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*APPLIES TO Yadkin River, High Rock Lake, Tuckertown, Badin Lake ONLY



Maximum of 4 people per trip

Yadkin River, High Rock lake, Tuckertown Lake, Badin Lake

$200 for 1 Person

$250 for 2 People

$300 for 3 People

$400 for 4 People

Other lake options available are Lake Tillery, Lake Jordan, Lake Hickory, Lake Norman: Rates are higher due to my extra travel distance and preparation expenses. Call 336-309-5900 and talk with Barbara about any of our trips we have available.

$300 for 1 Person

$400 for 2 People

$500 for 3 People

$600 for 4 People

All trips are full day, 8AM - 3PM or 6AM-1PM (summer only). Your trip time starts at lines in the water and ends with lines in the water. And time spent catching bait with a cast net or riding to the first fishing spot will not be deducted from your fishing time and your fishing trip ends on the water, not at the dock. If you are on a time limit schedule please let me know the morning of your trip so I won't keep you out too long, I try extremely hard to give you a full and honest day of fishing and catching!!!

We furnish all bait, tackle and equipment! You furnish what you want to eat and drink and your freshwater fishing license, which can be purchased at Walmart or on-line at All fish caught within legal limits will belong to the anglers. 


If you have questions, want additional information or to book a charter, please call Barbara at 336 309-5900. Please leave a message if no one answers since we sometimes fish areas with no service. Barbara will get back to you as soon as possible.


336 309-5900 

Friday, 5-26-23

I want to thank Jeff Roper from Iron Station, NC and Kenny Black from York, SC for coming and crappie fishing with us today on High Rock Lake. I'll be perfectly honest I was concerned this morning about fishing in the gusty 25 mph winds predicted for today being we were fishing in a big 24' pontoon. Well, worry no more, it even fishes great in those kind of winds!!!!!!!!!

What else can be said......these two guys came to learn and to catch fish and both missions were conquered and exceeded my expectations. We caught some nice crappies today, caught a lot of crappies today, lost several crappies today of various sizes with one most likely 3 lbs or better just out of net range. And that's the way big crappies just get bigger, you can't catch them all, but, we did have 77 on the counter today, and we missed a few when the bite got heated up several times today!!

The comradery today was as good as it gets and it just don't get any more fun than it does on the Yeah Right Freshwater Fishing Charter boats. Already looking forward to our next trip with these guys!!!

If you'd like to join our fishing family and experience the fun we have while catching fish, just call or text Barbara @ 336-309-5900 and she'll give you all the information you need to decide if you'd like to go. You are not obligated to book when you call or text. You're just getting information, and you can then think about it, ask others about us, and book your trip when you are ready too, or not book at all if you don't think you would like to go....the decision is yours to make when and if you are ready!!!

Tomorrow's weather has been predicted to turn nasty so we have rescheduled that trip for another day!! Thanks to everyone that likes us on fb, comments on our fishing reports, and even those that take the time to stop and chat with us at the boat ramps!!! We love you all and you all are a big part of what makes Barbara, Bobo, and myself keep doing what we do so Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Thursday, 5-25-23

This morning we met Brooks and Phyllis Ferguson from Statesville, NC at the Southmont wildlife boat ramp at 8AM to go round up some crappies. We picked a few at every stop we made but just couldn't hit that structure that had the motherload that was just waiting for us to show up.

They told us that they love to crappie fish but just couldn't seem to get them to bite much. Well, they paid attention and soaked up what Barbara was teaching them like a sponge. With the information on how water temperature effects crappies as to where they are located I taught them, I do have a feeling that from this day forward the crappies are going to be in trouble no matter where they go fishing.

Around 1PM I was heading to another place to try and they told me that with 45 crappies in the cooler already they had all they wanted so we called it a day and headed back to the dock. Brooks and Phyllis, y'all had lots of choices to choose from for your fishing trip today and we are honored y'all chose Yeah Right Charters for your fishing trip today. We only hope we met and possibly exceeded your every expectation today!!!

