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*APPLIES TO Yadkin River, High Rock Lake, Tuckertown, Badin Lake ONLY



Maximum of 4 people per trip

Yadkin River, High Rock lake, Tuckertown Lake, Badin Lake

$200 for 1 Person

$250 for 2 People

$300 for 3 People

$400 for 4 People

Other lake options available are Lake Tillery, Lake Jordan, Lake Hickory, Lake Norman: Rates are higher due to my extra travel distance and preparation expenses. Call 336-309-5900 and talk with Barbara about any of our trips we have available.

$300 for 1 Person

$400 for 2 People

$500 for 3 People

$600 for 4 People

All trips are full day, 8AM - 3PM or 6AM-1PM (summer only). Your trip time starts at lines in the water and ends with lines in the water. And time spent catching bait with a cast net or riding to the first fishing spot will not be deducted from your fishing time and your fishing trip ends on the water, not at the dock. If you are on a time limit schedule please let me know the morning of your trip so I won't keep you out too long, I try extremely hard to give you a full and honest day of fishing and catching!!!

We furnish all bait, tackle and equipment! You furnish what you want to eat and drink and your freshwater fishing license, which can be purchased at Walmart or on-line at All fish caught within legal limits will belong to the anglers. 


If you have questions, want additional information or to book a charter, please call Barbara at 336 309-5900. Please leave a message if no one answers since we sometimes fish areas with no service. Barbara will get back to you as soon as possible.


336 309-5900 

Tuesday, 11- 28- 23

Today we headed back to High Rock lake with Gary Coffee from Monroe, NC and Sam Crockett from Waxhaw, NC to see if the crappies would still bite with the full moon, cold fronts blowing the waters up, and lake dropping like a rock one day and rising the next, dirty water from recent rains, and 52 degree water.

First 4 places produced not even a bite, none!!!! I spiritually had a little talk with Bobo, our gone but never forgotten fishing buddy, and then Barbara. After that we 3 put our heads together and the decision was unanimous to hit shallow real close to deep water in the main channel then work from shallow to deep on the drop offs until we found the biting fish. Around 15 feet was the magic number today with lots of suspended crappies trying to decide themselves what to do next!!

After we found the biting fish we proceeded to steadily put very nice crappies in the pontoon, yeah pontoon, even in all this wind, to the point that we actually didn't have time to get any single pictures of the catch. We started at 9AM this morning to let it warm a little from our regular 8AM start time which would put us finishing up at 4PM. However, at 3PM, we had 100 very nice crappies in the cooler plus a bonus channel catfish so we called it a great day and headed to the boat ramp with visions of many fish frys in the near future.

I'll have to give Sam and Gary credit to the success for our trip today. These 2 guys have been regular customers ever since we started our Freshwater fishing Charters around 2 years ago. They have worked with us and have perfected our method and techniques on the unique way we target crappies. At times today, we could just barely keep up with them getting fish netted, taking out the hook, and getting them back in the water. At times it was pandemonium with crappies laying all over the floor waiting to go in the cooler when we had time to get them in there....

Thank you Sam and Gary for trusting us to teach you all how we catch crappies. You all are great guys and you both are definitely a force to be reckoned with when ya'll hit the water on the Yeah Right Charters pontoon!!!! Can't wait until our next trip, till next time, God Bless You and thank you Lord for making the fish bite.

Monday, 11-27-23

This morning we were watching 3 different weather forecast and 2 of them was calling for 10 to 15 mph winds with gusts up to 25 and 1 of them never mentioned any wind. Well, 2 out bid just one so we pushed the trip up to 10AM and we'd see what it was doing then. At 10AM the winds were maybe 5 mph.

We then met up with Chuck and Sue Antony from Ruston, LA. and Chucks twin brother, Mike Antony, who lives on the shore of High Rock lake in the Flat swamp area. We pulled away from Mike's dock and would just see how it went.

Well, I can't believe that what was supposed to be a very windy day turned into a beautiful day of catching crappies. , again!!! Starting at 10AM meant we would be fishing until 5PM but after hitting 4 places we had all they wanted by 3PM with 45 nice crappies in the boat and one of them even got Chuck a nice frame worthy NCARP Citation from the NC Wildlife Resources division for an exceptional catch today.

Great and fun times were had by us all today and Mike got his freezer filled back up with some more Crappie fillets for more future fish frys. Just like when we were doing Saltwater Fishing Charters and had the best Saltwater clients you could ever have, we are now building a growing following to our Freshwater Fishing Charters with the best fishing folks ever!!!! Thank for choosing us for your fishing trips, we have been humbled and Blessed at the same time, you all are the best!!!!

Weather permitting, we will be back on High Rock lake again in the morning tracking down some more hungry crappies to invite to be the guest of honor at the next fish fry, till next time, God Bless You All!!!!

Tuesday, 11-14-23

Today Barbara and I had David Nicholson back with us again and he brought his Brother Allen Nicholson so he could experience the fun and fish so many get to enjoy on our fishing charters. I don't often get a request to do a two species trip since it doesn't really give each species the time really needed to make it happen if the bite is tough that particular day. But, today we did a catfish and crappie trip and all went well.

We started off catfishing and it looked like the catfish were really going to cooperate today. We picked up a channel cat, then a blue catfish, and shortly after this a 15+ flathead Catfish. We were in the bait heavy and the catfish were hanging out below picking off Bait and our baits as well. We continued to keep fishing for catfish hoping the bite would fire back off again, but all we managed for the next few hours was just bites with no hook ups. It was getting later in the afternoon and I was stressing out now from not going crappie fishing sooner since we only had 1 hour and 45 minutes left into the trip. But, I suggested it anyway and they both agreed.

We went to a place where we have been doing well on the crappies all year, but not today. After about 10 minutes I said let's go. I made a hail Mary run to another place, dropped the livescope in and before I even got to the log I usually find fish on I ran across a good school of suspended crappies. It was a God send to me, we couldn't hardly keep the rods in the water and in the little time we had left on our trip the guys put 36 nice crappies in the cooler to go with their catfish today.


Another great trip with great folks and plenty of fish to take home for fish frys. It just don't get any better than this!!! I have to thank God for his favor on us today, for without God, I am nothing!!!


Till next time, God Bless You All!!

Monday, 11-13-23

Today Barbara and I were fishing with Doug Wells, Ben Davis, and Eddie Davis, all from Lexington, NC.


We put in at flat swamp and commenced to hit brush piles in water around 12 to 20 feet. The fish were there via the livescope but very few on each place would cooperate. So the key today was to keep going to spot after spot and get those couple and move on to the next place.The winds were howling and the lake keeps dropping making it even harder to entice fish to bite but the gang today beat the odds and put 35 nice crappies in the cooler for a fish fry.

Thanks to you all for going fishing with us today. Barbara and I only hope we met and possibly exceeded your every expectation today.


Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Sunday, 11-12-23

Today was a special day for Barbara and I. One of the guys was Clyde Hogan, from Lexington, NC that I had not seen for at least 35 years. We go way back to the very beginning of professional Bass fishing and we fished many bass tournaments together. Even won some!!! With him were some of his friends Micahel Kennedy from Lexington, NC and the owner of Randy's Restaurants in the Lexington and Welcome area of Davidson County. Lee and Hayden Kennedy were on board with us today to run down a few crappies for a nice fish fry!!

The weatherman said it was going to be winds of 9 mph today, I just wonder where he was talking about, at one time today the main lake was white capping from a stout blow. We marked a lot of structure today and a lot of fish as well in and around these structures. Only to pick up a couple fish off each one.

We started our search today in the flat swamp area of High Rock Lake and I hit quite a load of structure in depths from 5 feet to 25 feet still just picking at a few fish here and there. As we were fishing Barbara and I was discussing an area we call the "hang up hole" we call it that because 99% of the time you drop a jig or bait to the bottom there you will get hung up. So, we always count down to just the top of the structure as crappies feed by looking up anyway!!

We were a long way from this place, but what did I have to lose. We know what the area can do so I went out on a limb and told everyone to wind in,we going on a little road trip by water. We took off for to the spot, I live scoped it and it was loaded with fish in the brush but on the outside of the brush there was a lot of suspended crappies around 10 feet down. I told Barbara to count the baits down to 9 and 10 feet and let's see if they were hungry. Hungry wasn't the word for it, for a little while it was fish after fish coming over the side of the pontoon.

We had made a long run late in the trip and we're now on the main lake. We hated to call it a day after taking me so long to put the puzzle together today but we had to head back to the Pebble Beach boat ramp If we didn't want to run in low light conditions of on coming dark 30. We took our pictures, checked the clicker on the cooler and it read 65 nice crappies in the box, and pointed the pontoon towards our destination and off we went.

What a fantastic day of fishing, even if it was cold, starting off with a long time friend I hadn't seen in many years, and, at the end of the day we had made 3 more new friends that we are now looking forward to spending more time fishing with Clyde, Lee, Hayden, and Michael.

Thanks for stopping by and till next time, God Bless You All!!!!

Friday, November 10, 2023

Today we went to High Rock lake after crappies. We watched the weather close and decided that we probably would have a window of good enough weather to get some crappies. We were fishing today with Rusty Parsons and his son Alan Parsons from Randleman, NC., we also had Rusty's daughter Sarah Lovejoy from Boone, NC to come along as well.

The morning was very nice with 60+ degrees, but, it didn't take very long for the winds to pick up and the temperatures to start dropping. We were still OK with this. Then around 12PM a very light rain started, a rain so light it would have been greatly appreciated in the middle of Summer but not in these conditions.

Around 1:45 we had 39 crappies in the cooler and the call was 1 more or 2pm, let's go get warmer, didn't take long at all and we had our 40, nice crappies and we called it a a day at 2PM.


It was an awesome trip with more fantastic people. God continues to Bless us with some of the best people in the world to book fishing trips with Yeah Right Charters!!


Till next time, God Bless You All!!!!

Thursday, 11-9-23

We were back on High Rock lake again today chasing more crappies. We met up with repeat friends and clients Douglas Newell from Fayetteville, NC and Don M Royster, Sr from Denver, NC.


We moved a lot today due to picking up a few crappies on each stop and after a couple the bite would go south. I don't know why they do that, but I do know is when it does you have to recognize it and leave the rest till the next time. A couple on each stop and we made around 25 stops and that's in the vicinity of 50 crappies. We caught crappies today from 2 feet all the way to 24 feet.  A friend, Luis, came by today and dropped off 11 crappies for the guys to take home, and the clicker had 57 on it today and adding in the 11 from Luis gave us a total of 68 crappies. Thanks Luis, they and I both appreciate you!!

The weather is supposed to make a down hill shift tomorrow with possible rains and cooler if not colder conditions on the water. Barbara talked with tomorrow's group and we'll be meeting them in the morning at Pebble Beach to see if the crappies have decided they are a little more hungry than they were today.

The bite was actually good today, there were quite a few fish missed today, probably about as many as we caught, but, that's just a reminder of why it's called fishing and not catching. But honestly, I like the catching part of fishing more for my customers, much more than the fishing part of fishing!!

Thanks for stopping by and till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Wednesday, 11-8-23

This morning we went to Tamarac Marina to pick up one of our regular fishermen David Nicholson from Union Grove, NC and his friend John Baugus from Hamptonville,NC came with him. We were looking for catfish today and I went down the lake towards Panther Creek where I had been livescopeing catfish while I have been crappie fishing in the area.

.They were still some around but as we slow trolled they didn't seem interested in my freshly caught shad. I decided to try anchoring and as soon as I anchored on an area where we could also fish for a few crappies while we try this technique a bit. I had no more than got anchored when we got a bite, no hookup, but a bite.

We picked up a few nice crappies to put in the cooler but after around 30 minutes with no more bites we moved on. I knew I had to find the fish and Bait in the water depth they were liking today. Baits were fresh gizzard and threadfin shad I caught this morning with my Betts 8' Super Pro Cast net. Fresh and lively Perch and cut Perch we caught this morning as well, and some live Bream that we caught this morning as well. We did have a crushing hit on the live Bream but it came off as well. They just weren't committing whole heartedly to the baits today, but we still had a great time catching and fishing. We caught all our fish today except for one on planer boards. If you haven't tried these amazing boards, you. Need to, they pull great at slow and fast speeds. Today, was the first time I've had a chance to use these boards and I'm the one that got hooked the worse, they are everything I've heard about them, and more!!!! And David, that rabbit salad was awesome, hate I didn't ever have time to try your jerky, hopefully next time if you have it again. I'll guarantee you that if Bobo was still with us, he would have been your best buddy with that jerky, he loved it!!

Well it was a slow pick today and we finished up with catching 5 nice blue catfish, we had 6 more good pulls on the Shakespeare MH Catfish Rods that just didn't hook up, and 5 more fish on that we got almost to the net that just came unbuttoned. That's the way fishing goes sometimes, but I don't have to like it, just accept it!!!

Thanks guys for fishing with us again and we'll see you again next Tuesday. Thanks everyone that takes the time to read my reports. I hope you pick up some tips to help you with your fishing as well. Till next time, God Bless You All!!!!

Monday, 11-6-23

Today we met up with Vivian Hedgepath from Louisburg,NC, Nic Kizer from Garner, NC and Nelson Manzanares from Smithfield, NC at the Southmont wildlife boat ramp to go catch some crappies. We started picking up a few crappies this morning and the bite got better as the day progressed. I wanted to take some single pictures of them holding the bigger fish and they requested we didn't take any pictures so we honored their requests. I did sneak in a couple pictures with Barbara holding a couple nice crappies!!

We tight lined minnows today and caught our fish on structure, on drop offs and along the main Creek channels in water from 12 to 15 feet. Once again, Randy Hodge stopped by and gave my fishermen 7 nice crappie he didn't want to clean. Thank you Randy, that's really nice of you to do this!!!

