

Some ask me why I post reports like this, well, if you are a fisherman you appreciate them, I can't speak for others but I know I can't limit out everyday and sometimes, not very often, but sometimes I just can't put the puzzle together completely. I don't like to post "these reports" but it's the truth and the way it went down, and that's what you get from us at Yeah Right Charters the truth and nothing less and nothing more!! like it or not, and no I don't like it, but it's called fishing and not catching!!

Got another trip in the morning, sure hope things are different than they were today, and usually every day is different on the water, but I can guarantee you this.......the fish will bite tomorrow.....or they won't....never been wrong on this guarantee!!!

And I have to ask, I've noticed my rating has dropped from a 5 to a explain how that happened when I checked my reviews, nothing under 5 stars Thanks for stopping by and God Bless!!!


November 14, 2020

I discussed all the rain we had on Friday with the guys and that backwater and near shore saltwater fish aren't real fond of fresh water and things might be on the tough side today and was reminded it was called fishing and not catching so let's go try anyway. I just like to be straight up and under promise and over deliver whenever possible!!

Ron Radcliff from Southport, NC, who has fished with me many times this year had his 2 grandsons, Bogan and Henry Herstine from Wilmington, NC with him today and we set out to try to catch whatever wanted to bite but preferred some Red Drum if possible.

We fished the rain stained creeks for a while with no results before we headed to the near shore beach area. Water there looked a little better and the bait was really scattered. We got set up and it wasn't long until a rod went down and young Henry was hooked up with an Atlantic Sharpnose Shark that gave him a good fight and are good eating when handled properly before icing down. Several more hookups that pulled off or just got away then the bite shut off.

We then moved to finish the morning out, never got a hookup from a Red Drum but the boys got their limit of Grey Trout in the boat to go with the shark fillets and a big croaker for our area.

Yes, the catching was tough, but they all had a great time catching fish we could get to bite in the conditions we had to work with and it helped a lot to get what we had due to the fact they all were very good and experienced fishermen.

Sure hope all this fresh water gets flushed out soon and the bite can get back to being as good as it was before Friday's monsoon set in and messed it all up!!


November 10, 2020

Today I was fishing the backwaters with Guido and Zack DiGiandomenico from Oak Island, NC .


The hot Speckled Trout bite I have had lately with nice sized Trout had seemed to be on hold for today. We still caught several Speckled Trout but most were on the short side and all our Red Drum today was under slot but all the fish were still fun to catch.


Once again we were using live shrimp for bait and we went through 10 dozen to get the fish we did have today which ended up being 2 Black Drum, 2 Speckled Trout and a Blue fish we could take home for dinner. Again today the Betts Brass Weighted Click Clacker with Cup Face and the Betts Pear Shaped Twist on-Twist off float rigged on 10 lb. flourcarbon with #6 gold treble was the bait of choice.

Looks like the approaching weather front is going to put a damper on the fishing the next several days but if we get a weather window I'll have another report here after we go. Might not be what you want to hear but it will be the way it was for me, be it good or be it slow. I might not find fish sometimes but no one works any harder to try to find them than I do!!!

Be sure to check out the "dog fish" picture we got today. Bobo our fishing dog wanted his picture taken as well.

Great folks to spend the morning with fishing. I absolutely have the best fishermen and Fisher women you can possible have and I Thank them all for fishing with Bobo and myself here at Yeah Right Charters!! Thanks for stopping by and God Bless you all!!!


November 8, 2020

With the East wind howling this morning Jack Clegg from Southport, NC and Greg Mitsch from Ottsville, PA. and I stayed in the nearby creeks where it would be a lot calmer.

Our first stop only produced a couple small Speckled Trout so we made a move to our next place and we started picking up various sizes Speckled Trout and black Drum. Didn't get any Red Drum to cooperate this morning but we still had a good trip and had a lot of fun catching nice fish. We ended up with 7 nice keeper Speckled Trout, and several opportunities for a full 2 man limit but that 8th keeper just didn't stay hooked up, several times!!

Today's preferred bait was live shrimp used with Betts Pear Shaped Twist on Twist off and Bobbers paired with small space beans with #6 gold trebles on 10 lb. flourcarbon fished around and on oyster beds.

