July 30, 2020

After Tuesday was unsure if I wanted to go crappie fishing today or not, but weatherman said it was going to be a bit cooler so let's give it a try.

Decided to go closer home today and since we haven't fished Flat Swamp in a while, we decided to try there. Again we got up at 4am and was on the lake by 6am. It was foggy, then cloudy so it wasn't to bad until around 11:30 when the sun broke through. Now Capt Butch does not like to be "skunked" by a lake, but we only had 2 crappies at that time and it was starting to get hot. He decided one more spot and then we were headed home if it didn't produce. At 1pm we headed home with 54 crappies in the cooler. We kept some that were small enough to leave bones in when cooking, but most were big enough to filet. Needless to say that last spot was hot at least for Butch since I didn't catch a lot.

We have one more week to freshwater fish before we head back to the beach for a while. I have to have some laser surgery on my legs for some really bad veins. Please keep me in your prayers. If things work out we will be back at it in October when it's cooler and winter is coming and that's the "BEST" time to catch crappies.

Till then, take care and call me at 336 309-5900 to book your fall/winter charters.

July 28, 2020

Time to go fishing again and the weather has really been hot, sooooooo we got up at 4am to get our fishing in early. Headed to Badin to find some crappies before it got unbearable.

After putting the boat in by 6am, we headed to some spots where we had caught some fish before. Today there were a few there but the pickings were slim and fish at Badin have to be 8 inch minimum, 20 per person limit, so we headed to new spots and enjoyed the cooling off ride. After searching and finally finding the fish we had 30 pretty fast, then everything slowed way down. As the day marched on it grew hotter and hotter. Bobo and I were both ready to go home, but if we go that far Butch likes to catch a 2 man limit. Finally he found a new spot and we caught the last 10.

The temps are really high right now and the humidity is off the chart so be sure to drink plenty of fluids if your out in the weather.


July, 26, 2020

We had thee privilege, of taking Jamie Sink and his wife Tammy Aldridge, Reeds Community on a catfish trip today. If I understood correctly this was Tammy's first trip in a smaller boat, but she did great.


After catching fresh bait the evening before, (we never use your time to catch bait) we headed to the catfish catching area. The bite was slower than last week and it was harder to get the boat lined up to fish, water currents, but before the day was done we had landed and kept 10 nice blue catfish and released several more.


Enjoyed you guys and can't wait to take you fishing again!


If you want to join us on one of our adventures, please call me, Barbara at 336 309-5900 so we can get you in the books. Will be unavailable middle of August until first of September due to some surgery, but that's okay because it needs to cool off some. Right now you will "melt".  


July 24, 2020

If you know me, I like to help others catch fish, but I also like to set the hook and catch catfish myself. Today Butch and I decided to go fishing on our own.

Headed back to where we've been catching them the bite was s-l-o-w. But we persisted and all of a sudden everything kicked into action. At 1:30 pm we were getting ready to call it quits. We had caught 10 and released some of them. We decided to give them until 2pm and then we were leaving because it was getting really hot. All of a sudden 2 and 3 lines started going off and in 30 minutes we caught and released 10 more. You just never know when they are going to bite.

Resting Saturday then back at it Sunday with a husband/wife charter. Will get that report on here asap.

Come join us. Call me at 336 309-5900. We would love to get you in some fish to make your arms, shoulders and back sore.


July 22, 2020

Man, it's hot out there, so we have been going fishing in the early morning in hopes of being ready to go home by lunch. That was the plan today as we left home at 5AM to meet good friend and fisherman, Reid Goodman from Rockwell, NC.

The bite started off slow but as the day heated up the fish started biting. With an 8 inch limit and 20 per person, we were finished by 1PM and headed back to Hendrix's in Spencer for lunch.

Lots of fun catching, keeping and releasing. Also caught several Channel catfish but only kept 2 for supper one day this week.

Call us at 336 309-5900 if you want to get in on some of this "HOT" fishing. Weekdays are best for crappie and bream fishing due to the heavy traffic on lakes at this time.



July 19, 2020


Headed out this morning with Jamie Sink and his daughter, Courtney from Reeds, in search of some delicious, semi-large catfish. It was a 1/2 day trip and we left the boat launch shortly after 7am.

The fellowship was awesome, and the fishing and temperatures were HOT!! Before the 5 hour trip was over, they had caught enough for several family cook outs and had also released quite a few as well!!

I'll let the pictures do the talking, but I do want to say the IRT Reels handled all the catfish with ease. Oh and I wanted to add each picture is a different catfish.

Great day, new friends and looking forward to the next trip. Call me, Barbara at 336 309-5900 and let's go fishing!


July 16, 2020

Headed out this morning to High Rock Lake to see if we could find some fresh crappies. It turned into a head scratch kind of day.


Started the morning at the bridge in Abbotts Creek to find it void of fish life which is unusual, especially now. Left there and hit a couple deeper brush piles, still nothing, not a bite.

Capt Butch just stopped, regrouped and started thinking like a fish. He decided moving water would mean cooler water as it was getting hotter, and there's been a lot of rain in the last 2 days upstream so we took off to the main river where there would be more current and hopefully cooler water and fish.