I found out later this evening that Nelson didn't want to take any crappies home with him so that left all the fish with Nic and Vivian. With that information, we ended the trip this afternoon with 66 crappies and 7 more from Randy, making it 73 fish to take home and that was enough to clean after a 2 hour drive back home.

Had a cancelation for tomorrow and decided not to post it so I could use that time to get our Striper boat almost ready to go in a couple weeks to Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia to fish a striper tournament with a bunch of friends. We look forward to this fishing trip very much every year!!!

We'll be back out on High Rock lake Wednesday morning, but this time we will be in pursuit of some catfish. Been a while since I've had a catfishing trip and Barbara and I are looking forward to a change of pace in the middle of our crappie trips. If I do have a report tomorrow evening it will be where you can catch some shad for catfish bait, that is,  if I find it😁!!

Making our fishermen and fisherwomen happy is the driving force behind us and God gets us through it all still at 72. Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Friday, 11-3-23

This morning we met our fishermen at Tamarac Marina to search for some biting crappies. Notice I said "biting crappies"!!! When Isaac Jerome Heggins, Jimmy Heggins, and Pete Phillips, all from Salisbury, NC got on the boat this morning I told them that the 3 day blow, the high pressure that we had and then was replaced with the cold low pressure, and the water now in the 50's,would most likely have the crappies a little confused and their appetite might be a little off key. So, I figured it was going to be tough bite today.

I try not to be negative, but sometimes I have to lay it on the line to let them know what just might happen and if they still want to go, and the fish don't bite, our NO FISH NO PAY guarantee is still valid, even in tough conditions and heads up notification of conditions. I got to be fair, honest, moral, and ethical in all my business practices and treat everyone that fishes with us the way I would want to be treated, And I especially like to "Under promise and over deliver"!!!

We left Tamarac Marina and headed out to where I figured the crappies would be and I was right, they were there, but I think their mouths had been sewed shut. I could see them come up to the baits then turn away and if I moved up too close to the structure quite a few would just swim off and leave.

Well now, around noon we had just a couple nice crappies for the first 4 hours of our trip and it was obvious the bite we had been having on the main lake had gone south with the weather. I decided to take our crappie hunt to the Flat Swamp area of the lake. Our first stop in the swamp and we were greeted with several various size crappies. Now that was more like it. Each stop produced the same results. It wasn't a barn burner bite, but it was much better than the morning bite we had. I had already wrote the day off as a "donated trip" but I somehow managed to put together a decent trip, the guys were very happy, and that's my goal, and we ended the trip this afternoon with everyone having enough crappies for several plates of fresh fish. A couple times the bite got so fast I could hardly keep up with the count as they were putting what they caught in their own buckets. But it was somewhere around 35 to 40, a lot more than I ever thought we were going to get at noon when I made the decision to make a major move, what did I have to lose. I told the guys that since I was already a zero for the day so far, it was my only hope to be a hero today. Like I said earlier, I like to " under promise and over deliver" and that's just what Barbara and I did today.

Thanks for stopping by, taking the weekend off, I HAVE GOT TO SERVICE THE TRANSMISSION IN THE TOW VEHICLE before Barbara has to pull the boat to the ramp while I push. But Monday morning we'll be back at it again!! Hope to see you on the water and till next time, God Bless You All!!!!!

Monday 10-30-23

Another day on High Rock lake chasing crappies with more great friends and even greater people. Barbara and I have been really Blessed to have made so many new friends through our new adventure of Freshwater Fishing Charters.

We were fishing today with Natasha Cowan, Harry Cowen, Bertha Cowan, and Barry Russell, all from Lexington, NC. Our first stop this morning started off a little slow then it was like the preverbal light switch was flipped on and the crappies fought over our minnows to get into our cooler and after 1 1/2 hours when the bite finally slowed we already had 60+ crappies. A few more places hit and we ended a fantastic day of great conversations, many laughs, and just hanging out with good friends while putting 100 crappies in the cooler and Barry even added a nice channel catfish and another even bigger blue catfish to the days total catch. Their cooler today was pretty big but just barely had enough room to hold the fish and be able to have some ice to keep them cold. Good thing they were locals and didn't have to go very far before they could clean them up for the freezer!!

The cold front coming in is supposed to bring in rain starting early tomorrow morning. We will see what it's doing around 5AM and make the call on tomorrow's Crappie Charter, but it doesn't look good right now. Then it's supposed to get colder after tomorrow, but, we all knew it would, it does it every year about this time. When you book a fishing trip when it's warm and the time for the trip hits in this weather, it's sorta a bit intimidating and we have just had Thursday, November 2nd to cancel and also Saturday, November 4th also canceled saying it's just too cold for them right now. We've turned down several folks for November because we didn't have anything left open, well we now have 2 days open up. We very seldom have cancellations so call or text 336-309-5900 quick before we are booked solid again.

I want to take a moment to Thank everyone who has made this our best year ever in our new Freshwater Fishing Adventures. I truly hope we have met y'all's every expectation and maybe even possibly exceeded your every expectation. We sure hope we have!!! Thanks for stopping by and till next time,,God Bless You All!!

Sunday, 10-29-23

Well, today we had David Kirkpatrick from Lexington, NC., Vaughn Porcher and Edwardo Benitez from High Point, NC. on the pontoon going after crappies  on High Rock lake. The first stop proved to me that they must be feeding up for the coming cold front. 1st line in and for the next couple hours it was pretty good action with some very nice crappies.

I was very surprised when Barbara told me on the way home that Vaughn  had never been crappie fishing. I'll just make a long story short here with that information. Barbara explained to them what we do and I was thinking all day they already knew how we fish for crappies. It was "once and done " with the instructions and the crappies never knew what hit them!!!!!!!

Edwardo got the biggest crappie today at 1.12 oz. and many more hit the cooler right behind that one but were just shy of that weight. The total count that we kept today was 140 that went home with the guys for several family fish frys.

Thanks guys for choosing Yeah Right Charters for your fishing trip today. You had many Charters to choose from and we are honored y'all chose us for your trip. We only hope we met and possibly exceeded your every expectation.

Looking forward to tomorrow's Crappie fishing trip. Will the crappies still be bighting after the passing of the cold front. I don't know, but, I know I don't like to take no for an answer when it comes to catching fish so I will not give up and will do all I can to hunt them down and coax them to bite, and if I can't, then we don't charge a dime, yep, NO FISH NO PAY guarantee on our charter boats.

Thank you all for reading our reports, liking our pages, commenting on our posts, and following us. If you haven't hit the "LIKE" icon, we encourage you to do so, if you don't follow us, we would love to have you join our family of followers, and if your not interested in any of that, we're still very appreciative that you read our reports. Oh yeah, most fish today were caught at 10 feet. But after the cold front I'm expecting them to go deeper. Man, I sure took up a lot of your time with this report, I'm sorry, and till next time, God Bless You All!!!!