Only a few more days left until our season ends on November 20 and Barbara said we have only have Monday 9th, Tuesday 10th, and Wednesday,11th left open( weather looks bad starting Wednesday 11th, through the weekend) so give her a call @ 336-309-5900 and book your trip while the Speckled Trout are biting and there's a couple good weather days left.


November 6, 2020

Fishing again today with Sam, Richard, and Jameson Andrus from Southport, NC. The rain kept me playing "dodge ball" all morning and for the most part we stayed out of it although it was all around us.

Our 1st stop was non stop action and it was all I could do to keep fish off and hooks baited for a while.
We ended up keeping 3 nice speckled Trout, a good Black Drum, and a small Blue fish, and yes, they said they liked blues to eat, but so do Barbara and myself as long as they are fresh and fried!! We released a lot of small Speckled Trout and Red Drum and then the inevitable happened, the clouds surrounded us and the bottom fell out and we called it a day when it started pouring rain.

Today's preferred rigs were the Betts Brass Weighted Click Clackers, Betts Pop N' Gurgle, and the Betts Pear Shaped slipper floats, awesome rigs to help you catch more fish!!!

Another good morning fishing with some great guys, already looking forward to our next trip and I must be doing things right as Barbara just said they booked while I was writing this report, minus the rain I hope😁!!!


October 31, 2020

Well the winds finally calmed to only 10 to 15 gusting to 25, down from the 40 from yesterday, so I picked up Billy and John Gray from Pinehurst, NC and we gave it a try this morning.

It was a learning curve for me! Let me explain, with a full moon creating lunar tides and strong tide currents, and a howling NE wind I was very pessimistic about catching anything today. I've always liked to under promise and over deliver, but really, we never got all the lines in the water this morning before we had the boats full limit of mid slot Red Drum in the boat!! We had a great time catching and releasing Red Drum after we had our limit, caught a couple small Speckled Trout, and even a few Whiting before the winds got so bad it was really tough to keep our lines in the water but by that time we were ready to head to the dock anyway!!!

Only have a couple days left open between now and when we end our season for this year on November 20th. Give Barbara a call @ 336 309 5900 and if you can't make it now we hope to see you when we start running again in 2021 on May 1st.

Thanks to everyone that continues to support and believe in us and most importantly, God Bless you all!!!


October 28, 2020

Back on the Red Drum, Speckled Trout, and Black Drum today fishing with Wes from Texas. Beautiful day with little to no wind and that was the literal fly in the ointment, the no-seeums were relentless today. Mullet minnows were the hot bait today on the rising tide.

Looks like some uncertain weather conditions are headed this way and we'll just have to see how it is in the morning's to make final decisions on trips.


October 27, 2020

Today I picked up more southport, NC locals; Alan Snyderman, Andy Brusko, and Jack Shaffer, and we went in the backwaters in search of Red Drum.

It took a couple of stops to find the right place on the falling tide. I was a little early on the first two but the next one tide was right and we got a couple mid slot Red Drum back to back and we also caught a bunch of under slot Reds as well. Our next stop had 3 hookups on good fish that got us into the pilings before we could get them away from it and fishing line doesn't stand a chance against barnacles!! Went back on a better tide to the first stop and it was loaded with more under slot Reds and even a short Speckled Trout.

Once again today mud minnows was the favorite bait the fish preferred. Will be trying it again tomorrow for something somewhere and will have the results right here, good or bad!!

Have had a rare cancellation for Thursday morning if you want to fish with us before our season ends this year, just call Barbara @ 336-309-5900 and she'll get you "hooked up"!! We have decided to end the 2020 season on November 21, since we have some previous engagements. 


October 26, 2020

Kevin Settle (Oak Island) called me last week saying he and his wife Janet had caught some small fish in the surf and off piers in the intercoastal, but would like to catch some bigger fish. He booked today and I told him Capt Butch would do his best to get the on some fish. Here's the rest of the story.

Had a great morning of fishing with a wonderful local couple from Oak Island,NC. Steve and Janet Settle. I left Safe Harbor marina to find some Red Drum and it turned into a Red and Black Drum kind of day. We released quite a few more Red Drum and Black Drum than we kept. Both these guys were good fishermen and they kept me hopping this morning baiting hooks and removing hooks from fish. Live mullet minnows and shrimp was the bait of choice today, artificial baits went unnoticed today which has been unusual this year for me!!

