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*APPLIES TO Yadkin River, High Rock Lake, Tuckertown, Badin Lake ONLY



Maximum of 4 people per trip

Yadkin River, High Rock lake, Tuckertown Lake, Badin Lake

$200 for 1 Person

$250 for 2 People

$300 for 3 People

$400 for 4 People

Other lake options available are Lake Jordan and Lake Norman: Rates are higher due to my extra travel distance and preparation expenses. Call 336-309-5900 and talk with Barbara about any of our trips we have available.

$300 for 1 Person

$400 for 2 People

$500 for 3 People

$600 for 4 People

All trips are full day, 8AM - 3PM or 6AM-1PM (summer only). Your trip time starts at lines in the water and ends with lines in the water. And time spent catching bait with a cast net or riding to the first fishing spot will not be deducted from your fishing time and your fishing trip ends on the water, not at the dock. If you are on a time limit schedule please let me know the morning of your trip so I won't keep you out too long, I try extremely hard to give you a full and honest day of fishing and catching!!!

We furnish all bait, tackle and equipment! You furnish what you want to eat and drink and your freshwater fishing license, which can be purchased at Walmart or on-line at All fish caught within legal limits will belong to the anglers. 


If you have questions, want additional information or to book a charter, please call Barbara at 336 309-5900. Please leave a message if no one answers since we sometimes fish areas with no service. Barbara will get back to you as soon as possible.


336 309-5900 


Back on High Rock lake again today with Brandon Martinez, Aurelia Popoca, and Alfredo Popoca, all from Greensboro, NC and we were on a mission for more crappies.

The winds were not our friend today making it quite a challenge to present our baits in a natural way, but, we persevered and filled their cooler to the very top with 35 nice crappies and a few bonus channel catfish.

Weather permitting, we'll be back after more crappies tomorrow. The fish are shallow and deep and in between. Just keep putting baits in front of them until you find the one's that are willing to bite.

Thanks for stopping by and till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Monday, 7-8-24

We hope everyone had a great and happy 4th this year. We took the week off to have a little down time and get things in tip top shape to be ready for the rest of our Freshwater Fishing Charters season which ends sometime in November depending on how quick it gets too cold. But, cold wasn't a problem today, it was a hot one on High Rock lake when we took Brian Braswell from Lexington, NC, Grayson Barrier also from Lexington, NC, and Barrett Barrier from Mt. Pleasant, NC to get some crappies for an upcoming fish fry.

It was a little tricky getting the multitude of crappies we located today on the livescope to bite our hooks. But, perseverance and just the determination to not take no for an answer, enabled us to put 40 filleting sized crappies, 2 catfish, and another dozen or so fresh smaller crappies for catfishing baits.

Great people and good fishing just make a combination that's one of the best ways to spend a summer day on High Rock lake. Had a cancelation for tomorrow because of the hot weather, it can be tough on the fittest this time of year, then Wednesday got to get Barbara's Dr. appointments on her follow up from a huge kidney stone she had blasted to smithereens, then back out again on High Rock lake Thursday rounding up more fish for more fish frys!!!

Thanks for stopping by and till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Thursday, 6-27-24

Today we were fishing for crappies with a couple of hometown guys that have been my friends for a LOT of years. They were Dale and Tony Foster, not any kin, just share the same last name, and with them was their friend Jason Thomason and all are from Lexington, NC.

We struggled today to find biting crappies, finding crappies wasn't the problem, we found plenty, but few wanted to bite. Finally after many moves we hit a couple places where the fish were more cooperative and we put together a catch of 45 crappies that we kept and the smaller fish we kept for catfish bait and a blue catfish we didn't add to the count today.

Will be back on High Rock lake again tomorrow after more crappies. Hopefully it will be a bit easier to find some that want to bite a little better. Thanks for stopping by and till next time God Bless You All !!!

Tuesday, 6-25-24

Today I went solo while Barbara and Bubba took a well deserved break from the heat . I met Robert Leonard and Danielle Blackstock from Lexington, NC at the Southmont wildlife boat ramp to go find some crappies today.


Our 1st couple stops this morning confirmed that the draw down that occurred last night definitely had an adverse effect on the places we fished yesterday because we never got a bite on those this morning. Only thing I could figure was that with so much water being removed over their heads the pressure drop had the shallower fishes swim bladder out of order so we searched out the deepest structure and fish I could find on the main river channel.

It may not have been the only pattern that worked today, but, it was the one that God put me on and it worked really good for us. And the crappies were all good quality fish. Big enough that just 35 crappies filled up our 60 qt, cooler today. Danielle even caught a pair of crappies that both weighed 1 lb. 6 oz each. Check out her picture holding them both for a photo. Thanks to you both for choosing Yeah Right Freshwater Charters, we hope we made it a good trip to remember for a long time.

Back on High Rock lake again tomorrow, you guessed it, more crappies. If this water will just stabilize the hot weather will have the crappie bite just get better and better as they continue to move deeper.


Thank you all for stopping by and till next time, God Bless You All.

Monday, 6-24-24

Today we met up with Scotty, Kristian, and Zachary Noah from Thomasville, NC and Scott Thompson from Winston Salem, NC at the Southmont wildlife boat ramp for a day of crappie fishing on High Rock lake.


Our first 3 stops had me scratching my head trying to figure them out today with the water continuing to fluctuate up and down on a regular basis.

Finally I took the results from the first 3 stops and headed to deep water on the drop into the main river channel. Here we found nice crappies willing to bite our baits around 10 feet down holding over structure 19 feet down.

Kristian started the bite off here by putting on a seminar on how to get crappies to bite your hook as the guys just watched in disbelief as she put crappie after crappie over the rails of our 24 foot pontoon and even had the big crappie of the day at 1.12 only 4 ounces away from a NC exceptional catch citation!!!

Finally everyone else decided to join in on the bite and when all was said and done they had put 55 very nice crappies in the cooler and we kept 12 more smaller crappies in another cooler for up coming catfishing trips in the future making a total of 67 crappies caught and a lot missed as well today, but, you can't catch them all.

Thank you for choosing Yeah Right Freshwater Fishing Charters for your trip. You had many choices and the fact you chose us is not something we take lightly. We hope we met and possibly exceeded your every expectation today. Already looking forward to our next trip.