If any of what we do interest you just call or text Barbara at 336-309-5900 and she'll get you set up with information with no obligations to book a fishing trip and when and if you decide this is for you just call or text her back with your chosen date to see if we still have that day available. She said we still have 3 days left open in June, 16, 26, 27 and July and August are booking now as well. Don't wait too long to call or you'll miss the boat again this year!! Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Monday, 5-22-23

Today Barbara, Bobo, and I picked up Ruby and Danny Stevens from Kernersville, NC at the Southmont boat ramp at 9:30AM to get them some crappies for several fish frys. We accomplished our mission by fishing structure on the main river channel edge in around 20 feet of water.

Tight lining was the preferred method again today and it worked great putting 35 nice crappies in the cooler and some of them were really nice. The regulations placed on High Rock lake several years ago by the marine biologist to keep every crappie you catch to reduce the population has produced fantastic results at bringing the lake back to one of the best crappie lakes in NC.

Thanks Danny and Ruby for coming back to fish with us again. Barbara and I always look forward to fishing with you guys whenever you can make the trip.

Taking tomorrow off, and had a cancelation for Wednesday, if you'd like to go for some crappies or catfish call or text Barbara at 336-309-5900 by 9PM Tuesday night. Please don't respond on this phone, this one is used for fishing reports and it seldom gets checked and I might not see your reply for several days!! The 336-309-5900 number is monitored nearly 24/7 and replys will be almost immediate!!!


Till next time,God Bless You All!!

Sunday, 5-21-22

We hit the river in the Carolina skiff with Tim Jackson who owns Jackson's Farm Deer Processing off Hwy 47 in Lexington,NC. But, Tim wasn't fishing, he was treating some of his employees, James Giles, and his wife Kym, and Jonathan Giles to a catfishing trip.

We went behind the High Rock lake dam but the water flow wasn't right but we still gave it a try for about 1 1/2 hours. With no bites, I suggested we make a major move and everyone agreed. We regrouped and I swapped the pontoon for the Carolina Skiff and we launched again at York Hill ramp in the Yadkin river. We kept hitting places until we got on a pattern. Although we didn't set the woods on fire, the guys went home that afternoon with several good eating size Blues and channel cats and Jonathan got his biggest fish ever today with a 17 lb. Flathead he wanted to have mounted.

The excitement today from the group was catching and I'm so glad I decided to make the big move!!!! Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Saturday, 5-29-23

Little late tonight with todays fishing report, but I forgot I had been servicing catfish reels and had 4 more to put back together this evening because we have a catfish trip tomorrow.

Today we went back to High Rock lake for more crappies with Steve Conley from Belmont, NC. James Conley from Marion,NC, Chris Conley from Belmont, NC and Quentin Conley from Marion, NC.

I'll be honest, I didn't get very many single pictures today, I didn't have time. The guys kept Barbara and myself very busy today netting fish, baiting hooks, taking fish off, and I also had to keep the 24' pontoon on top of the fish. Again today they were in the 20 foot + -- depths today. When I would scope the structure and the fish were not moving, just kinda laying there, I would move on and didn't bother fishing for them. Only targeted active fish holding in and around structure.

To say we had a great time is an understatement, it was another awesome day of catching crappies on High Rock lake with more great fishermen and meeting new fisherman today!!!

Got about 25 more small live crappies for the bait holding pen to take on catfishing trips. I'll have some with me tomorrow as a matter of fact. We called it a day this afernoon when the counter on the big crappie fish box cooler said we had put 100 crappies in there. I have a feeling there's gonna be a big fish fry in Belmont, NC sometime soon!!!

Thank you all for fishing with us and also thank everyone that takes the time out of your busy day to read our fishing reports. I hope I help you find more fish when you go fishing. Please be sure to hit the "Like" button on our fishing reports on Yeah Right Charters fb page and till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Friday, 5-19-23

Today we went back to High Rock lake to try our luck again on crappies. We picked up Ryan, and his wife Anissa, Richfield, NC and his mom and dad, Oron and Jane Hunneycutt from Albemarle, NC. They have become great friends and understand the effects of weather on fish and fishing.

I try not to make excuses, but I was upfront with them about the cold low pressure we had today and the strong cold East winds that had the lake white capping again today. With that information and with the results we had today, I'll never ever second guess my fish catching ability and techniques I've developed over the last 60+ years of chasing fish both fresh and Saltwater!