I'm sitting here on the couch writing this report and I'm give out from keeping everything going smoothly this morning but the smiles and excitement watching Janet catch most of these fish made it all worth while for Steve and myself.

Thanks Steve and Janet for choosing us for your fishing trip. I sincerely hope I met and possibly exceeded your every expectations of a fishing charter, till next time God Bless you both!!!


October 24, 2020

Today I was fishing once again with Phil Massey, Burlington, NC and his friend Burt and Burt's wife Sherry.


It was a Speckled Trout, Red Drum and Black Drum kind of day. Speckled trout went for the 1/2 ounce Chartreuse Betts Halo Shad, with Pro-Cure Inshore Saltwater Super Gel, the Red Drum preferred a Mud Minnow, and Black Drum were partial to sand fleas!! Thanks also to IRT Reels for the 400 series spinning reels to use on our charter boat!!

As you can see from the pictures who the real "fisherlady" was today, the guys didn't stand a chance while their fish were small enough they refused pictures. This group knows what lifestyle is all about, fish, no fish, it does not matter to them it's about fun, family, and just being out of the office and on the water. Of course for me, I want them to catch some fish much more than they want to, but after all, that's my job and I always want to do the best job the fish will let me do!!!

We  are suppose to go again tomorrow out on the beach for big Red Drum, Spanish Mackerel, Grey Trout, maybe a king mackerel, or what ever else might bite, but looks like rain may cancel that trip. 


October 23, 2020

Today I went fishing with Alan and Kevin Rutherford from Rural Hall,NC. We were after a couple in slot Red Drum for dinner. After a couple hours of fishing the struggle was getting too real for me as I seemed to be not putting the puzzle together.

I regrouped my thoughts and made an executive decision to make a major move. Turned out it was the right decision as we ended the trip with a nice 23" released flounder and a 22" and 23" Red Drum, just what we wanted today.

Thanks Kevin and Alan for choosing Yeah Right Charters for your fishing trip today, hope we met and exceeded your every expectations!


October 22, 2020

I had the pleasure of sharing the morning fishing with Rich Hirsch and his wife Kelly Alanis-Hirsch from Durham, NC.

If you fish the local shallow waters here then you know the effect a ENE wind can have on the bite, but we stayed on the hunt and put enough in the boat to make a report today. Kelly put 2 nice Speckled Trout in the net using the Betts Green Tiger 1/4 oz.. Halo Shad with Pro-Cure Inshore Saltwater Super Gel this morning, missed a few more , and we had a few fish pull the hooks. Rich followed suit with catching his first ever flounder, Blue fish, and Red Drum!!


Great day of fishing and company today with a fantastic couple that would have made the day fun if we hadn't even had a bite!!! Looking forward to our next trip in the backwater and to taking a winter crappie trip with these guys on Lake Jordan!!! Thanks for choosing us for your fishing trip and God Bless!!!!


October 21, 2020

Met up with Ron Ratliff from Southport, NC and Hunter Dalton from Christiansburg, VA at Safe Harbor Marina this morning to do a little backwater fishing.

We couldn't decide just where to go but we finally decided to head behind Hald Head Island to see if we could catch a Red Drum. Well, we caught a few Red Drum, guess we should have been a little more specific on what size we would like to catch. Several under slot Reds and a couple bigger ones came unhooked.

The Betts 1/4 ounce Green Tiger Halo Shad with Pro-Cure Inshore Saltwater Super Gel added did some more work today by catching a nice Spanish Mackerel for Hunter, and getting more bites that just didn't hook up Of course we caught some nice flounder on mullet minnows and mud minnows, the biggest was 22" but we released all 3 like we are supposed to do while the season is closed.

The east wind and a screaming incoming tide made catching tough for me today, but the guys said the catching didn't matter they still had a great morning of conversation and fishing!!! You had a lot of choices available for your fishing trip, we are humbled and honored that you chose us for your trip. We sincerely hope we met and exceeded your every expectations!!

Thanks everyone that make this all possible and God Bless you all!!!


October 15, 2020

Today I picked up Jason, Parks, and Gibson Fowler from Cookeville, TN. at Bald Head Island and we went fishing!!!

It was quite an interesting morning trip with the fish bite turning out the way it did

Live bait today only produced Ray's and some were quite a battle to get to the boat.