Thanks to all that take the time from your busy day to stop long enough to read our fishing reports. It takes a lot of extra effort when we get in to do these reports everyday after a long day on the water. But, you guys and gals are the reason we do it and as long as ya'll continue to read them we'll keep doing them!!

Will be back on High Rock lake again tomorrow putting the puzzle together once again on where the biting crappies are at, come on back tomorrow evening and see if we find them again, till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Friday, 6-21-24

Today Barbara, Bubba and I picked up Gary Coffee from Monroe, NC and Wayne Benjamin from Charlotte, NC to go see what the crappies were up to today.


We started our search today shallow as that's where we found them yesterday. They were still shallow, but, we couldn't get them to cooperate with us.

After several attempts on the shallow fish and with the water temperatures approaching 85 degrees I decided to go deep. This was a good move for us. We started picking up some nice crappies still shallow, around 10 feet deep but today they were over deep brush and structures. Everyday can be different at times when trying to figure out fish. We figured them out good enough to fill a cooler full with 58 nice crappies!!!

I've included a few livescope shots of where we found biting crappies today using a stealthy approach presenting our live bait, (minnows), to them.

For those that like to chase schooling topwater fish on the lake it's about to get started. It hasn't happened yet, but, there was a lot of top water activities today but not concentrated enough to get excited over yet, but, it will be very soon!!!

Thanks to all that stop by to read our reports, stay safe on the water and till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Thursday, 6-20-24

Once again today we were crappie fishing with Larry and Barbara Woods from Eden, NC and Russ Ammen from Boiling Springs, SC.


I was really surprised with the water pushing into 80+ temperatures that the crappies are still as shallow as they are. I was trying deeper brush this morning, seeing a lot of fish on the livescope but we didn't have a decent bite until I hit some shallow brush in the 12 to 13 foot depth fishing around 6 to 8 feet down. And the catfish bite was good today as well with 4 bonus catfish to add to the 45 nice crappies that are invited to the fish fry.

Always a great time fishing with these guys and they get better every time we go fishing with them. So crappies, on our next trip in a couple weeks, you better be ready, Russ, Larry, and Barbara are coming back to take you home with them, and I know they are very capable of loading the boat next time!!!

Back on High Rock lake again tomorrow chasing more crappies will they still be shallow? but wherever they are, I'll find them and my fishermen will have plenty to take home or their trip, just like everyone else's trip are always FREE if they don't catch fish at Yeah Right Charters Freshwater Fishing Charters

Wednesday, 6-19-24

Back on High Rock lake again today chasing more crappies. The ones I found biting for Billy Myers and Daniel Myers from Lexington, NC, and Brian Myers from Clemmons, NC were holding about 10 feet deep over brush and structures around 20 feet deep. We stayed on top of them and was patient enough to get 70 nice crappies in the cooler today for an up coming fish fry. I want to thank God for guiding me to the right place today where the fish were biting. I can do all things through God who strengthens me!!!!

It was a great time with these guy's and looking forward to our next trip. Thanks gents for your trust and confidence in Barbara, Bubba, and I and for choosing Yeah Right Charters Freshwater Fishing for your trip today. Hope y'all had at least half as much fun today as I did, great times with you and your son's today.


Till next time, God Bless You All!!!.

Monday 6-17-24

Finally got to the boat ramp this morning to pick up Trent Pressley from Tyro, NC, Kenneth Wright from Churchland, NC, My next door neighbor Archer Wilson from Churchland, NC and Kent Pressley from Tyro, NC. to do some crappie fishing. Reason I say "finally" was because as I was traveling towards Hwy 8 this morning on I-85 I seen a puff of smoke come from the port side of the rear trailer tire. I knew exactly what that meant and immediately got over in the grass well off the side of the road so I could change out the hub that the bearings had decentigrated in. I always have spares for almost everything that can go bad on my business equipment.

I was only 30 minutes late and we left out of the Southmont wildlife boat ramp to hit the main lake looking for crappies. Everyone was amazed at the fishing/catching ability of Archer Wilson. This young man literally put on quite a show catching more crappies than anyone. He's a natural and an awesome outdoorsman!!!

It's been a very long day and I couldn't remember what the clicker said as to how many crappies we caught today but Barbara said we had 78 including a nice bonus channel catfish.

Great times today with some fantastic home town folks. It don't get any better than this. Well, maybe a little better if you can omit the bad bearing/hub change while sitting on the side of the interstate thanks for stopping by and till next time, God Bless You All!!!


This morning around 8AM we met up with Brooks Ferguson and his son Quin Ferguson from Statesville, NC and also Kinsley Waldrop from Charlotte, NC at the Southmont wildlife boat ramp to go catch some crappies.

Our first 3 stops were very disappointing with lots of crappies on the livescope, forgot to take picture, but very, very few seemed to be interested in our offerings much less bite. I'll admit it, I was starting to get a little bit panicky. I made a run down main lake where I had a plan in mind and that went south in a hurry. So I started looking for structure in around 15 feet but very close to deeper main channel drops. It fact it worked so good that we were able to call it a day 3 hours early at Noon with 40 very nice crappies and that was enough to make them extremely happy today. I gave God the glory for directing us to these fish as I always do every day!! If you're having trouble getting the crappies to bite, give the glory to God a try, you just might be overwhelmed!!!!

I have got to take the next 3 days off to get a lot of boat stuff and tackle repaired respooled with line, and other important little under the radar details that need attention to keep the charter wheels turning smoothly.

As we have gotten older we decided last year to end our fishing season around the end of October or maybe a little into November, just depends how quick it gets cold outside. We used to fish all winter, and we used to be a lot younger!!

I'm letting you know this because Barbara was giving today's group some open dates for catfishing in September and October and had her schedule book open and I seen it myself and she was telling the truth the other day, September and October are almost booked solid already. Thanks to you all that continues to support our Freshwater fishing Charters, we try hard to be the best because you all are the best!!! Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Wednesday, 6-12-24

Today Barbara, Bubba, and I were on a crappie mission once again on High Rock lake and also had a request that they'd like to get 60 crappies if possible, that wasn't a problem even though lots of fish I had on the livescope weren't willing to bite today. Water dropping and rising almost constantly and a cold front I'm sure didn't help the situation either and for me the struggle was real today as I went in pursuit of crappies for Gabriel Schlabach and his sons Leslie, Lavon, and Lynford, who was 9 years old today and carried his own weight with the family catching crappies.