It started out slow, as expected, but I was able to put the pattern together after 2 places we started at this morning. The 24' pontoon is a fish catching machine and 4 people have plenty of room to fish without falling over each other. The fish were holding deep today around 20 feet deep and were schooled up on very small pieces of structure starting around 14 feet down to 20 feet on drop offs connecting to the main river channel. When the "smoke cleared" back at the dock we had 80 crappies, and 2 dozen little crappies in the bait tank to to put in the holding tank at home to keep alive for future catfishing trips!!


If you think you would like to go catching with us, all you have to do is call or text Barbara at 336-309-5900 and she'll give all the information you need to decide if you'd like to go. Then you can think about it and call or text her when you have decided to give it a try. And as always, on our local lakes and river, you are guaranteed to catch fish, or your trip will be FREE!!!

One other thing you might not know about us here at Yeah Right Charters, did you know we have carried an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau for over 30 years now!!!

Back after more crappies tomorrow on High Rock lake. Check back tomorrow evening and see how we do........Till next time, God Bless You All!!!!

Thursday, 5-18-23

We went crappie fishing again today with Dave Magdalinski from Burlington, NC, Larry Martin from Burlington, NC, Phil Martin from Mebane, NC. and Dennis Brooks from Mebane, NC. I wonder now why I was so concerned about the fronts that had gone through lowering the pressure and then this morning we had ENE winds that were blowing hard enough to white cap the lake all over. Well, after shattering the full moon wives tale a few weeks ago, and today, I'll never worry about that stuff anymore, I'll just go fishing and do what I do to the best of my ability.

We caught some really nice slabs today and we caught a lot of crappies of all sizes. 99% were filletable, another 8 were good catfish bait, and when we called the trip short of our regular 3PM quitting time we had 70 crappies in the cooler for the guys to take home.

Once again another great day on the water doing what we all like to do, no, not fishing, we all love the catching part of the sport of fishing!! Great group today, and like Dave said, "Had A Blast! As Usual!!!

Will be back after crappies again tomorrow, give Barbara a call or text @ 336-309-5900 and let's go catching, crappies or catfish, either one is biting good right now!!! Till next time, God Bless You All!!!!

Tuesday, 5-16-23

The weather was a little "iffy" this morning but we moved forward towards High Rock Lake to meet up with Chason, Kristin, and Levi Frye from Lexington, NC to go after some crappies for a family fish fry!!!

We had a little drizzle then it cleared up and the winds picked up to around 20mph but the heavy 24' pontoon fishes good even in these winds. The low pressure had definitely affected the bite we have had the last couple days but all that meant was I had to just work harder to figure them out!! 18 to 21 feet were the magic depths today along with a very extreme slow presentation with very limited movement of the bait. They all caught lots of fish today and they all caught some slabs as well......but it was 9 year old Levi who put the biggest fish of the day in the boat with a 1lb. 7oz crappie. Levi's Dad Chason had a 1.3 and sister Kirsten's was 0.14oz, but they couldn't beat Levi's big fish today.

Lots of fun was had by all and Barbara and I kept the wheels turning smoothly today as I kept the boat over the brushpiles with active fish in them, and Barbara kept hooks baited, fish netted, and fish off hooks to keep everything running smoothly.


We ended the day with 50 fish in the cooler heading to the fish fry and another 25 in the bait cooler heading behind the dam on upcoming catfishing trips. What a Blessing it was to be able to help make wonderful memories for this great family that they and I will remember for the rest of our lives.

Eye Dr appointment tomorrow, after that, we will be out every day the weather permits for a while. If you want to fish with us don't hesitate to call or text Barbara @ 336-309-5900, we are booking the Summer up fast and only have a couple more openings in June and July is booking fast now with very few days left open there. Again, PLEASE call or text the number above. I use this phone and number strictly for fishing reports and business purchases. If you call or text me, and not Barbara, I may not see it for a month, if then please use # 336-309-5900 for all information and charter trip enquiries, Thank You!!!

You are guaranteed to catch fish on our Charters or the trip is FREE, plus you will enjoy fishing with us, that's another guarantee, and I guarantee that!!!!

OK, that's enough, thanks for stopping by, and till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Saturday, 5-13-23

The weather worked out beautiful for us today to go back to High Rock lake and meet up with Travis Woerner from Burlington, NC. After a short talk with Travis I found out that he had grown up fishing and hunting with his dad in and around the great lakes areas of the USA. And no doubt after today his dad has taught him very well how to catch fish, especially crappies.