First cast with the pink and white Crankin' Crazy Jig (crankincrazycustombaits.com) lathered with Pro Cure Crappie and Panfish Magic Super Gel (pro-cure.com) and NICE fish on., Then I hooked up right behind him!!  It was steady action from this point on until we left to come home due to excessive heat, humidity and water traffic.

Sometimes it just feels good to know a plan you put together is the right plan and thinking like a fish doesn't hurt. LOL!! At 12 noon we were back at the Buddle Creek ramp with 41 crappies and a nice 3+ pound largemouth bass and heading to Speedy Lohrs BBQ for dinner.

Taking tomorrow off, got some chores to get caught up on. Will be back at it again all next week.

Capt Butch and Barbara's Fishing Adventures

Catfish, Crappie, Bream, Striper Fishing

Yadkin River and Piedmont Lakes

To Book your trip call 336-309-5900



July 13, 2020

Today we went back to Lake Tillery to see how the bream (shell crackers) and redbreast were biting.

It felt pretty good this morning, but as the day continued the heat and humidity increased. We finally found a shady bank and the bite was on. We didn't stay very long because of the heat, but while we were there we caught a good mess of quality fish and some  bonus catfish. Also found that it's not to hot when you're catching, just when you run out of shady banks and the fish decide to take a midday nap.

Everyone stay safe out there and if you'd like to join us on one of our morning adventures call me, Barbara at 336 309-5900.

Till next time "FISH ON and GOD BLESS AMERICA!


July 9, 2020

Today was one of those days you get home and when you get done you just sit down and say to yourself, WOW, WHAT A DAY!!!

We spent the day on Tillery Lake catfish fishing with a great friend and a great fisherman, Frank Wallace from Marshville,NC.

After we finally got bait we set up at the Narrows dam and it was game on from the first line until the last. We only got 4 rod and reels out today, the action was so hot and furious. Thankfully it was the IRT Reels (irtreels.com) since they quickly tamed these fish in the strong currents. Check them out at irtreels@irtreels.com


We caught mostly blue cats, but we also had a small channel cat and a flathead that to us is the best eating catfish. Normally we catch and release but today we kept enough for Frank and some for a couple friends back in Southport/Oak Island, NC. that watch after our home and property when we are away. Although we could have kept one each Blue Cat over 32" we only kept one that was right at 32" and released all the bigger ones. I finally got to hear Barbara say I don't want to catch anymore.

It was just one of those "WOW" kind of days and after 45+ years since I had been in that area it came back to me real quick how to navigate the treacherous waters behind narrows dam once more!!

Right now looks like our next adventure will be a Red Breast/Shell Cracker Bream event on the Uwharrie River.

Absolutely forgot how much I missed this fishing up here in the Piedmont of NC!! Give us a call @ 336-309-5900 if you want to learn and catch fish in the Yadkin River and its lakes. Thanks for stopping by and God Bless you all!!!

Capt Butch and Barbara's Fishing Adventures

Catfish, Crappie, Bream, and Striper Fishing

Yadkin River, High Rock, Tuckertown, Badin, Tillery




July 3, 2020

Today we had the pleasure of taking Blair Ingle, Clemmons, NC and his son Gavin on a catfish fishing adventure.

On Thursday, Capt Butch and I caught several dozen shad and put them in the bait tank to keep alive until today. Thinking the catfish behind the dam would want "live" bait, we started off with that, but quickly found they wanted dead fresh bait. It was a great day of catching up close to the dam. When we moved away the bite got really slow, but when we went back we caught a few more nice catfish.  Thank goodness our boats are large enough to handle the current since many are not. I'l  tell you more about this later.

Blair and Gavin, hope you had as much fun as I did hearing the line scream at times and catching some nice channel cats. You were great company on Tuckertown Lake and thank God for looking out for us as we do what we love to do!

Now for the rest of the story!

I got to the ramp to leave and heard talk of a boater that was down stream and their motor was too small to over take the current and they couldn't get back. I had already backed my trailer in to load my boat when I overheard the talk. I was hoping they had not gone through the rocks was the reason no one had helped them. I pulled out and parked and Bobo and I went back to the boat and we headed down stream, I was almost to the rocks and had not seen them yet, about 50 feet from where I was going to have to give it up there they were lodged in a tree along the bank.

I got them hooked up to my boat and trying to get them out the current pushed me on downstream and then I got into the rocks and tore my prop up pretty good but the 175hp Suzuki had enough power to still get everything back up stream.

But I'm still glad they got home tonight and everyone was safe and what could have been a very bad situation was derailed. A lesson was learned because I did hear one of the guys say "Never again".

They loaded their boat and I went to get my trailer and turned around and everyone was gone. A good day, except for my prop which I consider a small price for me to pay for the job it did by getting us all back to safety and had I already switched the stainless prop to aluminum we both would have probably been in trouble then.

Never leave a fisherman behind!

Capt Butch and Barbara's Fishing Adventures

Catfish, Crappie, Bream and Striper Fishing

Yadkin, High Rock, Tuckertown, Badin, Tilley




June 18, 2020

Today Capt Butch and I went catfish fishing with Howard and Carol Mullinex, Saxapahaw, NC. We picked them up at Tamarac Marina, High Rock Lake, and off to the mud flats we went. While setting up in one of our favorite places, we had 2 reels out when one went off and we had our first catfish of the day hooked up. After Howard landed that one, Capt Butch continued to put out the remainder of the rods and reels. After waiting a short period of time the line straightened again and Howard had another one on. Then as quickly as it started the bite died. We moved around to several more places and hooked up some that pulled the hooks.