I did get one picture of the first big crappie caught this morning with Barbara holding it when I found out the guys religious background wanted us to not take photos of them and we honored their requests and just got an end of trip cooler shot instead holding 65 very nice crappies and a bonus channel catfish that I finally found that would bite.

Thanks to you guy's for putting your trust and faith in Barbara and I to give you a great and fun day of catching fish on the Yeah Right Charters pontoon boat.

Will be back on High Rock lake again tomorrow. Sure hope we don't have to work so hard to get the crappies to bite as we did today. But, if they are, I'll find them that will bite, and if I don't, the boat ride will be fun anyway and FREE via our NO Fish-NO Pay guarantee!!!Thanks for stopping by and reading our reports and till next time, God Bless You All!!!


Today Barbara, Bubba, and I met up with David Howard and Clifford Chin from Charlotte, NC at the Southmont wildlife boat ramp to go catch some crappies.


We started out working the pattern we had been doing good with the last few days but after several attempts with fish holding in brush with very little takers I made a move to some smaller structures on some main river drop offs with the structures in 15 feet and counting down to crappie holding 10 feet down above the areas to get them to bite. This proved to be the right move today, some produced fish consistently while some would just give up a few. But, I stayed on this pattern today to get both these guys 75 very nice crappies to carry back to Charlotte, NC for some family fish frys.

It's that time of year and the crappies are biting better every day now, but, just like today, sometimes you have to figure them out on a daily basis. But, find them and you'll catch them.

Thanks David and Clifford for choosing Yeah Right Charters for your Freshwater Fishing trip today. Hope we possibly exceeded your every expectation!!! Back on High Rock lake again tomorrow chasing more crappies, will this pattern on smaller structures and shallower water continue, I'll know for sure tomorrow evening. Stop by and see for yourself!!!

Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Monday, 6-10-24

Today our group wanted to start a little later than normal so at 9AM we picked up John and Kim Cranford from Winston Salem, NC and Deron Mabe from Lewisville, NC to go crappie fishing. The bite was a little off for me today but we called it a day even earlier in the afternoon with 58 nice quality crappies in the cooler for the ride home.

Tomorrow's trip will be for crappies also on High Rock lake and with the weather we are having the bite will just be getting better the hotter it gets.

Barbara says we are booking September and October now. If these two months book as fast as the rest have they'll be booked solid Soon. Call, text, or message Barbara at 336-309-5900 forTrip information and to answer any questions you may have, and let's finish the season out with lots of fish for everyone's freezer for the winter. Nothing better than fried crappie fillets or fried catfish nuggets when it's too cold to go outside. And remember, NO Fish-No Pay on the local lakes and river on all 4 of our boats!!!

Thanks all for coming by to read our fishing reports, till next time, God Bless You All!!!!


Today we had the husband and wife team of Scotty Pate and his wife Danielle from Eagle Springs, NC join Barbara, Bubba and I for some catfishing on Tuckertown lake. To say the bite was tough for us would be an understatement. But, I was determined and never gave up knowing the Reel Deel rods would be able to whip any and all opponents that could come our way!!

The water flow was nearly non existent today when I checked flow earlier today it was very low CFS. Not a good situation for catfishing and the spawn is in its prime time to start up and that don't help any either. We had crappie, shad, chicken and live bream for bait but they were stubborn to say the least, but before we finished up we managed, somehow, to put 18 catfish in their cooler and you would know it, about the time we wrapped things up, they started releasing water through High Rock dam at a rate of 8,000+cfs the bite had to improve, but, we had to go then so Scotty and Danielle could get back to Eagle Springs, NC before too late.

Thank you both for fishing with us today and we look forward to our next trip with you guys. Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Friday, 6-7-24

Today we were back on the main part of High Rock lake with Keith Holland and his grandson's Levi Holland, 14 and Jed Holland 11, from Charlotte, NC. We've tried a long time to get these boys on the water fishing but every time they booked a trip something would always come up to not be able to go. But, today was the day!!!!!

When Barbara started showing them how we do things they soaked it up like an industrial sponge and immediately put it to work on 15 to 18 feet deep brush on crappies holding 8 to 10 feet on top of the piles.

These young men were amazingly well mannered and also was amazing at catching crappies. Grandad was mostly along to take pictures and make videos of his grandson's fishing, and he got plenty of both with these two catching fish.

I learned that Levi has an aluminum boat he fishes from and doesn't have a depth finder on it to help him find brush so I took him to one of mine close to an access area and showed him how to find this one without a depth finder, and it was loaded with nice crappies, so many in fact they decided to call it a day 2 hours early with 75 crappies in the cooler and they caught 2 catfish that we released!!

These boys just made mine and Barbara's day and I hope to see them again sometime soon. I need to get them out after some catfish after the spawn sometime in early August when we'll have a better chance of hooking up a really big catfish.

Thanks guys for choosing Yeah Right Charters for your fishing trip today. We hope we met your every expectation today and possibly exceeded your expectations!!!! Going to be on Tuckertown tomorrow. Come on back tomorrow evening and see if we find some biting catfish. Tomorrow will be our last catfishing trip until the spawn is over. Thanks for stopping by and reading our reports and till next time, God Bless You All!!!!

Wednesday, 6-5-24

Today we met up with our fishermen at Tamarac Marina to go catch some crappies for a big fish fry. I told Billy Buchanan from Stanley,NC, Mike Martin from Oak Island, NC, Don Cross from Denver, NC and Steve Gambill from Traphill, NC I was up for the challenge.

Our 1st stop today took me a few minutes to get the crappies dialed in on the livescope but when I did it was kind of wild for a bit with fish biting faster than anyone could keep up with. You know, the preverbal fire drill with fish!!! As we stayed fishing the 10 foot level the bite continued good all day and all the fish were nice fish except for the several smaller ones I kept for bait for future catfishing trips.

When we ended the trip at 3PM we had on the automatic cooler clicker counter showing we had 111 slabs in the cooler and 6 catfish baits in the bait cooler giving the total for today at 117 fish.