Travis took his skills he learned from fishing with his dad and applied them to the fish in High Rock lake today and this guy single handed put just over 90 crappies in the boat. The right skills and the right presentation just go hand in hand, great job today Travis!!!!!

Next couple days look unsettled weather wise so we might just wait and start back fishing on Tuesday morning. I need a couple days off anyway to do some tweaking on trolling motors, boat items, and rods reels and tackle!!

I want to stop and give a big THANK YOU to everyone that has followed us from our Saltwater Charters to our Freshwater Charters, and another big THANK YOU to all the new fisherman we have met that have chosen us to guide you on your Freshwater Fishing Adventures!!! Barbara, Bobo , and myself truly hope we have met y'all's every expectation and pray we might have even exceeded those expectations!!! Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Friday, 5-12-23

Today we were fishing High Rock lake again for crappies with Tony and Kim Brown and Andy Murphy all from Carthage, NC. Ryan Huneycutt from Richfield, NC joined us today to give Barbara a helping hand and it was a good thing he came along.

Our 1st stop and it was game on. There for a while we could just barely keep lines in the water, to say it was fast and furious would be an understatement, it was the type of fish catching you usually just dream about!!!.

After it calmed down there we moved to another spot and it was on again and here we beat yesterday's big crappie of 1 lb 12 ounces with a 2 lb black crappie that earned Tony a NCARP Recognition award for an outstanding catch!! The rest of the day we continued to pick crappies up at every stop and on the last stop we caught a dozen or so and then the bite got really finicky. I positioned the pontoon where I could watch them put the baits in front of the fish and would then tell them to set the hook, he has it, and we finished up catching several more without them even knowing the fish had taken the bait!!!

We caught some quality crappies in deep water 18 to 20 feet, on a beautiful day on the water with some very nice folks from Carthage, NC. If we counted the ones I kept for catfish bait we had close to 100 fish today, but the take home freezer stocking tally today was 86 give or take a couple!!

Weather a little bit "iffy" tomorrow, but right now plans are to hit High Rock lake again tomorrow to go for some more crappies. Some rain is OK with me, but if any lightening is involved that's a no go from me!!!! If you go fishing be safe and courteous of others on the water. I was spot locked on a point today and had a fisherman trolling circles around me. It was OK, but come on, have a little respect for your fellow fisherman Till next time,,God Bless You All!!!

Thursday, 5-11-23

We went crappie fishing again today with another great group of fishermen. They were Roger Holmes from Salisbury, NC. Steve Burton and John Phafer both from Statesville, NC. To say we had a great time is definitely an understatement, it was a blast with great conversations and just plain old good times!!!

We started out slow this morning with one of my favorite crappie fishing holes kinda let us down, but I stayed on the hunt and some of the most unlikely places were the most productive. You never know , you can't give up and sometimes you just have to think outside the box, and be ready to switch up at a moments notice when the status quo isn't working.

It was a beautiful day of catching crappies and some were really nice ones. Biggest crappie today was just shy "4 ozs" from hitting the scales at 2 pounds and several more in the pound+ size.

We ended the day with a mid 60's count on keeper crappies and I kept about a dozen small one's for up coming catfish trips. Placing our total catch around 80 for today. We will be back on High Rock lake again tomorrow in pursuit of more crappies. Be sure to check back in tomorrow evening for our final results on that trip. Thank you all for supporting Yeah Right Charters and till next time, God Bless You All!!!!

Tuesday, 5-9-23

After several real good catfishing trips we picked up Ronnie Thompson and his grandson Cooper Welch from China Grove, NC. but today, instead of catfish , we were back on the trail for more crappies. Our 1st stop was not exactly what I was expecting. Plenty of fish in the 20+ feet of water in and around the structure, but, they just weren't really interested in our baits. We caught a few here but finally gave up on them and moved on.

Several more stops produced the same results. We made another run to another deep brush and while I was idling towards the brush on the point, I was scanning with the livescope and seen a school of fish off to my right so I moved over to this school and hit the spot lock on the Minn Kota on the point about 75 feet from where I was originally going. I told the guys don't know what's holding them and if they are crappies and will bite but we just found the mother load. First line in and "fish on"!!!