It was a good day of fellowship and making new friends with some catching thrown in for good measure. Can't wait for them to go again.


Since the first of 2020, we have done a lot of crappie fishing and catfish fishing with friends. Below are some of the catches. Now we're ready to begin our charters. Hope you enjoy the pictures and call us at 336 309-5900 to get in on some of the fun


October 2, 2019

Good friend Steve Craver, High Point, NC joined Capt Butch today for a 1/2 day. With the tides still exceptionally high, Butch said he was unsure if they would find anything. Steve wrote the report for today.

"25 and 3/4 Red today. Plus some small under slot and several misses today. Thanks Butch Foster with Yeah Right fishing charters. Highly recommend Butch"

Butch said he had a very enjoyable day and we hope to see Steve in the spring.

October 1, 2019

Joining us in the backwater today was Sandy and Jen Diver, Southport, NC.

With the extremely high tides, the fish have not been biting to well. Today we caught a couple of small flounder but hooked several more that never made it to the boat.

Sorry folks! I guess that's why it's called fishing and not catching.

Sept 28, 2019

Today's charter was with Jeff, Jace and Bob Sigmon, Oak Ridge, NC. They used to go out with us offshore and now they have moved with us to the backwater. Jace, who is Jeff's son is 5 years old and is already familiar with casting and fishing. Before the day was over we had named him the "Croker King."

Not only did the group catch numerous croker, but also caught red drum, black drum, and trout (all to small to keep). They also caught some of the elusive flounder and a ray that Jace didn't seem to sure of.

Enjoyed it guys and hope you had a good time. Taking a couple days off to do some maintenance. w

Will be back at it Tuesday. Everyone have a good weekend and take care.

September 27, 2019

Seems like lately we have been catching numerous small red drums and medium to large flounder, that are released. Today was no exception when we took out John Eney and Jim Gautier, Leland, NC and Bobby Lee, Homosassa, FL.

The bite was good and we were catching them on artificial and live bait, but we just couldn't find any the right size. Caught several almost large enough (if you could keep them) flounder and Jim landed a nice 19 3/4" flounder. Sorry guys, we tried but it just wasn't meant to be.


Hope you'll try us again sometime! 

September 26, 2019

When Capt Butch went offshore we would often put together charters. We had 2 guys this time that wanted to share a trip and it came together for a backwater trip. We were glad to welcome Michael Smith, Wilmington, NC and D T Foster, Kannapolis, NC to the backwaters.


 "Bite was tough at best but we got a few under slot Red Drum, a small Flounder and a 20" Flounder but both had to be released anyway, We lost several fish and missed quite a few that just didn't fully commit to a strong bite. And of course we caught some nice crokers and Ray's." 

Hope you enjoyed it guys and hope to see you again. Tomorrow's another day,


September 25, 2019

Lee and Drew Creech, Lincolnton, NC, who have been out with us many times, was our guests today.

Lee wanted to hook up with a big drum that we had been catching earlier, but with no bait on the beach we decided to leave after hooking some rays and being cut off by a nice shark.

Behind Bald Head Island we managed to land red drum, keepable and release side and Lee caught his first flounder, 20", but we released it. We also caught a few trout. The bait that seemed to work the best today was a  GULP! 3 inch new penny shrimp on an IRT 300 spinning reel.

Always enjoy fishing with Lee and his son and I'm looking forward to next time.


September 24, 2019

Today's charter was with Captain Jay McCorry who runs backwater charters out of Salty Sam's Marina in Fort Myers, Fl, give Captain Jay a call to fish that area in Fl at 516 987-0149, and Bob Genovese from Southport,NC.

The guys wanted to go after the large red drum, since Captain Jay catches lots of smaller red drum in Florida, but as often happens it was to windy and rough to go to the near shore reefs. Gave them the option of going back or fishing for whatever we could find in the backwater. They chose to fish so we wen to some of our favorite spots. The bite was on fire but it was for small red drums, small trout and some rays.

Sorry we couldn't get into the big reds, but hope you had a good time. This is a busy time of the year and Capt Butch and Bobo are headed out again in the morning.


September 23, 2019

Cooler mornings are making for pleasant conditions. Today we took locals Lori and JD Shadduck. out to find some fighting fish.

 "We started off on the beach but after about an hour of not getting any Red Drum to bite we migrated to the backwater creeks. Here we caught a lot of under slot Red Drum but got their limit of upper slot Red Drum to take home for some fresh fish dinners. Also got a legal Black Drum to add to the dinner menu.


Lori caught her first ever flounder today that we released and she caught fish for the first time on artificial baits. Even caught a few large Ray's as well. Also caught a slot Red Drum today that did not have the first spot on him anywhere on either side, never seen that before!!


Lots of catching and lots of fun fishing with these guys that used to fish with us on the sport fisherman offshore. Thank you for your continued support!!!!'

Tomorrow's another day. Hoping to find the bull drums again for these guys.