Have to take tomorrow off as Barbara has a couple routine doctor appointments and I need to rebuild one of our Minn Kota Ulterra trolling motors, I've literally worn it out!!

Friday we'll be back on High Rock lake again crappie fishing. I sure hope this bite we have right now holds up for a while. We only fished 3 brush piles today and left them biting. The bite will only continue to get better as summer takes over and the crappies school tight in big schools and head for the deepest structure they can find. But today, they were still kind of shallow at 10 feet in around 15 feet.

Thanks for coming by and checking out our fishing report, we appreciate you all and I pray God Blesses you all as he has Barbara and I!!

Tuesday, 6-4-24

Today we met up with Mary and Harold Heilig from Salisbury, NC to do a little catfishing. It was Mary's birthday and she wanted to go fishing so that's what we did but we added some catching in the mix as well.

They put the bend in the Reel Deel catfishing rods today on some nice eating size Blue and channel catfish. A big shout out and a thank you to Tony, Shad-N-Ator, who stopped by and gave Mary and Harold some very nice crappies today he and his grandson had caught. I got pictures of the catfish today but just plain forgot to take a end trip of all the fish .

Heading back to High Rock lake in the morning to chase more crappies. Thanks everyone for choosing Yeah Right Charters for your fishing trips and we try really hard to meet and exceed your every expectation!! Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Monday, 6-3-24

Today we met Melvin Lee from Lexington, NC, John Henry Kempf from Cleveland, NC, Jonas Yoder from Mocksville, NC and Ivan Lee from Blue Ridge, GA to go round up a few crappies so the guys could have a nice fish fry.

They were so happy with what they caught they booked another trip before they got off the boat today. They are going to have a nice fish fry with 75 slabs in the cooler. We were honored to be a part of obtaining the crappies for them!!!

Right now, last I heard I'll have a couple on Tuckertown tomorrow trying to get some catfish to bite. It's getting very close to the spawning ritual and soon it'll be crappie or Bream fishing until the spawn ends sometime around the end of July or early August. But, we're going to give it a shot tomorrow for just good eating size and not even worry about the big boys and girls!!!

Thanks again guys for your confidence in Barbara and I and Yeah Right Charters. We hope we met your every expectation today and hopefully we might have even exceeded your expectations!!! Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Saturday, 6-1-24

Today we went catfishing with Derek Prescott from Midway, NC and Arin Prescott from Lexington, NC. We missed a couple, lost one at the boat, and caught 10 catfish but released a bigger flat head catfish to grow bigger and brought 9 home for a fish fry.

Found the bite where the bait was just below the cracked open gate on Tuckertown dam and the Reel Deel Rods performed perfectly!!!Then just like they started the bite shut down and that was it. Great day with the guys, thanks to my good friend Ryan Huneycutt for helping out today so Barbara could get a day off to rest and get ready for Monday's trip. Great to see Justin this morning and I'm pretty sure Fish Crazy Maurice was just below us today.


Thanks for coming by and till next time, God Bless You All!!

Friday, 5-31-24

Please excuse this report, its going to be short and to the point, sorry, I have run out of time and I'm not young anymore. Our day started very early this morning and it's now 10PM to be exact and I've got to meet some guys tomorrow morning to go catfishing on Badin Lake.

We were fishing with Ruby and Danny Steven's from Kernersville, NC on High Rock lake for crappies. We started this morning at 10AM and when we finished up we had 42 nice crappies in the cooler to head back to Tamarac Marina. Great day with a couple fine folks that have become regular faces on the Yeah Right Charters pontoon boat. Thanks for choosing Yeah Right Charters for your fishing trip today, it's always a pleasure to spend a day fishing with you two!


If y'all want to fish with us this year better book your day soon, we are fast running out of open days left this season. Just call, text, or message 336-309-5900 for Trip information and to answer any questions you may have. Remember, we offer gift certificates year round and it doesn't cost a penny to get one. You'll only pay for it after the trip has been completed

Till next time, God Bless You All

Thursday, 5-30-24

You might remember we took Keith Simpson from Leland, NC, Jr Loveday from White Pine, TN and Linda Smith from Newport, TN on a crappie catching trip on 5-24-24. Well, they had such a good time and caught so many crappies they came back today for another trip. On the first trip we set the bar sorta high with 70 crappies so we worked hard to raise the bar a little higher and we did just that by catching various sizes of crappies but most of the 85 crappies we caught were really nice filleting sized fish.

Had we hooked every fish that bit, and had we not had so many to just come unbuttoned I'm thinking conservatively we would had another 30+ to today's catch, but they did and we didn't and I'll take 85 nice crappies with just 3 people.

We'll be back on High Rock lake tomorrow looking for more biting crappies. They are still biting fairly shallow, around 10 feet deep, but the crappies should be starting the migration to deeper water soon as water continues to heat up more.

I want to thank everyone that comes by to read our fishing reports and want you all to know we really appreciate each and everyone of you. It takes a lot to keep a business running and y'all are a very big part of the equation in our success. We couldn't do it without Y'all. Till next time, God Bless You All!!!!

Wednesday, 5-29-24

Went back to High Rock lake this morning to meet up with Tripp Dowling and his daughter Sophia from Winston Salem, NC


After the struggle I had yesterday to finally find biting fish I was sure hoping things would be a little easier today and believe me, it was a much better bite today. I looked at several brush piles 1st thing this morning and I'll have to admit, it didn't look very promising. My next stop was game on!!!! 1st line in and it was attacked before we could get the next line set and it was like this for a while. When this bite died off, we picked up and moved to another place and nearly repeated the stop we just left but with much better quality fish. I didn't get a whole lot of pictures today, I didn't have time, poor Barbara worked very hard today and could just barely keep up.

The bite was much shallower than I had figured it would be, but, one thing I've learned over the years is that you go where the fish want to be, not where you want them to be, and they were in brush around 12 to 15 feet deep and were just waiting for our baits to be counted down 10 feet.

When we wrapped up today's trip around 3PM, the automatic cooler counter said we had 80 crappies in the box and as heavy as it was I believe it.