The best producing bait today was once again my favorite go to bait the trusty Betts1/4 ounce Green Tiger Halo Shad. The Halo Shad produced quite a few of the nearly extinct flounders from 10 inches all the way up to 16 inches with another pulling the hooks Just as we seen it, and it was the biggest flounder if the day, of course the season is closed so we released all the flounder, then another very nice fish that looked like a big Spanish Mackerel pounced on the Halo Shad and got in the prop before we could do anything with it and got away as well.

The Red Drum we wanted today threw us a curve and dodged our hooks this morning. These guys were all very accomplished fishermen and that helped a lot in catching what we did catch.

Another good and fun day on the water fishing with great folks that share the same love of the sport as I do!! Thanks for choosing us for your fishing trip, sure hope I didn't disappoint and met and exceeded your every expectations!!


October 13, 2020

Had a wonderful morning helping Tom Navaroli from Fuquay Varina, NC learn some new fishing spots behind Bald Head Island. The in slot Red Drum bite we had yesterday turned into under slot Red Drum bite today plus an endangered flounder we released because the season is closed plus it was too small to keep if the season wasn't closed!!

Once again I was reminded that it's not always about how many fish, how big they are, and sometimes it's just being out on the water and enjoying a day in Gods creation and sharing the experience with great people, that's the kind of morning I had today and I was thankful and honored to have been able to share the boat with such a fine gentleman and scholar.

Another great day on the water doing what we do, can't wait until our next trip Tom, really looking forward to it!! As Tom wrote in his comments, " Only way it could have been better was if Barbara joined us!!"


October 12, 2020

Fished the rain soaked backwaters today with a couple friends and hometown guys. Rusty Orrell, Churchland, NC and TJ Morrison from Winston-Salem, NC.

To say the water was dirty doesn't do it justice with all the rains we've had plus upstream, but we still found some Red Drum by staying on the move and covering water. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to get the fish to bite and today that's exactly what we did.

Good day of fishing with some friends from home.


October 9, 2020

Hit the backwaters this morning with Sam Andrus, Richard Andrus, and Jamesion Andrus from Southport, NC. I wasn't too optimistic after yesterday's slow bite especially since the wind had shifted to that dreaded East direction.


All I can say is that sometimes the fish teach us that they have a mind of their own and it don't matter what we think, they going to do what they want to do when they want to do it and our theories are just that, theories!!! Even caught a couple small grouper in the backwater today and lost more fish than we caught!! Betts Halo Shads with Pro-cure inshore Saltwater Super Gel and mullet minnows were the fishes baits of choice today!!

The guys said they had a boat and wanted to learn some places to fish, I hope I delivered on their wishes as I truly love to help people learn how to catch more fish!!!

Thanks guys for choosing Yeah Right Charters for your trip and now becoming a part of our fishing family!!! God Bless you all!!!

I've cancelled both days this weekend due to inclement weather moving in. Hopefully I'll be back out again Monday morning if weather conditions clear up and things are settled back down!!


October 8, 2020

Went fishing today in the backwaters with Shane Stamey and his son Garrett from Hildebran, NC.


We worked hard and had opportunities for fish but seemed like everything we hooked up that would be legal to keep just pulled the hook before we could get it to the net. But everything we hooked up that you couldn't keep needed a pry bar to get the hook from its mouth. It was just one of those days you have sometimes when you fish every day, or at least I do occasionally!! Just have to shake it off and move on to the next fishing trip and hope your luck gets better.

Check out Garrett's 22" and 24" flounders he caught today and was a good sport about having to release them. I hope I got good video of the release, couldn't see very well with eyes full of tears.


October 6, 2020

Even though the catching was extra tough in today's conditions in the backwater we still caught a few but this post is mainly to tell you about the wonderful family I had the honor to meet today.

I'll start by saying that when I was told I would have a 3 year old little girl on the boat this morning I just automatically thought the worse. Well, here's to not " judging a book by it's cover" which we/I shouldn't do!!

This family from Wingate, NC was Andy, Kimberly, and their daughter Aubrey Medlin. Outstanding folks and outstanding parents to Aubrey. This little girl was totally awesome, never whined, cried, pitched a fit, and her manners were 2nd to no one. Andy and Kimberly, my hats off to you two, you both are raising a daughter to be very proud of and this young lady will go far in life because of the upbringing she is receiving.