September 20, 2019

Our mission today was to get Owen and Becky Epps, Dondron, Va and Steve McCalester, Elbenon, VA. some nice red drum

The weather and seas were perfect so we headed to some of the near shore places I fish.  Wasn't long before everybody was hooking up with over slot red drum, sharks, and rays. We even managed to tag one red drum that was keepable. It was a great day of fishing, catching, and releasing with some great fisher people.

Taking a couple days off to do maintenance to the boat and fishing gear, then back at it on Monday. 

We are ending the YEAH RIGHT FISHING season for this year on October 14th. Only have a few more days available. If you are interested, please call Barbara at 910 845-2004. She books all the charters.

Also heard the spots were biting at Topsail heavy. I'll try to let you know when and if they get here.


September 19. 2019

Had the privilege to take out Howard and Carol Mullenax, Liberty, NC and their daughter Shasta Mullenax, Greensboro, NC on a full day expedition in the backwater.

The day started off just like yesterday with plenty of small fish that we could not keep, but unlike yesterday it was calm enough near shore that we could go out in the ocean to some places that I know. After catching some more bait fish, we started catching the big bull drums along with flounder and other types of fish. Since Howard was going to release everything anyway, this is just what they wanted. After Howard caught his 31 inch red and Shasta caught her citation 43" red drum, both agreed they had had enough, so we came in an hour early.

It was a good day with beautiful weather, good fisher people and agreeable fish.

Headed out tomorrow to see what the day will bring.


September 18, 2019

Took a few days off to go to Lexington, NC to work on a boat trailer and perhaps go crappie fishing. Well we did a little bit of both, but although the fixing of the trailer went well, the crappie fishing was a bust. Butch caught several but it was just to HOT!!


Now we are back fishing the backwaters of Bald Head and the Cape Fear River..Today we took Jerry Suver and his wife Linda, Southport, NC and their good friend Gail March, Austin, TX.

Capt. Butch said they caught quite a few fish, but everything was to small to keep except the flounder, but it was out of season. Someone commented on a post that Capt Butch made about catching flounder. Someone else answered them with guess we'll have to put notes on our hooks, "NO FLOUNDER PLEASE!" Guess they just don't know they are out of season.

Today was a fun day of catching and releasing, talking and laughing and just all around good fellowship. Always enjoy taking Jerry  and his groups out. Bobo loved it too.

Thanks guys and hope to see you again soon.




September 9, 2019

Post Hurricane Dorian we have a lot of dirty water, but it gets cleaner every time the tide comes in and goes out.

Today we were fishing with Joe Bills from Vermont. Although the red drum were not big enough to keep, they were a lot of fun to catch.

Hope you had a good day Bill. I know I did. Some more charters later in the week. We'll see how the water is doing and hope the fish will be biting.


September 3, 2019

Sorry about the long delay in this report, but with Hurricane Dorian headed our way, we decided to head to Lexington, NC and I do not have internet service at that house.

Today we took J Sander, Hartville, OH and J Kears, Southport, NC for a 1/2 day trip into the backwater. It was a pretty day pre-hurricane and the guys had a good day of catching.

Hope everyone survived the storm with little damage. Will be back fishing after the storm.


September 1, 2019

Today took Noel Land, his son Ryan and nephew Grayson Land on a 1/2 day backwater trip. It was a rainy day and we moved a lot dodging the rain storms.

Had a good day of catching, but not landing. Seems like the fish were destined to remain in the water. Did land a nice flounder for dinner and a nice bat ray that was released unharmed after the photo shoot.

Thanks guys. Hope you had a good time and Noel take care of yourself.

Packing up to head home till Dorian decides to pass us by. Everyone stay safe and let's pray Dorian takes a sharp right turn and stays OFF the coast of the USA.


August 30, 2019

What a perfect day for a backwater trip. The hint of fall is in the air with cooler mornings and cooler breezes. Today our new friends were Michael Sutton and Emily Cox, Leland, NC.

Today's choice of bait were the 1/4 oz. Betts Green Tiger Halo Shad, Berkley GULP! 3" shrimp in white/chartreuse and mud minnows rigged Carolina style on IRT 300 series reels spooled with Berkley Pro Spec Chrome 12 lb. line and Fenwick 6' ML Fast spinning rods. Using these baits and trying various place, they ended the day with 2 keeper red  drum and a keeper trout. Had to release flounder, trout and red drum that were to small and a nice ray that was fun to catch.


Glad we could take you guys out and look forward to going again and Emily congratulations on catching the biggest fish you have ever caught.


Hope Dorian goes out to sea and leaves the mainland of the USA alone. Several charters next week but we'll see and let you know. Until then HAPPY LABOR DAY AND STAY SAFE!! 


August 26, 2019

With school starting back, now is the perfect time to go fishing. The weather is cooler, at the moment, it's not as crowded and the fish are biting.

Today we took Al Fabrico of Southport into the backwater.  Originally from New Jersey, he had moved down here and was unsure where, how and what to fish for.


"The first fish we hooked today I thought was going to beat Al but he hung with it and brought the huge ray to boat side where I got a photo and we released him. After that we went behind BHI and and boated a nice Red Drum, flounder, and Virginia Mullet. Flounder and Black Drum came off the Betts Green Tiger Halo Shad, Red Drum bit a Mullet Minnow, small Red Drum on a 3" Berkley GULP! new penny shrimp, and the Virginia Mullet was on a Mud Minnow."