Thanks Tripp and Sophia for choosing Yeah Right Charters for your fishing trip today. We hope we were able to meet and possibly exceeded your every expectation of your fishing trip!!!

Back on High Rock lake again tomorrow chasing more crappies, will the bite continue, well, I hope so but you can come back tomorrow evening and find out right here!!!! Remember, the way to reach us is by calling, texting, or message Barbara at 336-309-5900 for any and all information on our trips Till next time,God Bless You All!!!

Tuesday, 5-28-24

This morning we met up with Larry Mefford from Lexington, NC, Carey, Daniel, and Gabriel Driskell from Houston TX.


It was one of those days today. Hitting place after place with very little to show for it. We marked a lot of crappies on brush, but, they just didn't want to bite our offerings.

We fought a pretty stiff wind today and I had noticed my battery indicator was showing 1 bar on the 36 volt side and I knew then something was wrong. Around 1:30PM I made another move and here I found some crappies that wanted to bite. You would know it, the trolling motor just ran out of power. Barbara asked me if I was going to call it a day, I told her, definitely not, you just keep everyone fishing and I'll keep us on them with the big motor. Now that was a different challenge in the windy conditions, but somehow I managed to do Just that by making circles and watching the areas I was finding them by lining up with bank features.

We ended the trip with 46 nice crappies in the cooler. I'd like to say I was that good, but, today's catch came from total determination not to let those spotted fish get the best of me, but, they came pretty dang close to doing it to me today.

We heading back to High Rock lake again in the morning, sure hope it's a little easier than it was for me today. Thanks for stopping by and till next time, God Bless You All.

Saturday, 5-25-24

Left out of Tamarac Marina this morning to chase more crappies on High Rock lake again with Charlie Davidson and his daughter Trinity and son Evan from Apex, NC and with them was their Grandpa Bruce Jordan from my hometown community of Reeds, NC.

I kept check on the lakes level all day and it was continually dropping starting at 121 that morning and by the end of the trip it was down to 152 below full, and that might be the reason I was having trouble getting a good pattern on the crappies today. They seemed to be really scattered in all the stained and muddy water, and we would pick up a few at each stop, and only one place had an actual hard fish bite on it. For the most part all day they just wanted to "play" with the bait and not totally to commit which resulted in a LOT of missed fish.

Trinity and Evan started the catching off this morning on our first stop and when the bite slowed, you probably know the attention span of young people and we sorta lost them some then. This kept Charlie pretty busy supervising them causing him to not be able to a address a lot of his bites. I remember those days myself, and felt his pain, but most all of us have had to experience those days when we started our families, so I know I understand the frustration and the joy at the same time.

Evan was the holder of the biggest fish of the day when just before we called it a day Charlie reciprocated by tying his 1.6 lb. big crappie. But, thanks to Bruce, who didn't have to supervise any kids put the hammer down on them today to help get to cooler total to 35 very nice crappies for their fish frys. Thanks guys for choosing Yeah Right Charters for your fishing trip, we hope we met and possibly exceeded your every expectation!!! I know we really enjoyed spending the day with you all!!

I want to take a moment and again explain a problem that's getting worse by the day. This phone and number is mine. I literally hate a phone and this phone is used strictly for reports and to order supplies to keep the boats full of the needs for fishing and parts to keep all our engines and trolling motors running as well.

On my reports are the only number you can find out about trip types and day's available. That number is 336-309-5900. I even have a "CALL NOW" icon at the bottom of post below the pictures on the right side. ( only on Yeah Right Charters page,)Just touching that is all it takes to contact who you need to speak with. The biggest problem is a LOT are messaging me on this phone's number, and sometimes I won't see them for days, months, or never. So, if you've called, messaged or texted this phones number or even me, and I didn't respond, this is why. After I get the report on, I'm done with this phone until I have to do another report or order supplies. If I ever retire, this phone will be my first thing that goes in the can!!!

Don't think I'm being funny or harsh, just ask anyone that is in the public service business and doesn't have the ability to have a secretary and 1st mate as great as I do. She's the pillar of our business and keeps me organized. I don't see how others keep from going completely crazy. So, the phone number you need to call, text, or message for any and all information on types of trips we do, days we still have available, to get on our waiting list, to book trips, to get gift certificates, and anything else I forgot to list, here it is, 336-309-5900 you'll talk with Barbara, she knows this business better than I do, I don't have time to do it all anymore!!! Remember, don't call, text, or message my number or me!!! I'll most likely not even have this phone with me, and if I do, I still can't answer your questions because I don't know, all I do is drive the boat!!!


Thanks for taking your valuable time to read our posts and till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Friday, 5-24-24

Today we were back on High Rock lake after more crappies with Keith Simpson from Leland, NC, JR Loveday from White Pine, TN. and Linda Smith from Newport, TN. After yesterday, I Knew just where to go this morning. We got to the "hot spot", the brush piles were loaded with crappies via the livescope, but, don't ever think you have these critters figured out, they'll prove you wrong more than they won't. After about an hour of visiting several piles in this area with fish stacked on them, and only catching 3 very small fish I told the guys and gals it was time to move and I knew just where to go .... Yeah Right !!!

As I was riding down the lake I was racking my brain on how to keep mine and Barbara's reputation in tact on catching crappies. I pulled up on our next stop and was in 15 feet of water and the top of the Crappies was averaging 8 to 10 feet on top of the brush pile. I told everyone to count down 8 or 10 feet and let's see what these will do. About 15 minutes into this place we still had not done anything. I'll admit, I was scratching my head pretty hard by now.

Then Jr got a hook up and that turned the light on in this brush pile and the crappies started coming in the boat. We fished here until the bite slowed and then we moved to the place I took a livescope screen shot of and posted in the photos in this report. This was where we caught our biggest crappies of the day and for a while the guys and gals had trouble keeping up with the bite they were on at this stop. Here the water was 14' and the fish were down only 6 and 8 feet. WOW!!!

The bite slowed again and we called it a day early with 75 very nice crappies in the cooler to make the trip home from the mountains to the coast. Looking forward to our next trip in just a couple weeks from now. Hope we have just half as much fun next time as we did this time. Don't think I can handle this much fun at my age now very long, but, I'll sure try. Please accept my thanks for reading our reports.


Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Thursday, 5-23-24

Today we were back on High Rock lake again after crappies with Russell Ammen from Boiling Springs, SC and Larry and Barbara Woods from Eden, NC.


The bite continues to be a matter of where you are at with all the mixed water conditions right now. And, if the forecasters get it right over the next few days the conditions aren't looking to improve if we get all this rain coming down the pipe they say we going to get.

We found lots of fish today, but, it took 5 brush piles to find 1 that had fish that would bite. We found 2 piles and that was enough to catch my crew 50 nice crappies today and we probably missed and lost at least that many, but, you can't count those on your clicker!!! Russell was catching some crappies big enough he had to use both hands to hold them up for pictures.

Weather permitting, we'll have a crew coming to fish with us tomorrow from Asheville, NC. We are hoping to be able to show these guys how we do it on flat land lakes here on High Rock lake. Don't let the water conditions intimidate you. Go look for brush piles in around 18 to 20 feet deep and count down your baits to around 10 to 12 feet and if they are biting, you'll get them!!

Thanks for stopping by and we appreciate all y'all's continued support by liking and commenting on our reports, keep up the great work and welcome to the Yeah Right Charters Freshwater Fishing Family. Check back tomorrow evening and see if we got to go or not.


Till next time, God Bless You All!!!!

Wednesday, 5-22-24

We went back to the main lake today on High Rock lake in search of some biting crappies. With us today was Pete Phillips from Salisbury, NC, Calvin Suber from Spencer, NC, Al Simpson from Charlotte, NC and Thomas Long, Jr. from Salisbury, NC. We were checking out brush piles and there was various activities on each one from none, to some, to a few, and a bunch. It seemed like the more there was on a pile the better the opportunity to catch some, just as you'd think, but that wasn't necessarily the way it was on all structures with fish,

I'm thinking the continuously fluctuating of the water isn't really helping the situation at hand and as for water color, it was mixed over the lake from light stained to pretty muddy water depending on where you were. But, I think the muddy water is more of a mind game for the fisherman and doesn't really bother the fish that much, it's where they live and mother nature gives them the ability to cope with water conditions like color, but that's just my opinion from many years on the water.

We started off deep and found fish but they didn't want to cooperate with us so we kept moving shallower and finally found a decent bite in brush counting baits down to around 10 to 12 feet enabled us to put 50 crappies in the cooler. I don't know just how many we missed, but it was quite a few.

Back on High Rock lake again tomorrow after more crappies. Will figure out what we're going to do when I'm on the way to the lake in the morning and start from there!!


Thanks for stopping by and till next time, God Bless You All!!!!

Tuesday, 5-21-24

We switched it up a bit today and met Sam Crockett and his brother Chris Crockett both from Waxhaw, NC at Badin Lake to catch some Bream. I'll have to admit it has been a very long time since I went Bream fishing and it was a blast with these two fantastic guys. We always have a great day when Sam and Chris show up to go catch some fish.

We cast red worms and Betts Spins in green and black stripes to stay hooked up on Bream and shell crackers all morning. Around 1PM the Bream bite slowed and with 45 good eating panfish in the cooler we switched it up again and finished the day Crappie catching. When we checked the clicker on the cooler it was showing we had 72 fish being a mix of Bream, Redbreast, shell crackers, and crappies. I'll take that every day especially when it brings back memories of when you first start out fishing and I'll just be dang it's still as much fun now as it was then. Just don't get any better than this, period.

OK, I'm caught up again, our day started at 4AM this morning and it's now almost 11PM. I'm going to finish up and get a little rest so I can pick up tomorrow's Crappie fishermen at Tamarac Marina in the morning. Come back and see how we do, thanks, for stopping by and for continuing to support us with your likes and comments on our posts. Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Monday, 5-20-24

We pulled out of Tamarac Marina and tackled the main lake for the 1st time since all the rains and winds we've had for what seems like an eternity lately. The Yadkin River is running red and the really muddy water can be seen near the bottom on my livescope.

We had with us today Bob Christian from Mt. Pleasant, NC, Jeff Miles from Stanfield, NC, Drew Miles from Concord, NC and Johnny Harris, Jr from Charlotte, NC.

I had hit several places and I was starting to regret leaving Flat Swamp. I was thinking why did I leave those fish to look for fish on the main lake with all the rains and muddy river conditions. I had to remind myself that muddy water bothers fishermen much worse than it bothers fish, IMO!! So I kept mental notes of each stop and this led me to go to structure in 15 to 18 feet and fish 10 to 12 feet above said structure. Bingo, another pattern for biting fish put together one more time and it didn't take long for the fish to start coming in the pontoon.

We ended the day with 85 nice crappies , a, couple bonus catfish, a few white peach and 4 tired but extremely happy fishermen. And that's what makes me continue my chosen career of making folks happy catching fish and enjoying many fish frys from our efforts to get them fish, and as you know, if you don't get fish, the trip is FREE!!!


Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Saturday, 5-18-24

Left the dock this morning with Kirk Hopkins from Lexington, NC. Chris Hopkins from Concord, NC. Jonathan Hopkins from Atlanta, GA and Howard Hopkins from Eden, NC to round up some more crappies. I figured with all the added rains we had this week it might be more of a Challenge especially with the way they were letting water through the dam and the lake dropping almost 2 feet basically overnight.

We made the trip to where I wanted to start but someone was already there. With great respect I didn't even attempt to fish the area and we moved on to another stop. The bite was pretty good here and by 10AM we had 40+ crappies in the cooler of various sizes.

With that we made a run to some brush piles I have on the drop off into the main channel in Flat Swamp to see if we could finish up with some really nice slabs. Finally I found the magic spot and we added 30 very nice crappies to the cooler with a days total of 70 crappies.

Taking tomorrow off and we'll be back wide open starting Monday morning at 8AM and every day weather permitting the next few months. We have very few days left open for this seasons trips which we wrap it up sometime in late October or possibly into November until it gets cold. We just don't do cold like we did when we were younger. So, be sure to call, text, or message Barbara at 336-309-5900 and get you a trip lined up before all the days left are all booked up.