Saturday, 10-28-23

Today we had the pleasure to fish with a couple local guys that wanted to learn our techniques for Crappie fishing thinking it would help them immensely in taking their grand kids fishing. After a brief session they agreed this would definitely be the way to take them crappie fishing and definitely get them hooked on fishing. Our method makes it easy to fish brush for the seasoned Angler and beginners alike. Its taken me more years to perfect this method than most fishermen on the lake have been alive. Simply put, it's easy, stress free, fun, and it catches fish!!!

Just ask C.J. Fritts from Lexington, NC and Jerry Shipton from Denton, NC. We spent the day honing their skills to get them ready to introduce their family to crappie fishing the easy and restful way. The bite was pretty good with the unseasonal weather and full moon right now. We were heading to our last stop of the day when we ran across Randy Hodge and he ask my guys if they wanted some more crappies to go with their catch today. Randy shared part of his catch today with the guys and gave then 12 very nice crappies. Thank you Randy, the guys and Barbara and I Thank you sir for your generosity!!!

When all was said and done today we had 150 fish ln the 2 coolers, not counting the dozen Randy gave them, if you count those it would have been 162. The Lord keeps Blessing us with the finest men and women this area has to offer to join us on our fishing trips. We promise to treat you all with honor, dignity, respect, and treat you by the "Golden Rule".

Back on High Rock again tomorrow for more crappies. How will it come out in the end? Just stop by here tomorrow evening late and we'll let you know.


Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Friday, 10-27-23

Today we picked up Gary Coffee from Monroe, NC and Wayne and Brandon Benjamin from Charlotte, NC to run down some more of the crappies like we been catching lately. Gary has crappie fished with us many times this year and wanted to get his friend Wayne and his son Brandon hooked on crappie fishing. Today was Wayne's 2nd crappie trip and it was Brandon's 1st time. By the end of the day Wayne and Brandon were catching on to how to do this and I do believe they were the big catch today and next trip they will be dialed in and give Gary a run to the finish.

We caught some nice crappies today, lost quite a few, and just had a great day of fishing and able to teach some new fishermen the art of catching crappies. Like I told them, they did great and we all have to learn sometime. None of us start off at the top, we all have a learning curve to help them hone their skills over the next many years. These guys are off to a really good start and we are proud to be able to teach them.

We caught crappies from 10 feet down to 18 feet today. We ended the trip this afternoon with 70 nice crappies. You know you had a good day when you have ro offload your catch with a shovel!!, I expect the fronts we have coming in the next few days is going to change up and mix up the patterns as we know now. But, the fish will always be somewhere in the lake, we'll just have to figure the pattern out again.

We'll be back on High Rock lake again in the morning with more crappies being our target species. The water temperature this morning was at 60 degrees and by 3pm it was at 67 degrees. Thank for stopping by and till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Wednesday, 10-25-23

This morning we met Russ Gobble, owner of Shumaker's Appliance and Furniture in Lexington, NC and he had 3 of his crew members with him to go crappie fishing. Joining him today was Ritchie Green, Steve Pribble, and Justin Thomason all from Lexington, NC.

Our first stop would soon set the stage for today's fishing pattern. I was seeing lots of crappies on the livescope but after you picked just a few off the bunch the bite would shut down.


This is typical when the water drops into the very low 60's and today it was 60 degrees and the crappies are on the move again coming out of the coves and working down deep points leading to the main channels where they will winter in schools while waiting for the warming spring temperatures to start bringing them back out of deep water to move towards the shallows to spawn when the spring water temperatures get around 65 degrees. If you don't find them now in 15 to 25 feet deep on points around structure, then look for suspended fish in the same areas. They are on the move again now.

I spent the afternoon focusing on this pattern and we stayed on the move and did our work putting a few fish in the cooler on each one of many stops today. We had some nice crappies and we ended our trip with 71 slabs in the cooler.

Really enjoyed meeting you all today and fishing with you. Barbara and I hope we met your every expectation today and hopefully we might have even exceeded your every expectation. Talks are already in the air about our next trips to be made. We are looking forward to seeing ya'll and catching some more fish.

Be sure to check out Shumaker's in the pictures and go by and see these guys and check the store out. 1st class operation and has been in business for more years than I can even count. I was 16 years old when I started doing business there, and I'm now 72. You don't last that long unless you are doing an honest business and treating people right and with respect!!!

Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Tuesday, 10-24-23

We went back to Tamarac Marina this morning to pick up Thomas Long, Pete Phillips, and Theo Gladden all from Salisbury, NC. Pete and Theo had fished with us before but Thomas was the " new guy" this morning. Yeah, now he's "hooked" as well.

The bite for me had changed since last week and I had to try to figure them out again. I was beginning to worry I wasn't going to be able to. Not really sure I did, but I managed to put together a bite that got us 70 nice crappies and a few perch to boot to go in their coolers today even with a lot of lost and missed fish!!! But, you can't catch them all!!!

Usually this time of year I've moved to fishing Flat Swamp area of High Rock Lake and I went there one day last week. We caught some, but it didn't produce like the main river has done for me all year so far, so we went back to the drops and structure off the main channel again today. Water was 60 degrees with calm winds and very little flow through the dam and the lake was down 2.93 feet. Will be back on High Rock lake again tomorrow might as well not try to fix something that ain't broke, not yet anyway!!!

Thank you all for reading our fishing reports, please be sure to like us on fb and like my personal page as well, and click the follow icons and come along with us through our fishing reports.

Be safe on the water and till next time, God Bless You All!!!!

Sunday, 10-22-23

After canceling Friday and Saturday due to all the drama from the weather forecasters we decided to just go today and come back if it was too bad to fish. The only thing we had were some windy conditions but we have fished in lots harder winds than we had today in the Pontoon.

We met up with Cody Tyler and Robert Biesecker from Lexington, NC and Brantley Wray from Trinity, NC at Tamarac Marina this morning to go after crappies. We stayed on the move fishing 16 to 20 feet of water and this was where we found the best bite.

I strayed off this pattern for a bit just to be reminded that I had found the best bite at the best depth and I needed to get my butt back in that zone. About that time I heard one of the guys say " we were hoping to have one of those 100 crappie days you post pretty often on your reports" my reply was, I'll do my very best to make it happen!!! I made my way back to some structure I have on the drop offs on points leading to the main river channel. We fished these areas and when the day ended we had 105 fish on the clicker that consisted of 101 crappies, an eater size channel catfish and Blue Catfish. We also got a flathead Catfish that we took a picture of and released, didn't count and a couple nice Perch to round out the 105 mark.

I love it when a plan comes together and I want to thank God for guiding me to the right places today to fulfill my fishermen's wishes. Without Him, I am nothing. Thanks for stopping by to read my fishing reports and adventures and till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Thursday, 10-19-23

This morning we were back on High Rock lake with Michael Fox from Greensboro, NC and Craig and Morgana McCracken from Holly Springs, NC and we were in search for some biting crappies.

It was a tough day to find and then get them to bite much, but, we stayed with them from 14 feet down to 23+ feet and put together a good catch of 50 nice crappies today.