It was a great day all the way around and Capt Butch said he made a new friend who he hopes to take fishing again. 

Next couple of days are available as the season slows down. Flounder season closes Sept 4th and not sure when it will reopen.

Call me 910 845-2004 if you would like to book a fall adventure. 


August 22, 2019

On today's backwater charter, we had Hal Bolin, Southport, NC and John Hairston, Cleveland, OH.

We had a great day of fellowship and catching fish. Most of the fish were to small and had to be thrown back but we ended the day with 2 in slot red drum. Maybe the fish were to small, but the bite and the tugging on the line, sure felt good. Mullet minnows rigged Carolina style was the fishes bait of choice today fished along grass lines in depressions!! 


Guys, I really enjoyed it and hope to see you again soon. 


August 21, 2019

Today we had 2 young men aboard Chace and Cade Dickerson, Newport Beach, CA and their Dad.


Although the fishing was tough, (fish were reluctant to bite), Capt Butch managed to find a nice Lemon Shark that gave Chace a fight and a large ray that Cade fought and landed, beside blue fish, croaker,  and red drum.

Enjoyed it guy! Hope you have a safe trip back to CA and will come see us again.



August 20, 2019

Got a call from today's charter, Kristin Hart and John Mitzak, Durhan, NC around 1 PM. John said my Captain, your husband I presume needed to work on his manners and social skills. As I was trying to think what to say, he said just picking. We had a great time and will never go out with anyone else as long as you guys are chartering.

Telling Butch when he got home he said they were super people, loved to pick and a lot of fun to go out with. The day was filled with catching crokers, flounder, blues and red drum. Even had a small ray thrown in there. We were behind Bald Head Island and the fish were a variety of sizes. The best bite today was on the Betts 1/4 oz Green Tiger Halo Shad with the Berkley GULP! Natural Shrimp a close second. All the Red Drum came off mullet minnows rigged Carolina style and most were too short to meet the legal size required to invite for dinner but we did get enough that were legal size to be the guest of honor.

As John told me it wasn't about the fishing, although that was nice, but it was about the fellowship and the beautiful land behind Bald Head.  Glad you guys enjoyed the trip.


August 19, 2019

This morning we picked up Luke Wind, Jon Trout and Jake Trout, Cary. NC off Bald Head to see if they could catch some flounder and drum in the backwater.

"Even with all the rains and fresh water influx and water being dirtier, we didn't have much trouble getting some flounder but it took the sixth one to get a legal fish at nearly 18 inches. The other 5 were just barely short of the 15 inch mark and I mean BARELY,,,, but as you know close counts only in horse shoes and hand grenades!!! Both Red Drum were middle slot. Best producing baits today were Betts 1/4 oz Green Tiger Halo Shad with Pro cure Inshore saltwater Super gel scent, and mullet minnows. Got one Red drum rigged Carolina style and a Berkley GULP! 5 inch new penny Jerk shad on a 1/4 oz jig head got the other one fishing grass lines." --Captain Butch

Out again in the morning. Capt Butch knows it's going to be hot, but he'll do his best to get the customers on the fish. Enjoyed today's group and hope to see them again soon.


August 17, 2019

After deciding to cancel Saturday's charter because of the stormy weather, Dr. Keith Morley, Elizabethan,TN decided to wait and see if Sunday would be better, it was and off we went in hopes that the rain had not stopped the bite.

Although the weather was doable, the bite had slowed down, but Dr. Keith checked off some additional items on his bucket list, sharks and a ray.

Butch says he always enjoys fishing with Dr. Keith and can't wait until the next time.


August 15, 2019

I guess you could say today was red drum day. Our customer, Dr. Keith Morley, TN wanted to target tarpon if possible, but Capt Butch checked the waves and wind and decided it was to rough so Keith said he wanted to catch "big Fish" and that is what they did.

Not only did they catch numerous "in slot" fish, they caught several over slot fish and Capt Butch said they had several to break off.

It was a great day with a friend that we have made while fishing. If things go well headed out again Saturday with Keith and see what we catch here.

think the thunderstorms are going to cancel us out tomorrow. Hate to disappoint people, but as but says, "Never seen a fish worth risking your life for."




August 13, 2019

This morning we picked up Seymour Paul, with Lucas and Peyton Carrington, Wake Forest, NC at Bald Head for a 1/2 day charter on one of these "dog days" of summer.


The water in the backwater is pretty hot making the bite a little tougher than normal but if you'll stay on the move and fish the first 2 hours and last 2 hours of each tide you can usually put together a decent bite like we did this morning.The best bites this morning again came off the Betts Green Tiger Halo Shad in 1/4 ounce retrieved slow with the current, and we caught a few short fish on some mullet and mud minnows rigged Carolina style. Got another "Slam" today even though the Red Drum was short of the 18+ legal limit. We missed several fish today that just didn't get a solid hook up and just pulled off the hook. 


Even though it was hot, we had a good day and enjoyed thee great company. Have a safe trip back to Wake Forest. 