We ended the day early today with 50 crappies for several fish frys, plus, Ronnie said that was all he wanted to clean. Both these guys were good fishermen and that always helps us tremendously to make it happen. Cooper was a "natural" and I told him I wasn't sure if I could hold my own fishing with him. In other words both guys were good fishermen but, Cooper was gooder!!!

If you like our fishing reports, please like them on fb. Feel free to make a comment also, we would really appreciate it,. If any of our trips interest you just call or text Barbara at 336-309-5900 for any and all information. No obligation to book when you call, you're just getting information to help you decide later if you would like to learn why so many fishermen and fisherwomen rate us # 1 for their fishing trips. Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Friday May 5, 2023

Today, Friday, we met Oron, Cordel, and Ryan Huneycutt once again to go catch catfish for the Huneycutt family reunion fish fry and to celebrate Cordel's birthday. This family has become family to us and we are truly blessed each time they go. We met them this morning at old Whitney landing and went behind Tuckertown Dam.

We had another great day of catching catfish on Badin Lake and the action kept us pretty busy after I finally figured out what presentation the catfish wanted the baits presented to them. Guess it was the full moon, or what ever it was , but we had to tight line our baits about a foot off the bottom to get them to cooperate with us today.

We ended the day with 18 nice eating sized catfish and even had several not get the circle hooks and a few just came off but we still had plenty for the big annual Huneycutt fish fry.


It's always a pleasure when the Huneycutt family can get away to go catching with Barbara and myself!!

Thanks everyone for stopping by and till next time, God Bless You All!!!

May 4, 2023

With an unexpected change in plans and a cancellation we had a couple of days to open up for charters. This was the first one.

Thursday, we picked up Gordon Tracey from Asheville, NC at Tamarac Marina and we headed up the Yadkin River after catfish.


The bite wasn't on fire but we caught enough to keep us interested. Everything was released on Thursday and we all had a great time catching and releasing channel catfish and Blue Catfish plus some wonderful conversation with Gordon who was born in Trinidad, lived in Canada, been all over the world and held some unique jobs.


 Barbara and I both are looking forward to our next trip with Gordon!!!!

God Bless you all and FISH ON!!

PS. The turtle is a soft shell turtle, a protected species. Caught 2 of them!

Saturday, 4-29-23

Today we were on a catfish adventure with Garrett Moore, Alberto Chavez, Billy Harris from Mooresville, NC and Mason Dixon from Landis, NC. I was thinking about going behind High Rock dam today but to be honest, with the outflow around 24000 + I'm just not comfortable in water that turbulent. This comes from my many years as an offshore Saltwater Charter boat Captain and knowing just how quick a good day can turn on you and in turbulent water it just makes it worse at best.

So, I elected to head to the head waters of High Rock lake where we would only have some flotsam to deal with and much less turbulent waters. It turned out to be a good decision for today. We caught blues and channels and lost several and had a big one bite and we knew it was a good one when it rolled on top and broke our 50 pound leader.

If you decide to fish behind the High Rock lake dam just please be very careful and respect that kind of outflow!!! And if you fish the river, be sure to not anchor where a big log or tree can get tangled up in your anchor rope, that could be disastrous with the river current right now!!!

Supposed to go after crappies tomorrow, but that's in limbo right now with the forecast for more rain tomorrow. Haven't decided just yet not to go, but most likely won't, but, if we do, I'll post the results here tomorrow evening!!

Thanks for stopping by, till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Wednesday, 4-26-23

Back on High Rock lake again today with some folks that are very dear to Barbara and I. They were Tim, Kathy, Darrell, and Stanley Koonts of Lexington, NC.

Our 1st stop this morning found lots of Crappies in and around brush in 21 feet of water. It was a good bite for most of the morning and around 11AM the bite slowed and we ventured to other areas where we just picked a few here and there. It was obvious by then that the morning bite was the best today.

With 40 Crappies on ice and the rains starting to threaten us we called the trip a little early because it was too cool today get very wet, that would make for a bone chilling boat ride. And just in case you are wondering, yes, Kathy out fished everyone today. Stanley caught most all the big crappies, with Tim and Darrell adding to the tally as well. Such a great day with even greater people, I know that for a fact, they are family!!!