Thanks for choosing Yeah Right Charters for your fishing trip, just hate the fish didn't understand why we were there, or maybe with the very windy East wind, they just didn't care why we were there. Yes, I know I put too much emphasis on catching fish, but getting you fish is my job and I pride myself in doing a great job and I probably want you to catch fish more than you want to catch fish and when I get to where I don't care will be the time for me to retire, again!!!

Andy and Kimberly, keep up the good work, thanks for everything, and God Bless all three of you guys!!!


October 5, 2020

After 2 fronts went through Sunday the bite was tough this morning out of Southport,NC in the backwater, or at least for me anyway and everyone else I talked with. I was fishing with Southport resident Mike Martin and Andy and Sheri Lock from St. Charles, MO.

Our first stop produced several bites that just came unhooked before we could get them to the boat, felt like good fish. But we'll never know. Next stop was Mike putting on a flounder show with the Betts 1/4 ounce Green Tiger Halo Shads he was casting on the 400 series IRT Reels. They were nice flounder, but, season is closed now so we had to take pictures and let them go. Several more fish that got away half way to the boat on the Halo Shads with Pro-Cure Inshore Saltwater Super Gel and live baits were being attacked by crabs almost as fast as I put them on a hook.


The hope of getting the Red Drum they wanted to catch was looking sorta dim at this point, but I was not going to give up. Made another move to an area a couple miles from where we were and there was a lot of bait and fish and Blue fish here was tough on our Halo shads and live mullet. As I took the last live mullet from the bait tank l said, " ok Lord, if it's meant to be this is it, and I thank you for the Red Drum this bait is going to get these guys, and if it doesn't then I'll know it wasn't in Your plan today." The bite on this bait looked like another crab bite, then the rod doubled over and Sheri was hooked up with a nice mid slot 22 inch Red Drum.


Thank you Lord for helping us out and Thank you Mike, Andy, and Sheri for choosing Yeah Right Charters for your fishing


September 26 and 27, 2020

I'm going to combine today's report since the same great people went both days.

I'll have to admit that I'm so glad I came out of retirement and decided to continue my backwater saltwater charters. I have the best people on planet earth book fishing trips with me.

Just spent some quality time fishing with some new friends I made through fishing and although the catching was tough the fishing was great all because of fine folks like Douglas Pugh from Pittsboro, NC. Phil Massey and Robert Hinshaw from Burlington, NC.

We caught a lot of under sized fish but we also did quite well on the legal sized fish as well. Once again the Betts Halo Shads in 1/4 oz. and 1/2 oz. Green Tiger and Chartreuse with Pro-cure Inshore Saltwater Super Gel scent got the fishes attention and then the IRT 400 series reels brought the fish to the net. As for live baits, mud minnows actually out fished mullet this time.

Taking tomorrow off to get my truck inspected and to do some tackle repair and will be back at it Tuesday morning. I'll just let the pictures tell the fish story!!!Thanks for dropping by and God Bless you all!!


September 25, 2020

Today I had the pleasure and honor to share the boat with Webster Swicegood from my home town of Lexington, NC and his friend Craig Pardue from Elkin, NC.

Webster has a 20' Bay Boat and fishes here when he gets a chance and I was happy to show him and Craig some good spots to help them catch more fish when they get to go, just like I do all my fishermen!!

We caught some nice Speckled Trout today on the Chartreuse 1/2 ounce Betts Halo Shads along with Black Drum, of course the biggest black Drum got away, and we lost count of the Red Drum we caught on mud minnows but just couldn't get anything in the slot. Lots of memories relived today with a fellow West Davidson High School friend on the Riddick Bay Runner with his friend Craig helping put fish in the boat.


September 24, 2020

Had a good day out today with Thomas, Amy and Jacey Braswell, Granite Falls, NC.

After not catching a lot yesterday. decided to go in the opposite direction. It was a good move. The Betts Halo Shad in 1/4 and 1/8 size with Pro-cure inshore Saltwater Super Gel along with mud minnows was the fishes baits of choice today!!! Mullet minnows were the bait of choice for numerous blue crabs!!As you may notice Capt Butch uses Betts Hi Viz fish Grippers for those toothy fish like flounder. He says they are the best grippers he's ever used and I can attest to that. Strong and hold tight.

Enjoyed it folks and look forward to seeing you again.