Tomorrow's trip has been canceled because of the weather forecast for rains and storms. And now it looks like Saturday and Sunday's trips are going to be blown out with 25+ MPH winds. Will just have to play it by ear and not take any unnecessary chances to jeopardize anyone's safety or comfort. If the next 3 days get cancelled, Monday looks good at this time and we'll be back on the water again Monday morning.

Thanks for stopping by and till next time, God Bless You All!!!!

Monday, 10-16-23

We met our fishermen this morning at Tamarac Marina to look for some crappies on High Rock lake. We were fishing with Phillip Flowers from Conover, NC. Michael Driver also from Conover, NC and Matthew Flowers from Catawba, NC.

We left the dock and as I got closer to the main river/lake I asked Barbara where did all this dirty/muddy water come from. She then reminded me about all the rains that fell Saturday here and all the way to the mountains. Then to stir the pot, today's wind forecast must have been for another planet, it sure wasn't here!!! Well, we are here, let's do the best we can with the time we have to do it in. I knew after our first 6 stops I had a long row to hoe today. All we could do was stay on the move and put our baits in front of every crappie we could find on the livescope.

For us, they just didn't like all the rains, the lake rising another foot, the brown colored water, the temperature in the mid 60's, and the 2 fronts that came through the last 2 days. Too bad it's not a full moon or I'd use that excuse as well. What crappies we did catch were good quality fish. We ended the day with 24 crappies . After coming off days with triple digit catches of crappies I told the guys I couldn't control the bite but I can control the way our business is run, and I did what I felt was the right and ethical thing for no better than the fish that were caught today. If you've fished with us before, Offshore Saltwater, Near shore Saltwater, backwater Saltwater, and now freshwater Charters then you know what I mean. We're going to always be as fair and honest as we can possibly be every time!!

Trying to get hold of tomorrow's crew that's going on a Crappie trip to inform them of the conditions on the main lake so we can make arrangements for a different place to pick them up. Sure don't want to fish the main lake again for crappies until it clears up some. Thanks,everyone that stops by to read our reports. Till next time, God Bless You All!!!!

Friday, 10-13-23

Today Barbara and I had the pleasure of meeting 4 brothers this morning at Tamarac Marina and took them in search of some crappies. They were Tanner Maston, Justin Maston, Brandon Maston, and Tyler Maston from Concord, NC. When you meet young men like these guys it still gives you hope for this country!!

Apparently the cold front we had yesterday finally hit home today, for me anyway, I found the bite today less aggressive than yesterday. But the quality of the fish was still good!!,so, we stayed on the move and picked at them all day and when it was time to head back to the marina, we had 65 nice crappies in the cooler.

I sure hope these guys come back to fish with us again sometime, today was just one of the many reasons why we still do this at our age!!!

We have canceled tomorrow's Crappie Charter because it's supposed to rain. Yes, we will fish in the rain but one of our fishermen had a procedure and he couldn't get it wet. No fish is worth risking someone's health and safety!! We will just rebook when the weather is better!!

OK, it's late and I've wasted enough of your time.....Till next time, God Bless You All!!

Thursday 10-12-23

This morning we headed down to Tamarac Marina to meet up with Chuck Duncan from Hiddenite, NC Charles Duncan also from Hiddenite, NC also William Braswell from Hickory, NC and Roger Braswell from Taylorsville, NC.

I struggled this morning to find biting crappies. They were still around 18 feet per the livescope off the main river channel but they had buried into the structure and were hard to get them to bite. It definitely took a stealthy approach, for us, anyway!!

We left our first stop with only 10 crappies in the cooler and stopped on the underwater bridge that was left when the lake was built. Same thing here, the fish were there and we picked at a few of those as well, but not the kind of bite I was looking for. I took a gamble and from here made a major move across the main lake to shallower structure. Now, we were getting somewhere!!! We stayed on structure in around 12 to 15 feet the rest of the day and when we wrapped the trip up at 3PM we had 115 very nice crappies in the cooler for the guys to take home for a family and neighbors fish fry.

Back after more crappies in the morning, can we keep the pace going, just come on back tomorrow evening and see how we do as the crappies are starting their fall patterns now that the water is cooling down!

Thanks for stopping by and Barbara and I would appreciate it if you would hit the like button when you read our reports. Be sure to follow us on fb and Instagram as well. If you want to go on a fishing trip where on the local lakes and rivers you are GUARANTEED to catch fish or your trip will be FREE!!! All you have to do is call or text Barbara at 336-309-5900 and she'll get you set up and/or answer any questions you may have. When you call or text, you're not obligated to book and you don't pay a penny until your trip is run and everything goes as planned.

We'd love to show you how we do business the old fashioned way!!! Just go on our website and read our customer comments on our Guestbook page, these say it all about us!!! Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Wednesday, 10-11-23

Today was one of those days you have in the fishing charter business. It was great people, good fishing, loads of laughs and excellent comradery. The only way it could have possibly been any better would have been if Bobo were here to go along. But, unfortunately Bobo's Time on earth had caught up with him and he had to go live with God until my time is up on earth and we meet at the rainbow bridge, but, until that time comes, life goes on and we have to keep pushing forward as best we can, no matter how hard it hurts!!!

Today we picked up Jason King from Biscoe, NC., Harvey Watson from Troy, NC., Steven Roberts from Charlotte, NC., and Hugh Huggins from Mt. Gilead, NC. at Tamarac Marina this morning on High Rock lake to go after crappies.

Hugh and Jason have fished with us several times now and knew the technique we use to catch crappies. At our first stop, Hugh and Jason were putting a whooping on the 2 new guys. They didn't take long until everyone was dialed in and then it was "Game On"!!!! We caught some nice slabs today, and when all was said and done we had 104 very nice crappies in the 60 qt. Cooler.

Back on High Rock lake again tomorrow after more crappies. Tomorrow's group have fished with us before and they too are a " hoot' to fish with!! It's gonna be another good day with great people, I know, we had a blast last time, just like we did today!!!Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Thursday, 10-5-23

Seems like folks are coming from all over to go fishing with us here at Yeah Right Charters. It's an honor we don't take lightly and we love to really spoil our fishermen.  Today we picked up David Blythe from Mt. Holly, NC., David Holsinger from Mt. Pleasant, NC., Tim Harge from Belmont, NC., and Danny Auten from Charlotte, NC. at Tamarac Marina to go get their cooler filled with some nice crappies.

The bite was a little slower than yesterday but it was still a good bite, just had to search a little more today for crappies positioned and moving that show signs of wanting to bite our baits. The guys picked up really quick the small details that make the way we do this so effective.

Great times were had today and we ended the day with 100 nice crappies in the cooler. I bet on their next trip they will bring a bigger cooler. If this interests you we still have very few days left open in November, sorry, October is booked solid, don't hesitate to call or text 336-309-5900 or you'll miss out again.

Taking tomorrow and the weekend to get some things done I have GOT to get done, but we'll be back on the water again starting Monday morning. Thank you all for coming by to read our fishing reports and please know y'all are the best. Be sure to hit the like button while you are there and let's go fishing sometime, till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Wednesday, 10-4-23

Today we picked up Douglas Newell from Fayetteville, NC and Don M. Royster, SR. from Denver, NC. at Tamarac Marina to go out on High Rock lake and fill both their coolers with crappies. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?