Weather permitting be back on High Rock lake again tomorrow chasing crappies. Right now Friday looks like a possible "wash out" and Saturday just might let us go after some catfish. Just have to take it day by day this time of year.

Just a reminder, we still have "Gift Certificates" available, they cost you nothing to obtain and we only get paid after the trip is run. Just call or text 336-309-5900 and get your loved one or fishermen in your life a special surprise gift for that special occasion. Till next time, God Bless You All!!!!

Monday, 4-24-23

Ever have one of those days when you are under no pressure, you're just kinda laid back and don't have a care in the world. Well, today I finally got one of those!!! Barbara and myself, along with our good friend Tim Jackson and our son Master Capt Chris Foster and his wife Holly went catfshing. 

Holly started the day off this morning with a nice 38.4 pound blue catfish that will get her a NCARP Recognition award from the state of NC. Pictures were taken and we immediately released this beast to grow even bigger and make more little catfish for future fishermen and women!!! Tim reciprocated with a blue catfish also that was a good size to eat and then a couple more were caught between Holly and Tim and then the bite shut down for us. After trying a few more spots it was obvious the bite was over so we made the decision to load up and head to one of my catfishing holes a few miles away on the Yadkin river above High Rock lake.

This was a smart move as Holly and Tim picked up where they left off on Tuckertown Lake and they together put together a good catch of good sized catfish for Tim to stock his freezer back up with, which was the whole itinerary for today's catfishing trip.

A great and relaxing day with family and friends doing what we all love to do, CATCH FISH!!!! It just don't get any better than this!! Had a cancellation for tomorrow and I didn't advertise it because I needed the day off to do some maintenance on fishing gear and tackle. Weather permitting, be back every day after tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by, be sure to like us on fb an leave us a comment if you want to on our fishing reports. Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Sunday April 23, 2023


Today we picked up Ron Boles from Lexington, NC at his dock in Abbotts Creek to go get a few crappies. The past few warm days we have had made the cold and fog this morning on the water an interesting start for the day.

We found the crappies in deep brush again along the channel drops and put around 20 in the cooler this morning. When we got back to his dock  today he only wanted 4 crappies for dinner this evening so we had plenty. I showed him several areas to fish where he could find and catch some crappies and the techniques we use often with deep dropping and then "spider rigging". Both techniques worked for us today.

Ron you had lots of choices for your trip today and we are tickled pink you chose us. We surely hope we didn't disappoint and was able to share some tactics and techniques with you today!!!

Going after catfish in the morning, now I just got to decide where to go. Check back tomorrow evening and see where we went and hopefully I'll have a good report with lots of catfish coming over the gunnell!! Thanks for stopping by and God Bless You All!

Friday 4-21-23

Once again we were fishing with Sam Crockett from Waxhaw,NC and Gary Coffee from Monroe, NC. These guys have become regular fishermen on our Freshwater fishing charters and we look forward to fishing with them everytime they come to town to fish with us. It's always a very fun day on the boat with them!!! Also, we had a very dear friend Ryan Huneycutt from Richfield, NC join us today just to help out and spend some time with us on the boat and Barbara really appreciated the help he gave her today. We met Ryan through our fishing charters in Saltwater but over the years we've become more that just friends, we are more like "brothers"!!!

There are still a few fish shallow, but I've found that the majority have moved to the points and drops making their way to their summer hangouts preparing for the summer months and hot weather.

Gary got the first line in this morning and it was immediately attacked by a fish we were all hoping was a crappie as big as the fight was, but, it turned out to be a nice channel catfish . We continued to fish areas in 18 to 23 feet of water adjacent to spawning areas that made good travel lanes to get the crappies to their deep hot weather hangouts where they will be more comfortable in the hot summer water that's just around the corner. We had a blast today and when we wrapped it up this afternoon, we had 66 crappies and a channel catfish, and even several nice Bream in the cooler.


The bite is on and will just get better as summer heats up the water. If you want to learn the simple way to catch crappies like we have developed over many years of crappie fishing that will put you crappies in the boat anywhere and any time of the year,  just call or text 336-309-5900 and Barbara will get you all set up and it won't cost you one penny until the trip is over and done and maybe not then if you don't catch any fish....but I wouldn't plan on that happening!!!