September 23, 2020

Usually I don't go on the charters, but today we had our friends Harold and Carol Mullenax from Liberty, NC aboard so I tagged along. Carol and I like to talk and I always learn more about her heritage each time. 


Today we tried the reef first, nothing but toad fish, then some of the backwater creeks. While they fished for the GOOD STUFF, I used shrimp to catch croaker and silver trout. After Carol had caught a couple flounder, we headed to another spot catching a few here and there. Finally Carol hooked up a nice keeper flounder then she was ready to rest and just talk.


We had a great day. Not the most fish in the world but some wonderful fellowship with some wonderful people. Hope to see you again soon. 


September 18, 2020

We would like to welcome Tom and Jen Sabala to the Southport, NC community. They just moved here and wanted to try their hand at fshing. I think Capt Butch said it best.

"After all this rain we have had the water I fished 2 days ago that looked pretty good then looked like burnt espresso coffee today. So I had to make a long run to cleaner waters. Still inundated with plenty of fresh water but it looked good for fishing or at least gave me more confidence in the area we were fishing.

As expected it was a slow morning but we still got enough fish for dinner. Already making plans for another trip with Tom and Jen in the near future, can't wait, great folks to spend the morning fishing with!!!"

Well that's the scoop and now the changing of seasons winds are howling. Not sure when we'll get back out, but have a busy week ahead so I hope it's soon. Till next time, FISH ON!


September 16, 2020

Strong East winds caused the fish to get closed mouth for Freddie Winebarger, Conover, NC and Kevin Morgan, Casar, NC, but Capt Butch continued to hunt for some fish that were willing to bite.

Although they caught quite a few fish most were to small and had to be released. Freddie and Kevin ended the day with 2 nice flounder and a trout. Hope you enjoyed the day and hope to see you  again sometime.


September 15, 2020

Listening to the weather, we were not sure if today was going to happen, but Robert Bowen,Bessemer, NC and Brent Holt, Kings Mountain, NC wanted to give it a try so Capt Butch said let's go but we may be limited as to where we can fish.

Betts Halo Shad and mud minnows seem to be the bat of the day. They caught trout, rat red drums and small flounder throughout the day and ended the day with a couple of keeper Speckled Trout and an in-slot red drum.

Capt Butch was completely give out when he got home but he was happy. He had met and fished with some nice guys today and that is what he likes to do.


September 14, 2020

This morning Capt Butch headed to Bald Head Island to pick up Hank and Cassie Hortenstine, Richmond, VA.

Although the bull red drum were biting on the beach, Hank and Cassie preferred to catch flounder and since they didn't appear to be biting on the beach, Capt Butch headed to the backwaters around Southport and Bald Head. Even though they caught quite a few flounder, all were to small except for one. Hank might have wanted flounder but one over slot red drum made it's appearance and was released after the photo shoot.

Hope you guys had a good time, because Capt Butch certainly did. He wants everyone to catch, catch, catch, but today he was reminded that being out in nature and seeing God's handiwork is all you really need.


September 13, 2020

Today we took Joe and Tom Huggins, Southport, NC and Hal Huggins, Maiden, NC into the backwaters around Southport/Oak Island.  

With an East Wind the fishing was tough but we kept on the move and by the end of the trip we had caught two keeper flounder and an in slot red drum. It was a good day and we made some new friends. You never know what the day will hold when it comes to fishing, but you always know you will meet new people and enjoy God's creations.


September 11, 2020

Today's charter was a make-up from Wednesday when the weatherman said it was going to rain, but it didn't. Mike and Betty Ann Borski, Yardly, PA and Kara Borski, Lafayette Hill, PA texted me and said even if it rained they wanted to go fishing. Well it turned out to be a nice day so Capt Butch picked them up at 8 am and off they went.

"The decision was made to hit the near shore structures and see what we could catch and we caught a variety of fish.

Let's see now, we caught a nice flounder, gray trout, blue fish, a big ole Ray, and a couple nice sharks. Had some more fish hooked up that we just couldn't keep hooked up long enough to get them to the net. Guess that's another reason it's called fishing and not catching.

It turned out to be a good day of fishing and fellowship with some really nice people. Thanks for choosing YEAH RIGHT CHARTERS.