Our first stop in 18 feet of water was a blast. We didn't even get the 2nd rod in before we had a nice slab on the first rod. We made a total of 3 stops today and the fish were biting really good. It's that time of year and if the weather holds it will just get better now through winter, and winter time is Barbara and my favorite time to catch crappies. They just taste better when they come out of cold water, or at least that's what we think!!!!

When we finished this afternoon we had on the clicker cooler counter 135 crappies. I know we missed some getting on the counter due to a malfunction that I had to fix when I got home this evening.

We had a lot of fun today, Lots of smack talk, fish caught, fished missed, laughs and just great folks doing what we all love when people fish on the Yeah Right Freshwater Charters boats. Thanks guys for choosing us for your fishing trip today. You had lots of choices and we were very honored to show you what we are about and how we spoil all our fishermen!! Barbara and I only hope we met your every expectation and maybe even exceeded it a bit!

We are back on High Rock lake again tomorrow in pursuit of more crappies. Drop by tomorrow evening for our fishing report if you have time and please "Like" us on fb and all the other 109 venues that carry our reports. Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Monday, 10-2-23

Today was a great day to be crappie fishing. They are on the move and we are moving right along with them on a regular basis. Barbara and I had a group today that came from all over to get on the pontoon and learn how we do this. The guys caught on right from the start and that really help us put the crappies in the cooler!! Fishing with us today was Willie Anderson from Raleigh, NC., Bernard Cooper from Wake Forest, NC, Ken Ingram from Greenville, NC and Billy Lawrence from Clayton, NC.

We started off slow this morning as I was trying to get dialed in on today's depth that we needed to be targeting the crappies in. Turned out it would be 15 to 20 feet today on points leading to creek mouths.

When all was said and done, the automatic clicker cooler said we had 121 nice crappies. The guys were very pleased so much they booked their next trip before they ever got off the boat this afternoon.

Barbara told me October is booked full and the phone is ringing every day as we are now booking November steady, don't wait to call or text Barbara at 336-309-5900 if you want to fish with us and have a great time plus catch fish, guaranteed, or the trip and good times on the local lakes will be Free!!

Thank you all who continue to support us give us such rave reviews on fb, our website, and our guestbook. And thank you all that follow us and like our post on our social media pages. Ya'll are the best!!!! Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Saturday, 9-30-23

Today we met James Jones, Sr. from Charlotte, NC James Jones, Jr from Concord, NC and Michael Mwanza from Concord, NC at Tamarac Marina to get some crappies. It started off a slow bite picking up a couple here and a couple there, but we stayed on the move and I was determined to find some biting crappies so we could fill the cooler.

With only 1 1/2 hours left on the trip, I finally hit the jackpot and we went from 18 crappies to 70 crappies before we called it a day!!! The guys were great to fish with, they caught on real quick to the no hassel laid back way we catch crappies, and even one of them had never been on a boat and had never caught a crappie, can't say that anymore, he out fished everyone. At one time he could hardly keep a rod in the water he was catching crappies so fast.

If you'd like to give this a try, on a vessel with a USCG Captain with 66 years fishing experience please  give us a call or text @ 336-309-5900 and that can get you all the information and rates with no obligations to book.


Have a Blessed day and till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Thursday, 9-28-23

Today we went fishing on Badin Lake with Sam Crockett and his brother Chris. They wanted to catch some Bream. The winds were pretty stiff  and that didn't exactly help matters any, it was a tough day for me but we figured them out and put the puzzle together.

We put 80 Bream in the cooler and with about 1 1/2 hours left on today's trip we topped the cooler off with 20 crappies then headed to the fish cleaning table to prepare today's catch for some more fish frys.

Thanks Sam and Chris for fishing with us today, it was a blast as always and already looking forward to our next trip. Thank you also to you all that follow us and for liking our posts.


Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Tuesday, 9-26-23

Today we were back on High Rock lake with Jon Murphy and Jeff Falcone both from Carthage, NC.


I was finding lots of fish on the live scope around 15 to 20 feet but we couldn't get them to bite. We had hit around 6 places and only had a couple crappies in the cooler. So, I made the decision to head down lake and work the main channel drop offs in the 20 foot depth range. Here the bite was not fast but it had some consistency to it which was much better than what we had been finding.

We stayed with this technique all day and when we called it a day around 3PM, we had 100 crappies in the cooler. What I was thinking was going to be a very tough day had me determined to find my fishermen biting fish. I'd like to beat my chest and say I'm that good of a fisherman, but I'll have to admit a little luck can go a long way sometimes!!!

If you want to go catch some crappies, Catfish, stripers, etc. Call or text 336-309-5900 for information and details about our trips and our famous " NO FISH-NO PAY " guarantee.  October only has a few days left open so you better hurry so you won't miss out on a great time and fish frys. I've waited all summer for this fantastic weather we are having now, it feels great after all the sweltering heat we had this summer!!!


Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Monday, 9-25-23

Running a little late tonight but I finally got a chance to get todays crappie charter trip posted. We picked up David and Nicole Nicholson from Union Grove, NC.

 Our 1st stop was on the shallow drop off on the main river where we have been catching some very nice slabs last week. The livescope showed there were still crappies and Bait in the area but they didn't seem to want our Bait this morning. I tried a couple more shallow points that dropped into the main river channel with the same results.

Then I went back to deeper water again and the 15 to 18 foot range was where we found our biting crappies. When the clicker hit the 60 crappies mark, we called it a day. We had a great time again with lots of laughs and conversations. They did real well today, not bad at all for someone that the only time they went crappie fishing was over 40 years ago. Somehow I have a feeling it won't be that long until they go again. Talks already are planning a return trip!!!

Thanks for stopping by and reading our post. If you get the chance let our sponsors listed below know that we told you about them. They all carry quality fishing goods and great customer service, if they didn't, I would not promote them. Be sure to click the "like" button on our fishing report, if you like it, and be safe on the water.


Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Friday, 9-22-23

This morning we had 2 different weather reports. The one on channel 8 said it was going to be rather windy, the weather for High Rock Lake said the wind was going to be around 10 to 12 mph. So, we called Gary this morning to see what they wanted to do and I told them that one of the forecasts would most likely be right so we decided to go into it with an open mind and just play it by ear and come in if too bad.

Well, it was channel 8 weather for the win today, rather windy it was. The fish we had been catching in 10 tp 12 feet of water had moved out a little deeper today. So, Gary Coffee from Monroe, NC who fishes with us regularly now brought his friend Wayne Benjamin from Charlotte, NC along on his very first fishing trip, ever!!!

The bite was slow today, the livescope kept us fishing schools of fish that the front from the storm on the Beach had them confused. But, I don't ever give up and we stayed on the move and started picking up more crappies in 18 to 20 feet of water.