We have cancelled tomorrow's trip because they are calling for thunderstorms and bad weather, got to keep safety #1 in this business!! Thanks for stopping by and till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Thursday, 4-20-23

Today we picked up Randy Crane and his son, Ian from Waxhaw,NC. and they had with them Randy's sister, Lisa Jackson from Navarre, FL and Germany!! The water had dropped a few degrees this morning so we went back to the main channel brush where some fish were active in the structure but were not as eager to bite as yesterday. We fished it about an hour and only had 11 crappies, not good enough as far as I was concerned.

OK, let's just see if there's some still on the shallow banks. We made the run to a "hot spot" we found a few years back but here we only caught 1 medium male. As I was leaving the shallow area I was thinking " where would I be if I had just came off the spawn" I figured the closest brush pile from where I was spawning. All I can say is that I don't know if I was right or not but we made the move to a brush pile about  40 yards from a spawning area and I didn't even have time to take pictures we were so busy. It was around 1PM when we found them and in 2 hours we went from11 crappies to 75 and lost and missed probably half that many as well.

What a great pleasure it was to fish with Randy, Lisa, and Ian today. Thanks guys for choosing Yeah Right Charters for your freshwater fishing charter.


We will be back on High Rock lake again in the morning trying once again to put the puzzle together. So come on back tomorrow evening and see what we find and I promise, if I have time tomorrow, I'll take more pictures!!! Till next time, God Bless You All!!!!

Wednesday, 4-19-23

Today I decided to get off the bank and go back deep for the crappies. I think Steve Swain and his son Stevie from Salisbury, NC will agree to it was a good decision!!!

Our first stop and we had a Crappie on the hook before we could get another line in the water. For a spell, 2 rods was all we could get in the water and continuously have fish on those two rods before it finally calmed down some, but not a whole lot!!!

The bite was good all morning everywhere we went. We accumulated over 70 crappies in the cooler for the guys to take home for some family fish frys and around 1PM they said they had had enough, even Barbara and I not being use to the blue bird skies and heat we had today and the awesome bite we had were give out too. It took us both netting fish and taking fish off, the bite was definitely today!!

Thanks, Steve and Stevie for fishing with us, you had many choices to choose from and we are humbled that you chose us for your fishing trip today. We surely hope we at least met or even possibly exceeded your every expectation!!!

Will be back on High Rock lake chasing crappies again tomorrow. Will they still be deep, I'll know in the morning!!!! Till next time, God Bless You All

Sunday, 4-16-23

Today we had a couple guys that this was their 1st time crappie fishing with us. They were Thomas Snipes from Mebane, NC and Joe Harris from Chapel Hill, NC. Again this morning we started off deep and the crappies were there according to the livescope, but weren't as active nor as interested in our baits today as yesterday. We gave it about an hour and picked at a few crappies but again the quality fish we were looking for didn't seem to exist here.

I made the decision to go back shallow and it proved to be the right choice. It took several stops to put together a good catch for these guys but we made it happen.

We ended our trip a little early because of the threat for rain looming over our heads and with a short day, we still had the guy 35 to 40 nice crappies to carry home with them.

If any of this for, crappies, Catfish, Stripers, etc would interest you we would love for you to spend a day with us so we could teach you how to do what I've spent my whole life doing.....catching fish....and if you happen to not catch any fish, or not enough fish to suite me....your trip will be FREE!!! Just call or text 336-309-5900 for any and all information about your are not under any obligation to book when you call!!!!

Thank you Thomas and Joe, y'all had lots of choices for your fishing trip and the fact you chose us out of all the others available is something we don't take lightly, we just hope we met or possibly exceeded your every expectation for your day of "catching" with Barbara, Bobo, and I.

Saturday, 4-15-23

Today we had some returning guys that have become real regular on our charter boats and it's always a good time when we go. They are John Kirkpatrick, Jessie Allison, Larry Allison, from Concord, NC and Derrick Massey from Charlotte, NC.

We started off deep this morning and were doing pretty good in 20 feet of water but the quality of the fish just wasn't there this morning so I decided to hit the shallows even though we had 22 crappies in the box in just an hour and a half, I wanted some bigger fish for the guys.