Now on a more somber note. Each year on this date I think of Alan Jackson's song: "Where Were You, When the World Stopped Turning" I remember everything about that day, the fear, the quiet outside, no plane trails in the sky and wanting all my family together. Then a few days later we took our classes, I was teaching Kindergarten, out to the flagpole and sang with Lee Greenwood; "God Bless the USA". Let's never forget how we felt that day. I never want anything like that to happen to our country again, but I wish we could feel the same unity we felt then. 

Please God, Take all this hatred away and



Photos that go with Archived Fishing Reports are available upon request. Or check out the CATCH PHOTOS page for an overall grouping. 

September 10, 2020

Each year we meet new folks from different areas of the country. Today it was Brian Rudy, Martinsburg, WV and Chris Loizos, Bunker Hill, WV. Normally the crew wants to catch flounder since it's in season but today's group wanted red drum. No problem, Capt Butch is prepared for anything.

1st stop put a keeper Speckled Trout in the boat and a small Red Drum. Next stop was another small Red Drum and an even bigger Speckled Trout. Then on the next stop we hit the right hole and got a upper slot Red Drum, then another small Red Drum, and then another lower slot Red Drum. The last stop for the morning was some more small Red Drum and another Red Drum that was a very nice fish that got on a piling and the barnacles made short work of the line and got away.

It was definitely a morning of catching. We ended the day with a couple of in slot red drum and a couple of keeper sized trout. Tomorrow's another day.


September 8, 2020

Today it was Bubba and Tina Thomas, Concord, NC that went out with Capt Butch.  

Capt Butch kept an eye on the weather and with the cooler temperatures the duo ended up catching and quick releasing all morning. Capt Butch said he had never seen so many fish biting off hooks, breaking lines and pulling the hooks. With saying that, they did manage to land several ribbon fish, several small trout and a nice keeper and a 52 inch spinner shark that was released unharmed after the photo shoot. Hope you enjoy your fish fry!

The weather looks to be going downhill but if possible Capt Butch and Bobo will be headed out again in the morning.


September 6, 2020

Carrie Freedman, Rock Hill, SC called back in August wanting to book a date where she could take her father, Bob, Rock Hill, SC fishing. We set up the date and off they went on Sunday morning.

The 15 to 20 NE winds cooled the temperatures down to where it was finally a comfortable day to fish. They caught some nice flounder today, along with a lot of grey trout, kept 3 released the rest, several blue fish, and they got a hammerhead shark in the boat that was released unharmed after the photo shoot. They also hooked a lot of big fish that were never seen but Capt Butch felt were probably sharks, because of cut lines and maybe some Bull Red Drum, because of pulled hooks, since some are already being caught.

It was a great day of fishing and fellowship and we made some new friends and Bobo even came out of his cave in the front of the boat to enjoy the cooler weather.

Hope you have a great Labor Day!


September 4, 2020

To celebrate Aiden Howard's 15th birthday, Apex, NC, his grandfather, Richard Smith, White Oak, NC took Aiden and his father Kevin on a fishing trip with Captain Butch and Bobo.

To say they worked hard today is true, stayed on the move and threw everything they had at them this morning. Unlike yesterday, everything this morning came off mullet and mud minnows. Every day is different fishing around here!! They caught several under slot Red Drum, an under sized flounder and a very nice legal flounder finished the morning up for the crew.

Hope this heat is ready to leave and cooler weather takes it's place.


September 3, 2020

WOW! Have you seen that moon lately! It has been full and bright causing high tides and fast running currents.

Tommy Byers and Don Schacher from Oak Island, NC worked hard this morning but only got a small Red Drum and a nice flounder that turned its back on live bait and GULP! bait but CRUSHED the Betts Halo Shad with Pro-cure Inshore Saltwater Super Gel when it swam by. "It could resist the rest but couldn't resist the best!!!" 

Tomorrow's another hot hot hot day, but we'll be out there trying to entice those fish to bite. Have a blessed day and drink plenty of fluids.


September 1, 2020

Today it was Stephen and Steve Clark, Charlotte, NC that went fishing with Capt Butch. After spending a couple of hours on the reef and not catching much, Capt Butch decided to make a move and it proved to be the right thing to do.