We had some nice crappies today for the fish frys and ended the day around 2PM with 30 crappies to take home and another 15 that were filleting size, but not a as big as we like to fillet, we put into our Catfish bait cooler that gave us 45 total fish today. Our main mission was accomplished! Wayne is the one that got "Hooked" today. He said, I will be back, we can't wait to get him and his son onboard on a good crappie catching day!!!

Thanks for everyone that stops by to read my reports.


 Till next time, God Bless You All!!!


The weather is showing signs of fall temperatures in the air but I expect the fishing to just get hotter than it is right now, if that's possible!!!

This morning we met George Dunagan and Grover Cooke from KING, NC. Harry Hacker from Mocksville, NC. and Hubert Walser from Lexington, NC at the Southmont wildlife boat ramp to pursue a cooler full of crappies for some fish frys.

We started off shallow again this morning but the shallow bite we have been having had slowed. The water is starting to cool down some now and the crappies are starting to make their fall moves and patterns as they begin to get geared up for the cooler water migration of shad into the creek coves.

We had a 60 qt. cooler full of very nice crappies today with many pushing the 1 1/2 pound mark and more. You couldn't have asked for a better time, weather, bite, and group than we had today. We wrapped the trip up at 3pm with 101 crappies heading to various parts of NC today for lots of fish frys!!!

Thanks for stopping by and Barbara said we have very few days left open in September and October. Don't hesitate to call or text 336-309-5900 to book or just get information if you want to get in on some of the best weather and fishing of the year. Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Monday, 9-18-23

We had a beautiful day today to meet up with Chris and Jane Maney from Mars Hill, NC to see if we could get them some High Rock lake crappies to take home with them for future fish frys.

Again today we had our best luck on shallow drop offs at around 12 feet of water. We scoped several deep brush and found quite a few crappies there but with the water dirtiest it's been in a while and the flow a little over 7000 cfs and a stiff wind today the deeper fish just weren't interested, not for us anyway.

We kept working the shallow water drops on the creeks and river channels edge and when we called it a day we had 63 nice High Rock lake crappies heading to Mars Hill.


Great time today with these two and really looking forward to our next trip!!! Till next time, God Bless You All!!

Saturday, 9-16-23

Yes, it's after Labor Day so we do weekend trips now because there's lots less boat traffic and it's much safer. Before I do the fishing report, I said yesterday I'd do an update on the prop singing, the new prop does not sing. Now when I got home from today's trip I took the " singing prop" in my shop and chamfered the trailing edge 18 degrees and rounded it up instead of the squared off edge it had. Will be seeing if that fixes that one. If we get to go crappie fishing Monday, I'll let you know if that stops it on the original culprit. Now, to today's fishing report!!!

This morning we stopped at Hills minnow farm to get ice and bait and listening to some of the local fishermen talking about yesterday's crappie fishing was some of the worse they had had all year is not exactly the way you want to start your day when we picked up Tee Gregory, Terrell Chavis from Stoval, NC and Link Gregory from Henderson, NC. at Tamarac Marina this morning.

Our first 4 stops were messing with my mind along with what I had heard this morning at the tackle shop. After 4 stops we only had 3 crappies in the cooler. On the 5th stop it wasn't looking any better, the fish were there according to livescope, but you know what they say, you can lead a horse to water but, you can't make him drink. The crappies had been being shallow and that's where they should be right now, and they were, but didn't want to bite. So I threw all logic in the lake and went back deep, 20 feet, give or take a couple feet, and there was a few fish in the deep water, not as many as in shallow water, but the deep ones would bite. On our 6th stop we put over 20 nice crappies in the cooler.

Then after a couple hours of picking a crappie here and there, the deeper crappies would come up and look at the bait and turn away, now they didn't want to bite, not for me anyway!!! So I went back shallow and got on top of a drop off on the main river channel, in 10 feet of water and here we finished out the day and when we headed back to Tamarac Marina at 3PM we had 78 very nice fish in the cooler including 4 nice bream an a good eating sized channel catfish and around 11AM this morning I'd have been happy with just the 4 Bream. Never give up!!!!

Thanks for coming by and checking out our fishing trip results, till next time, God Bless You All!!!!

Tuesday 9-12-23

Saying we had a great time today would be an understatement, these guys were a real hoot!! We got started a little late this morning.  When we got to Tamarac Marina to get the pontoon boat ready for this morning, we were greeted with a monsoon kind of rain. When it let up we met up with Dickie Hollar and Jamie Simerly both from Taylorsville,NC and their friend William Braswell from Hickory NC.

We started off again this morning shallow on the tops of drops into the main river channel where we had been catching them all last week. The fish were there but they were sluggish and shy to bite. Although we picked at some working down the drop it wasn't the bite I was looking for. I made a move back to deep water and these crappies were eager to join them as guest of honor at their fish fry!!!! The livescope was instrumental in putting some very, very nice crappies in the box.

I pulled up the radar around 2pm and we had thunderstorms building in and around Charlotte heading our way. So, with this in the near future, we decided to wrap the trip up with the 75 very nice crappies, 4 good eating size catfish, and a nice flathead Catfish we released to grow bigger. God Blessed us today with more than we deserved!!!

The only way this trip could have possibly been any better would have been if Bobo was still with us and on the boat like he was every day for 14 1/2 years. I'll miss him to my last breath, but I know he is in heaven now and not in any more pain and playing with all his doggy friends. See you again soon Bobo!!!

Till next time, God Bless You All!!!!

Sunday, 9-10-23

Today was another great crappie fishing trip on the Yeah Right Charters pontoon boat with Sean from NC, Dorothy Blair & Greg Blair from Columbus, Ohio, and Nate Blair from Charlotte, NC.

I was surprised to find the crappies still shallow after they had dropped the lake to 2' but the majority of today's catch came from 10 to 12' of water on the main river channel on the windward side. Very few fish came from anything over 15'. Guess the bait fish are starting their move to stage for their fall approaches to the coves . We found plenty of crappies on the livescope but only the shallow ones seemed interested in our baits today, especially the suspended crappies.

We ended the day with 62 nice crappies, 2 good sized bream, and 2 perfect eating size catfish. They had such a great time today and were very excited about the bream. So, after they asked a little about the best time to go bream fishing on Badin, they booked a bream trip before they got off the boat. This should be an awesome trip, bream fishing is one I love to do as well, and I have very good places on Badin to catch some nice bream!!!

Right now got tomorrow off unless someone calls or texts 336-309-5900 to go fishing, but Barbara just told me we do have a crappie trip on High Rock lake on Tuesday.

I'm very proud of Barbara, she has become a very good mate on our trips. She was a little "rusty" at the beginning but has buckled down and come a long way and today with 4 people, I was proud of the way she handled herself and kept all 4 peoples hooks baited, their fish off the hooks, got their hooks unhooked from the structure, and netted the bigger fish, plus attended to their needs. She has officially become a very important asset to the Yeah Right Freshwater Fishing Charters team!! Guess I'll have to keep her around for as long as I can!!!


Thanks for stopping by to read my posts. I hate that sometimes they are a bit long and I hope you don't mind too much.....till next time, God Bless You All!!