August 12, 2019

Darrell Coble called me on Friday to see if we had Monday available. I told him yes so he booked today for his Dad, Ed Coble, Darrell's son Tristen and a good young friend, Matthew Short, all from Garland, NC.  I know we try to limit our charters to 3, but Darrell said he or Grandpa would take care of 5 year old Tristen, so off we went.  I think Capt Butch's Facebook post says it all so I'm going to copy and paste here.

Today's bite was slow but we stayed on the move and put together a Cape Fear Slam for my charter group this morning. The " slam" was made up with a nice upper slot Red Drum at 26 1/2" that took minnow on a Carolina rig, a 14 1/4" Speckled Trout that wanted a Gulp Shrimp, and a 16" Flounder that couldn't resist a 1/4 oz. Betts Green Tiger Halo Shad. Also, check out Tristen Coble holding the Speckled Trout and his new Rod and Reel presented to him by Capt Butch Foster of Yeah Right Charters at the end of today's trip. We try to do this for all young kids who fish on our backwater boat when we know in advance they are going to be fishing with us!! He said he caught at least 90 croakers today, don't know about that many but he caught a bunch!!! Fish seemed a little lethargic today, even the Red Drum bit the hook like a flounder and fought like a small Ray today.

It was a good day and seemed like everyone had a good day. Darrell, you have a fine young man there and Capt Butch bragged about his good manners and behavior. Hope you enjoy your fresh fish and hope to see you again.


August 9, 2019

Today we took out some guys that have been out with us before, Don and Garrett Horton, China Grove, NC and Dave McKenzie, Mooresville,NC, 

With more favorable conditions, we headed to the near shore reefs to grab some flounder but the flounder were not to be found so we headed back inshore to hopefully find some biting fish. By keeping on the move we found several small red drum, some in slot red drum and Dave released a 29" red drum. All in all, it was a great day of fishing with some good friends I have made over the years in this business. 

That's one good thing about the charter business, you meet a lot of good people from all over the states and the world. Thank you for chartering with YEAH RIGHT CHARTERS and I hope we met your expectations or maybe even exceeded them.


God Bless you all!


August, 8 2019

August is speeding right along and so is the fishing. Some days fishing is great, some days okay, and some days almost doesn't exist.  It is also the dog days of summer and hot! hot! hot!

This morning we took out Rob, Will and Pete Conrad from Hickory, NC. These guys fished hard and ended the day catch flounder, red drum, trout and croaker.  For some reason the camera decided Pete was the only one that it wanted to take pictures of and keep. Talked to Rob today and he said the fresh croakers were "delicious".

Have a safe trip home and hope to see you again soon.

We seldom run two trips in one day, but today was the exception. This afternoon it was John H rst, Kay Yarger and Ed Yarger, Crooksville, OH turn to test their fishing skills.

After telling the group that the fish weren't really biting and it was HOT!, they decided to try anyway. With the strong current and winds, the 36 volt trolling motor on spot lock and the two 15' talons deployed, we tried several spots and caught some decent fish.

Enjoyed it guys and hope you will try us again when the conditions are more favorable. Have a safe trip home.



August 6, 2019

After last night's storms was afraid the catch might be missing this morning, but newcomers, Andy Motley, his son, Jacob and Cheyenne Shreve, Danville, VA had a good time catching a variety of fish.

We stayed on the move today behind BHI and put together a pretty good catch of various fishes. Picked up a bunch of short flounder this morning and some short Speckled trout but we got some keepers as well. Lost a nice Red Drum right at the boat just out of net range but it was ok it looked over the slot anyway. Just pulled the hook!!! Later Jacob was able to put a mid slot Red Drum in the boat. Let's see, Cheyene caught a bat ray while catching the flounder and Andy found a nice school of good sized crokers that were biting as fast as they could cast the Gulp swimming mullet to them. Lots of fun teaching newcomers to the sport, how to catch various saltwater fish. Drum today came on finger mullet rigged Carolina style along the grass lines on the rising tide. Flounder on mud minnows and Green Tiger Halo Shad. Trout on Gulp 5" Berkley New Penny Jerk Shad. The 300 IRT Reels and Fenwick 6' ML fast rods did the job today getting the fish to the boat!! And the Betts Hi-Viz Fish Grippers allowed everyone to get pictures of their catch without having to deal with the bites from all the teeth. 

Glad you had a good time and hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation with a safe trip home.


August 2, 2019

Hit the backwater this morning with Shane Stamey and his son, Garrett, Hildebran, NC with friend Gary Clark, Bethlehem,NC.

Took a little time this morning to find the bite but once we did the bite was on. We caught several keep-able flounder and some small throwbacks. Garrett was the man of the day when he landed this "in slot" drum. We also released some smaller drum.

Betts Green Tiger Halo Shad produced again today as did Berkley Gulp 5" New Penny Jerk Shad on 3/8 Fluorescent orange jig heads. Red Drum came off a Carolina rigged mullet minnow fished along the grass line on a falling tide. And as always the Betts Hi-Viz Grippers kept the flounder teeth at bay when we took their photos!! 

Great day with some good people and fine fishermen. 

Got to do some maintenance on the Bayboat this weekend and since it's suppose to rain going to take a few days off from fishing, but I'll be back at it next week.


August 1, 2019

Picked Joe, Connie and Hunter Clark, Clayton, NC for a 1/2 day charter.