Recently Capt Butch has been catching most of his fish on bucktails that he ties himself, but today the Betts Halo Shad proved to be the lure to use. This is a direct quote from Capt. Butch, "I tied a couple 1/4 ounce Green Tiger Halo Shads, coated then with Pro-cure Inshore Saltwater Super Gel, with a no slip loop knot onto 2 IRT 400 reels spooled with Berkley 17 lb test nanofil line with 12 lb 100% Berkley flourocarbon leader and very soon Steve was hooked up with a nice 18" Speckled Trout, several more under size speckled trout was caught between the two guys and after a short flounder Steve struck gold again and put a keeper flounder in the boat, yep, all on the Betts Halo Shad out fishing live baits once again!! On our next move the action picked up again with a bunch of Rat Reds and more short speckled trout."

Like someone said, Captain Butch, Bobo the fishing dog, Yeah Right Charters and Betts Halo Shads are back in town and on the water once again putting smiles on fishermen's faces and fish dinners on their family's tables.


"I love it, can't see me doing anything else!" Thanks to everyone for supporting us and welcoming Capt Butch back. Give us a call and let's go fishing! God Bless you all!!!


August 31, 2020

Rick Morgan, called wanting to book a trip where he could take his niece, Rylee Klinger fishing to catch some fish before she went back to school. So they came from Salisbury, NC and brought along Jim Morgan to make it a group. We usually prefer to take out just 2, but we were able to get to the reef and didn't have to do a lot of casting.


According to Capt Butch they had a lot of fun but he was kept busy baiting hooks, netting fish, taking fish off, taking pictures and re-tying tackle. Yes, it was a busy day, but Capt Butch said he loved every minute as they laughed, picked on each other, told stories, and just loved a day of catching fish together on a beautiful day God hath made.

Jim got a nice 30" over slot Red Drum today that Capt Butch took his picture and released to make more Red Drum. Today was also a lot of 1st for Rylee, her 1st big flounder, her 1st Red Drum, her 1st ribbon fish, her 1st toad fish, and her 1st 51" Lemon Shark that had her shaking so hard she just about couldn't hold it for a picture. We have a feeling there will be a lot more fishing in this young lady's future and we're glad we could be a part of it.

Rick, I'm glad everything came together. Thank you for choosing YEAH RIGHT CHARTERS.


August 27, 2020

Nathan Young, Harmony, NC called wanting to take his girlfriend, Kasey Reece, Statesville, NC out on a trip to catch her first saltwater fish. We talked alot about what they MIGHT catch, the reef and spanish fishing and I told him depending on the weather we would attempt the reef and Capt Butch would do his best. Well things finally came together, weather wise, and off to the reef they went.

As you can see by the pictures it was a successful trip. Nathan even told Capt Butch, Kasey was hoping they could come again in October. Glad you had a great time and we hope to see you again.

It's wonderful when everything works out like this, but I can assure Capt Butch will ALWAYS do his best to get you on fish and will continue to try until the last minute. He give 110% and cares about his customers catching and keeping. 


August 26, 2020

Today Capt Butch had the privilege of taking Timothy and Lanola Bridges, Oak Island/Lexington, NC into the backwater.


They caught fish all day and got a couple very nice Speckled Trout for dinner. They also Caught quite a few flounder and Red Drum that fell short of the legal limit mark.

Good day with some great people. Headed out again tomorrow morning!


August 24, 2020

We have known Marcus Hester for several years and today Capt Butch was fortunate to take him and his friend Michael, owner of Michael's in Wilmington, NC into the backwater. After trying to get to the nearshore reef, it was to rough, Capt Butch fished behind Bald Head, the water way and creeks that feed into it. Although the small flounder and trout were biting, he large ones proved why they are big, by have lockjaw.

Maybe next time guys. Really enjoyed today and hope to get you on the big red drums later this year. Until then FISH ON!

Oh I meant to add that Marcus is a chef at Michael's. We're going to have to go eat there one evening since what he posts on FB look delicious and Butch said his roast beef with homemade honey mustard was wonderful!


August 23, 2020

Who would have thought Capt. Butch's retirement would be so short. Here we are fishing the nearshore reefs and backwaters of Southport/Oak Island. Thank you to everyone for the support and kind words. I assure you Capt. Butch will do his best to get you on the fish and we hope you have a good time while fishing with us. Please call me, Barbara at 336 309-5900 to book a trip.

Today we took Russell, Deana and Wyatt Stroupe, Iron Station, NC into the backwaters. It was a tough day, but a couple of small flounder and a small red drum made their presents known.

Sorry they weren't keepers but it felt good to be out fishing again and the fellowship couldn't be beat.