Thanks to everyone who continues to support us and send their friends and family to fish with us. We appreciate you all very much and promise to treat you like we would want to be treated!!! Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Thursday, 5-16-24

Met up with Darrell and Kyle Freedle from Lexington, NC and Jake Reece from Winston Salem, NC to see if we could get a crappie to bite after another 2 days of heavy rains. The catfish bite is really good right now with all this rain and flooding waters but it can make crappie fishing very challenging.

We started off eliminating water, structure, and depths with very little action. I told Barbara and the guys with what I've seen so far I'm fairly certain where we need to be if we were going to catch anything. So, we ran to the main channel and found fish holding 10 feet down on top of deep structure. I had them to countdown 10 feet and it was a short wait until the crappies started coming in the boat.

We ended our trip at 3PM and had filled their cooler with 70 nice crappies. I was even surprised myself we did that good with all the elements that we were fishing against today.

If you want to go crappie fishing or catfishing just call, text, or message Barbara at 336-309-5900.Thanks for stopping by and till next time, God Bless You All!!!!

Butch & Barbara's Freshwater Fishing Charters

Monday, 5-13-24

Had a cancelation for today late last night and I was lying in bed this morning thinking of some of the things I needed to do today when the phone rang at 5AM and it was Kenneth and Felicia Nash from Walkertown,NC wanting to know if we had today available for a crappie charter. I was going to have to run the trip by myself if I went and I was actually eager to see if I still had it in me after all that has happened in 2024 so I said, yeah, we got today available. We made plans to meet at Pebble Beach in Flat Swamp to go crappie fishing.

Our 1st stop had a good bite happening and Kenneth and Felicia got the hang of our techniques and in short order put 42 crappies in the cooler before the bite slowed and we moved on to our next place to see if there were any on the shallow drop offs along the main channel and we found several  fish here as well.

On our last stop the 1st line in was attacked before we ever got the next bait in the water. Here we finished up our trip and when we headed back to the boat ramp and dock at Pebble Beach we had 97 crappies on the automatic clicker counter I have on our fish cooler now.

I made 2 new friends today and also added 2 more fishermen to our Yeah Right Charters family of followers and fishermen and fisherwomen to go fishing with us for the years ahead. I only hope I met and possibly exceeded your every expectation today while catching crappies and having a great time on the water enjoying each other's conversations and company.

We have for some reason believed the weather man will get the forecast right tomorrow and have canceled tomorrow's Crappie Charter due to all the drama about rain . Everyone believes it's got to happen, I can't help but have my doubts but I'll go along with the majority!!! Thanks for stopping by, and if you've ever wanted to catch crappies it's a great time now to go get some. Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Saturday, 5-11-24

Today Ryan and I met up with William and Dorothy Lawrence from Clayton, NC and Mickey and Stacey Hardy from Four Oaks,NC to see if we could round up some more High Rock lake Crappies. I decided to head straight to the last place we fished Friday and it was a good decision.

We got everything set up and for about and hour we could barely keep up taking fish off and resetting lines. The bite was on fire. It finally slowed and we moved to several other areas picking up a few fish at each stop. A couple hours before time to return to the dock, I returned to our 1st stop again. There were plenty of crappies still there when we left this morning when the bite stopped. Knowing that sometimes letting an area "cool down" a while will have the bite good once again later on. And, it worked this time as well. We caught so many the 2nd time and when we had 87 crappies in the cooler the guys and gals said we have plenty of crappies and let's call it a day an hour early.

Till next time, God Bless You All!!!!


Well I've done it again .... have been so busy I'm behind again on fishing reports. Let me see if I can get caught up again!!!

On Friday, we took Lester Martin, Sr from Vale, NC and his son Lester Martin, Jr. From Conover, NC crappie fishing on High Rock lake. The bite was sporadic and we would pick up a few here and a few there. We stayed on the move and ended the day with 77 nice crappies in the cooler for lots of fish frys!!!

Wednesday, 5-8-24

Today we left the dock with Tommy Tucker from Chapel Hill, NC and his good friend Thomas Snipes from Mebane, NC to see if we could figure the crappies out again. I went straight to the Deepwater this morning and knew by all the floating logs and debris they had been and still were pulling water pretty hard, and had it dirtier than yesterday and a little difficult to navigate this morning

The bite wasn't as strong today as yesterday and we had to work a bit harder to get the bites we got. The crappies seemed a little more sluggish which resulted in a lot of missed strikes and fish just not getting hooked up good, but we still managed 60 nice crappies for the 2 guys to take home for fish frys and fish dinners. Which is not too bad when you consider today was one of the guys first ever fishing trip!!!

Tomorrow's Crappie trip will be decided around 5AM in the morning, the weather at this point is quite questionable. If there's thunderstorms it's definitely a no go. We'll just have to see in the morning.


Thanks for stopping by, it's been a tough day for Barbara, Bubba, and I. I can hear Barbara in the office right now booking more trips in July, think I've created a "slave driver" wanted to say we appreciate you all and thank you for all y'all's continued support of Yeah Right Charters Freshwater Fishing Adventures. We hope we are treating everyone well and fair and we all are having fun while catching fish, till next time, God Bless You All!!!!

Tuesday, 5-7-24

This morning we met up with Frank Burgio from Mocksville, NC and William Morris from Salisbury, NC to see if we could catch some of those High Rock lake Crappies. I was a little concerned with how much rain and low pressures we have had for the last 3 days might have affected the great bite we have been having.

Our first 5 stops produced only 3 small crappies. Now, I was starting to get really concerned. The only thing I could think to do now was to go deep, I usually don't go this deep (25' +) until mid summer or mid winter, but I knew their swim bladder couldn't acclimate the pressure change quickly from the low pressures over the past few days and it wouldn't bother the deeper fish nearly as much. I love it when a plan comes together!!!!

Here the bite wasn't on fire, but it was a fairly steady pick of decent size crappies. Frank and William were shooting for 100 crappies today, but, unfortunately I let them down. We called it a day a little after 3PM with only 90 crappies in the cooler. In my humble opinion I think that's pretty good for two guys after all the rain and high water we have now!!! But, I can't take all the blame for not hitting the 100 mark. Had they caught all the fish that got off while cranking them in and hooked the one's missed on the hook set, we probably would have quite a few over 100 today. But that's fishing!!!