You talk about picky eaters, this morning they wanted nothing I had;  Artificial, Gulp, pogys, Mullet minnows, Mud minnows, live Shrimp, nothing would tempt them to bite. Finally had run on a  Gulp New penny Shrimp. We did manage to catch a flounder on a minnow.

Sorry guys, we tried, it just wasn't meant to be. Tomorrow's another day!


July 31, 2019

Today's group Mark Wierzbowski, Steve Newman, and John, from NY. I know we have probably all been burned by giving our address to someone then receiving lots of junk mail, but I assure you that does not happen at YEAH RIGHT CHARTERS, I use the info for posting reports and sending pics to magazines and newspapers.

Looks like everyone had a good time of catching using Bett's Green Tiger Halo Shad and ended the day with a Cape Fear Slam, red drum, flounder, trout. Steve added a comment to our guestbook and we really appreciate it.


July 30, 2019

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday the fish were reluctant to bite, today they were ready and willing to bite. Kenny Brewer and Bambi Oliver, Tarboro, NC went out today wanting to catch fish and Capt Butch delivered.


Trying some new places, Kenny and Bambi caught flounder and after Capt Butch showed them how to chum up spadefish, they went after them and caught several for some good meals.


Really enjoyed today and as Bambi wrote; " WE ARE COMING AGAIN!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE! 


July 29, 2019


Today Butch took a friend that I taught with at Churchland, Sandy Prince and her son Luke along with Joseph Baker, Lexington into the backwater.


I wish I could say the fish were really biting, but as sometimes happens they turned off.  All the places Capt Butch had been catching earlier in the week must have had sore mouth because they didn't want anything we offered. Can't say it's the boys fault, because Capt Butch said they really worked the water like pros. Today's fish were caught on minnows on a 1/4 ounce lead head.

Hope you guys will give us another try and be safe going back to Churchland and Tyro. Tell everyone we said Hi! and Sandy hope you get to feeling better soon.


July 27, 2019

Shaun Campbell, with his sons Pace and Corvin, Briston, VA. went out with us today in search of "fish"

Although the fish were small, the boys had a good time catching and releasing. Shaun did catch several also and even caught some keepers.

Thanks guys for going out with us. We enjoyed the trip and hope you'll continue to grow and love to go fishing. Have a safe trip home.


July 26, 2019

Today's charter, Jerry Smith, long time friend from Lexington, NC, wanted to catch some flounder big enough to keep. With the calm winds and this weeks catch, we thought that was doable, but the weatherman missed the call and the wind picked up.

Started out on the reef , but the winds made it to rough to fish, so we headed into the Cape Fear. We had a lot of short fish today, but Capt Butch was able to put Jerry at the right spots to get a Cape Fear Grand Slam, legal red drum, trout and flounder.

Enjoyed it Jerry and one of these times we're going to get those flounder. Have a safe trip back home and tell everyone we said HI!


July 25, 2019

I am amazed at how we are constantly meeting new and great people. Today it was Robbie Hooker, Stanley, NC with his son, Blaine and daughter, Blair.

These cooler mornings have been a blessing. The bite was slower than recently but we kept hunting and trying until everything came together and we had a great morning of catching flounder and red drum.

Butch loves to take families out and make special memories and today was one of those days. Enjoyed it folks and hope to see you again sometime.


July 24, 2019

Took Charlie Gormley and Dominick Scialdone, Southport/Oak Island, NC on a catch and release trip today. It was much cooler today and really felt good after the past two weeks.

After finding the fish the duo caught red drum and flounder. Bait of the day was mullet minnows rigged Carolina style. 

Thanks guys for choosing us and hope you had a good day. 


July 22, 2019

Today was the first time in the backwater for Stephen and Keaton Galagan, Concord, NC and I hope it was a memorable day.  Capt Butch's report is below.

Doing some fishing articles this morning for Carolina Sportsman with Stephen Galagan and his son Keaton from Concord, NC. It was a first backwater trip for the two fishermen but you would have never known it. 7 year old Keaton is a fishing machine, catching all the Red Drum and even a nice Speckled trout. Several short flounder were released today as well. If you don't have any Betts 1/4 ounce Green Tiger Halo Shad and some Hi Viz Fish Grippers, well, you need some!!!

Glad it was a good day for everyone.


July 21, 2019

This morning's charter came from Bald Head Island. They were Brian Nelimark, Washington, DC; Ed Stefanik, Simpsonville, SC; and Cullen Knosby, Concord, NC.


Even though these guys knew how to fish and caught several fish most of them came up to short. Flounder after flounder hit the deck to short to keep. Finally ended the morning with a nice red and a nice Virginia mullet.

Enjoyed it guys and thanks for going out with us.

Captain Butch asked me to thank everybody that has supported us as we have moved from offshore to backwater. It has really meant a lot to him and he will always do his best to get you on the fish.

July 20, 2019

Today we were privileged to take James Tyndall and his three sons, Christian, Cody, and Cayden, Dunn, NC on a 1/2 day trip.

 This was their first time ever fishing so I had a small window of a learning curve and as to be expected it cost us some nice fish until they learned what a bite felt like in the current and the technique of a good hook set. But it wasn't too long until they were putting flounder and Speckled trout in the boat. The 1/4 ounce Betts Green tiger halo Shad was a hot bait this morning and the Betts Hi Viz Fish Grippers made picture taking easy and kept the teeth from cutting anyone's fingers!!