Friday, 9-8-23

Today was a very special day for us. We had our nephew Tim Koonts' wife Kathy on board with her Dad, Bill Swicegood, whom I hadn't seen in a very long time, and her 2 brothers Tim and David Swicegood all from the Lexington, NC area and we were crappie fishing on High Rock Lake.

We caught crappies at every stop we made, some places better than others, but areas from 10 feet deep on drops to brush and logs in 15 to 20 feet all held fish today. It was a warm to hot day and when the clicker on the fish box hit 80, we called it a good day 2 hours early and headed back to Kathy's lake house to unload the fish and cool off some.

It's after labor day now and we are now taking some trips on the weekends again since the boat traffic is on the decrease from mid summer and it's less dangerous now.

Supposed to do another crappie trip Sunday, doesn't look too promising from the weather forecast so far, but we'll see how it turns out. Hope we can, they have come all the way from Ohio to fish with us!!!

OK, I've got to post can say what you want to, think what you want to, Laugh at me if you want too, and call me crazier than you thought I was, I'll probably agree with you on that last one. Barbara has told me several times she has felt the presence of Bobo since we lost him on July 31st.

Well today Bobo wanted to let me know he was still watching over me, I was sitting in the driver's seat and felt something bump the seat beside me. We were sitting still fishing a brush pile, no one was near me, everyone was up front in the 24' pontoon, no, I'm not crazy, and now I too believe God has let Bobo tell us he will be with us until we can all meet again someday in heaven. God is good all the time, loves the animals, and miracles really do happen, that I know because I'm still alive today, but, that's another story!!! What a glorious reunion it will be for Barbara, Bobo, me and all our lost fur babys!!!

So, yes as they all have been since Bobo went home in July, this and all my fishing reports will be dedicated to " Bobo, Bestest Fishing Dog I've Ever Had In My Life " until I retire from Charters or I'm called home!!!

Thank you all for stopping by, I'm still trying to climb this very difficult mountain and several times I've slipped and fell quite a ways down a hill, but, with God's Blessings, Grace, and his Strength behind me, I will make it one day to the top!!!

Till next time, God Bless You All!!!!

Friday, 9-1-23

Today Barbara and I spent the day crappie fishing with a family we have known for a few years now and they treat us like family and we have been so Blessed to be able to spend time with the Huneycutt family from Albemarle, NC and they all, like us, have adopted each other as family. Fantastic Christian folks we love very much!!!!

We hit High Rock lake this morning with Oron and Jane Huneycutt from Albemarle and their son Ryan Huneycutt from Richfield, NC. looking for crappies. It was a great day of catching crappies, great conversations, lots of laughs, and lots of nice crappies also.

We headed back to Tamarac Marina this afternoon with 75 very nice crappies in the cooler and we met up with Ryan's wife Anissa, their daughter Marisa, Marisa's boy friend Cody, and Ryan and Anissa's grand kids Hayden and Kinsley for dinner at Tamarac.

After a very nice dinner, we loaded up the pontoon with everyone and took them for a ride on the lake. The kids weren't really sure about it but we didn't go far before they were loving it. I asked Ryan if they were in a hurry to get home and he said no. Then I asked if the grand kids had ever caught a crappie, no they haven't. So I made a turn and stopped on a drop off where crappies are known to hang out this time of year. It didn't take long until the pontoon was filled with giggles, squeals, and the air was filled with great times and laughter with Hayden and Kinsley cranking in crappies. It was a great day that just tickled Barbara and myself to have been able to put those kids on their first crappies ever. And I know from all the excitement, I now have them "Hooked on fishing".

So with this afternoon action, the crappie count ended up at 85 very nice crappies and with 5 bonus 2+ pound blue catfish and 1 channel catfish for the annual Huneycutt fish fry in November and God willing Barbara and I will be there to share the love and fillets with our adopted family that has adopted us as well.

I have added a few pictures of the fish we caught today using livescope on the 93SV along with what they look like on regular sonar and down view to hopefully help someone that's learning to use this equipment to see the difference in the pictures. Also if you're going fishing this Labor Day weekend for crappies, I kept a count on amounts and depths today also. Hope this information helps you put more crappies in the boat this weekend...... 7' 20 crappies, 12' 25 crappies, 20' 12 crappies, 15' 22 crappies and 6 bonus catfish.


Good luck and stay alert on the lake this weekend, most likely going to be crowded!!!

Till next time, God Bless You All!!!!

Friday, 8-25-23

Yesterday we had a trip for crappies and today was our 2nd day chasing biting crappies on High Rock lake again with Rich Robinson from Dilliner, PA.

It was a hot one for sure and the crappies cooperated enough to get us around 40 to go with yesterday's catch of 35. It was enough crappies for our fish cleaner to stuff 4 zip lock bags completely full of fillets for Rich to take back to Pennsylvania with him.

If you go to High Rock lake this weekend to fish for crappies, the water is in the 80's and you'd think they would be deep. Here's a tip for you, Yesterday and today most of our fish came just off the main river channel drops in water around 10 to 12 feet. Some on small pieces of structure but most were suspended!! Good luck if you go and be careful out there!!

Taking the weekend off to do probably nothing. My parts will be here Monday to get a new lower unit on the 115 Yamaha to stop the bearing whine, and Tuesday got a Dr. appointment. Seems like the older you get the more Dr. appointments you get also

Thanks to everyone that continues to support us and read our fishing reports. You All are the best, appreciate it if you'd like us on fb and please check out our website by clicking on and read some or all our customers comments on our Guestbook page. Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Thursday, 8-24-23

This morning we met Rich Robinson who drove down from Dilliner, PA to go crappie fishing with us. It was a hot day today and the crappies made me work hard before we finally located some that were interested in biting.

We ended the day at 2PM and dropped today's catch of 35 nice crappies in the cooler at the fish cleaner to have them prepared for the trip home to PA. But that trip will happen Friday afternoon after we get tomorrow's High Rock lake crappie trip in with Rich again. We had such a great and fun time today that he wants to do it again tomorrow.

We had 35 crappies in the cooler, but Barbara and I both agreed we lost more than we caught today. But, you can't catch them all!!!

It's late and 4AM comes in just a few more hours and we got to go back to Tamarac Marina to do it all over again tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by and come on back tomorrow evening to see if we find them again.


Till next time, God Bless You All !!!

Frid -23

Went to Tamarac Marina this morning and once again picked up Rosine Bush from Pineville, NC and Russell Miller and Terry Davis from Charlotte, NC to restock their supply of crappies we caught several weeks ago. It's always a lot of fun and laughs along with great conversations when this group is on board. Anthony couldn't make it today, we missed him and he missed a great and fun trip today.

For the most part crappies are holding deep around 20 feet but we are finding the bite better with suspended fish around 15 feet on channel drops and long points. Close to structure, but not on the structure. We called it a day at 2PM this afternoon with 60 nice crappies in the cooler and a tired crew from all the catching we did today. Russell even caught a bonus flathead Catfish today that we got pictures of and released it to grow even bigger!!