Weather permitting, we'll be back on High Rock lake again tomorrow chasing more crappies. Hopefully the deep bite for me will continue. If it doesn't I'll just have to do my best to find the biting fish once more!!! Thank you all for stopping by and till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Friday, 5-3-24

First, you may have noticed my reports are running a little later than usual,,but, when I get the pontoon cleaned up and everything ready for the next days trip is when I used to do the reports next. But now when I come in Bubba is standing in the doorway waiting for us to play fetch for about an hour, and I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

Okay, today our good friend Sam Crockett from Waxhaw, NC brought his grandson Elijah Omar from Durham, NC and Elijah brought his good friend Landen Lawrence from Durham, to go crappie fishing.

Our 1st stop was pretty awesome with crappies coming in the pontoon with a steady bite. When the bite slowed and we left this spot we already had 65 crappies in the box. The boys had to leave at 12:30 to go do some other plans they had made, but it was great they could make it to fish with us as long as they could. We dropped them off at the dock and Sam went back out fishing with us for a little longer.

I made a run to a spot that has been holding some nice Crappies lately. We got set up and Sam found himself in the middle of an awesome bite. I love it when a plan comes together, and so does Sam!!! It didn't take long until Sam had doubled the catch in the cooler and he said 120 crappies, I've got to clean all those by myself. So, we called it a day an hour early and Barbara and I met our friend Ryan Huneycutt at Tamarac Marina for a bite to eat before we went home to get the pontoon ready for tomorrow's trip. Today was just a great day to be alive!!!

If you want to fill your freezer with crappie fillets, just call, text, or message Barbara @ 336-309-5900. She doesn't have many days left open for this year's fishing season, but you never know, she may have the day you want to go fishing still open!!! Thanks for stopping by and till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Thursday, 5-2-24

Today we had Marty Arnold from Mocksville, NC., Johnny McQuay from Charlotte, NC, Jeremy Reavis from Oak Island, NC and Brooks Ferguson from Statesville, NC. Since the guys live so far apart they wanted a BUNCH of crappies to have a lot of fish frys when they all get together once in a while. It was quite a tall order but I had to do my best to fill this order!!!

We started off fishing shallow water and although we were picking at some crappies in 12 feet of water, I was the whole time thinking about what we had been doing in deeper water 18 feet plus deep and the crappies had been laying on the bottom and were quite vulnerable and much bigger!!!

I couldn't take it any longer, we wound everything up and we took off to some points where we have several brush piles and here the fish were cooperative and bigger than the shallow water bite.


As for the spawn, I can't really figure it out, has it already happened, some fish look as so it has, and then others look like it hasn't. Black crappies generally spawn earlier than white crappies, but, I just quit worrying about it because with all the fish we are catching deep, I most likely wouldn't go to the banks anyway. Let them spawn unharmed and stay deep is my opinion and choice this year.

We made 5 stops today in water 18 feet to 30 feet deep with brush, rocks, tree body's (logs) and caught fish at them all.

Barbara and I worked hard today and pushed it to the limit to fulfill their request, I think we accomplished our mission today when we ended the trip at 3PM with 166 nice crappies heading to their freezers for many future fish frys, the nice flathead that Brooks caught and landed on a #1 hook and six pound line was photo'd and released!!!

We going to be back on High Rock lake again tomorrow chasing more crappies. I'll be fishing different areas tomorrow as to not overfish our places that hold fish. It's hard to not go back again, but I believe you have to rotate areas and let some restock. Just my thoughts and opinion!!! Till next time, God Bless You All!!!!

Wednesday, 5-1-24

Today on High Rock lake we were fishing with Jake Hollifield from Lexington, NC and his Dad, Ron Hollifield from Marion, NC and Jake's 2 sons Jasper Hollifield (6 years old) and Thomas Hollifield(10 years old) from Lexington, NC. It was a great time showing the guys how we catch crappies and the boys, especially Jasper and our fishing dog Bubba, had a great time playing as well.

10 year old Thomas Hollifield was really into it and soaked up every piece of advise Barbara told him and it didn't take long until Thomas was out fishing everyone on the pontoon. As the day progressed, it was getting hot on the water and the crew decided around noon that 40 crappies was enough for them so we wrapped it up and headed back to the dock.

Another great day of catching crappies and great fellowship and conversations were had today. Another trip is in the works when it's a little bit cooler and looking forward to it as well. Thanks everyone for stopping by and reading our reports.


Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Tuesday, 4-30-24

Back on High Rock again today with Hubert Walser from Lexington, NC and he brought 3 new fishermen with him today to show them a great time of crappie catching. These guys were Tim Cosolito, Scott Colegrove, and Paul Boruta all from Mocksville, NC. We found the bite to be tougher than yesterday due to the front we had moving through and the strong winds we had blowing but as usual the 24' pontoon handles these kind of conditions quite nicely.

After fishing our first stop this morning we found the crappies a little smaller here than yesterday but they were still nice fish, just not slabs. I told the guys we had put 25 crappies in the box at this spot and I knew a place that normally holds some slabs and I wanted to make the run to the deep water hole that is in the main channel to fish it before the winds get any stronger.

Everyone was all for it so off we went. Here we started picking up much bigger crappies fishing 15 and 18 feet down in 30 feet of water. We stayed here for the most of the afternoon bite until it ground to a stop around 2:15. With 45 minutes left to fish I went to another area and here we finished the trip up by putting several more really nice slabs in the cooler. When it was all over at 3PM and we headed to the dock we had 85 good fish for the guys to take with them for some upcoming fish frys. I know there's going to be a good time had at these fish frys, they were a real hoot today and folks like this, and we have a lot of them fishing with us, is what keeps me doing what we do.

I had made a prototype counter for our cooler a while back and it had started letting the clicker move around and has been not adding the count up right so the last couple trips I know we have had more than I posted due to count malfunctioning. When I got home I took my idea and cast a fiberglass model to hold the counter tight but the clicker can be removed to replace it If it goes bad. Will be testing it tomorrow and if it works good I'll post a picture of it so you can build you one if you want too!!

Thanks to everyone that takes the time to read our fishing reports and please like us on fb, like our reports, and please comment on them, that would be greatly appreciated as well.


Thanks again and till next time, God Bless You All!!!