Them and I are already looking forward to the next time, and the fish had better beware because they know how to "get er done" now!!!!



July 18, 2019

Lexington, NC sent some seasoned fishermen our way today in Steve Horne and Chase and Clay Hunt.

The caught all kinds of fish, red drum, flounder, trout and some small jacks. They kept Capt Butch busy, landing, baiting, and taking pictures. 

Great day with some great hometown guys. Chase and Clay please tell your Grandmother Evelyn, Butch and Barbara said "Hi".

July 17, 2019

The weather is hot and right now the fishing is to. Don't know how long it will last but our fishermen are keeping Capt Butch busy.

Today we took Steve and Stephen Clark , Charlotte, NC into the backwater. They went out with us last year and decided to go again with us this year. They spent the day catching a variety of fish and having a good day.

Hope to see you again next year!



July 16, 2019

Today's backwater adventure was with Ron Koenig, Southport, NC and Adam Koenig, Lancaster, PA.

Although it was HOT these guys caught on fast and the fish were willing to bite. Had a great day catching and releasing fish and also kept enough for several fresh fish dinners.

Hope to see you guys again and Adam have a safe trip back home!

PS  Want to wish our son Chris and his wife Holly, Happy Anniversary!  3 years today with many more to come!!

July 15, 2019

As the weather has gotten hotter, seems the fish have gotten hungrier. Today it was my pleasure to take Matt Rayborn, Harrisburg, NC and Kyle Rayborn, Concord, NC out for a 1/2 day trip.

Before the day was over we had a nice red drum and several trout in the cooler beside all the small ones we had released.

Good day with some super guys! Hope to see you again!



July 12,2019

This past Spring, we met a really nice couple at the Oak Island Fishing School, Phil and Divina Jasuta of Oak Island,NC. Earlier in the week they called and we had Friday available, so off we went.

They had said something about trolling but the ocean was a little rough for the bay boat. Instead we hit the backwater where we caught a little bit of everything as you can see in the pictures.

It was a great day with some new friends and Butch said he was looking forward to the next time they go.


July 11, 2019

After having to cancel yesterday's charter due to storms in the area, looked like the same thing was going to happen again today, but about 7: 30 the storms cleared out and we were able to take Garritt Luker and Kailee Guth, Oshkosh, WI and Grant Benson, Chatfield, MN into the backwater.

After all the rains I was expecting a poor to none exsistant bite, but I was fooled again. We spent the morning catching black drum, red drum, trout and blues. We had to throw some back that were to small, but we were able to keep enough for some great fresh fish dinners.

I enjoyed it guys and hope you have a safe trip back home. Hope you come back again sometime, and Bobo does too.


July 9,2019

Everyday in the backwater is different and today was no exception. Today we took out Michael and Jill Brooks, Columbia, MD.

Lots of rain in the area have made fishing either on the mark or tough. Today's bite was tough but everyone seemed to have a good time being on the water and catching what Capt Butch could find. As Michael wrote, "We will be back again!"

Sometimes it's not about the fish you catch but the company you keep. Enjoyed it guys and have a safe trip home.


July 9, 2019

Fishing today with Elissa, Bryan, Eden, and Camron Porter from Thomasville, NC. Conditions from all the rains and the strong SW winds made the fishing tough this morning but we put some of the puzzle together.


 Bryan got a nice upper slot 26" Red Drum and a short flounder. Had several more hook ups that shook the hook, Elissa got a very nice Virginia Mullet and Eden hooked up some pin fish while Camron caught a small Black tip shark. Enough action to keep everyone interested and even a few nice fish for dinner tonight.


Not setting the woods on fire right now, but catching enough on each trip to get the title this morning of "Mr. Consistant" from a fellow fisherman. Baits today were a Betts 1/4 oz Green Tiger Halo Shad and the Berkley Gulp 6" Necular Chicken Jerk Shad on a 1/4 oz. orange jig head and the Gulp 3 " Swimming Mullet. Live bait today didn't produce anything for us today.


Taking tomorrow off to get some tackle and boat maintenance done then back at it the rest of the week. 


July 5, 2019

Today, Capt Butch did a half day trip with Larry Gardner, Asheboro, NC and Shane Garner, Robbins, NC.

It was a good morning of catching flounder, red drum, trout, and blues. Although most were to small to keep, they were able to keep a nice flounder, trout and a couple of blues. Hope you guys enjoy the recipe we gave you for preparing the fish.

Headed out again in the morning. So far the  rain has not muddied the water. We will just have to see what tomorrow brings.

Until then, hope you enjoyed the 4th and thank you to all service members, and their families, for fighting for our freedoms. Pray we never forget the sacrifices many have made for America.



July 3, 2019

It was our privilege to take out Chris Horton and his sons, Grant Horton, Newman, GA; Brady Horton, Moreland, GA and Ryan Miller, Puluska, OH on a 1/2 day inshore trip.


The fishing hasn't been the best recently with hot, dirty water, but today the water was much cleaner and the fishing was better. We ended the day with inslot red drum and trout.


Thanks guys for choosing us and we will be praying for your family.