When we got to our 1st shallow spot is when the Ulterra trolling motor decided it didn't want to cooperate so I messed with it a bit and said the heck with it and dropped anchor. And then it started!!! When it was time to head back to the dock at 3PM, the guys were facing the fruits of their labor, so to speak, because  now they had to go home and each one of the 4 guys had around 25 nice crappies each to fillet. I know we missed a few on the clicker at times when they were biting fast, but we had at least 100 for our efforts today!!! Once again, the Betts slip floats got the job done keeping our baits suspended at the right depths!!!

Another great day of fishing, catching, laughing, and just plain old clean country, it don't get any better than this!!! Already looking forward to our next trip!!!Till next time, God Bless you all!!!

Wednesday, 4-5-23 

Sorry today's report is so late but got home and had to find a problem with the Ulterra on the pontoon. I reported I had it fixed last night but today I found out I did not have it fixed. We were still able to catch crappies today as I have the God given ability to compromise when necessary!!! Finally found out the real was a bad ground from the control board that serves the trim module side of the trim motor.

OK, we picked up Ben and Claire Cameron that came up from Pinehurst, NC today to go fishing with us for some crappies. Our first stop was one of the best stops we made. We found way more fish today than we did the past 2 days before but apparently the full moon effect had them a little more reluctant to bite. But, enough bit to make it a good day of crappie fishing and Ben and Claire were fantastic to spend the day with and they both are very well seasoned and experienced fisherpeople.

Taking a couple days off due to inclement weather forecasted and to get my truck front end lined up, get some new tires on it, so we'll be ready to hit the road again chasing more fish!!!

Give Barbara a call or text @ 336-309-5900 if you are interested to get information. No obligation, you're just getting information so you can choose wisely if you think you would like to go fishing with us and let us teach you the ways we do it to the point that if you do go and don't catch fish, your trip will be FREE!!!

Thanks for stopping by, please like us on face book, and would appreciate it if you'd comment on our post. Have a Blessed night and till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Tuesday, 4-4-23

Today we headed back to High Rock lake once again to round up some more crappies for some more up coming fish fry's. We had with us today on the 24' fishing machine pontoon boat Gary Coffey from Monroe, NC and Sam Crockett from Waxhaw, NC. This pontoon has spoiled us all, such a great and roomy vessel to fish from for all kinds of fish, just ask today's fishermen and all those before them!!!!

We had a moderate bite today but it was steady. Every time I started to move someone would get a bite so we gave it a little longer. Just as we finished up one spot and started to move the Ulterra wouldn't stow. Trim motor malfunction was the problem. That was just a minor inconvenience for us though. I've had these motors long enough now to know what to do in most any situation and keep the supplies on board to handle these problems. Since I had just completely rebuilt this motor I figured it was just a minor adjustment of one of the sensors, and it was, I adjusted it at the boat ramp before we left this afternoon and we are ready for tomorrow's Crappie trip on High Rock lake again!!

Anyway, we were able to continue fishing today and we still had the spot lock feature so we were good to go!!! We caught some nice fish and when the dust finally settled around 3PM this afternoon we had 56 crappies in the ice box.

Another very fun trip today and they are already booked again in a few weeks to do it again. Great guys and loads of fun today and we even enjoyed catching crappies while doing it. It just don't get any better than this!! Thanks for stopping by and till next time, God Bless You !!

Monday, 4-3-23

I thought when I retired from offshore Saltwater Fishing Charters after 30 years I was done with 18 hour days, well never say never!!! This morning we left out at 4:30AM to meet Charles Bell and Andrew Smith from Pembroke, NC at Jordan to chase and catch some crappies.

We started out and our first stop started producing some respectable crappies and we pretty much had action all day and we ended the trip with the boats full limit of 80 nice crappies.


That's about it for tonight....have another trip tomorrow on High Rock lake for crappies again and it's now nearly 10PM. These long days like this just ain't as easy as they once were 40 years ago.

So, enjoy this short report and the pictures and I'll have another crappie report tomorrow night for High Rock lake. Thank you all for stopping by and God Bless You All!!!

Sunday, April 2, 2023


Today we picked up Aquil Shamsid-Deen, Walter Lee Monroe, Otis Worthy, and Robert Brown from Charlotte, NC. at Tamarac Marina on High Rock lake to pursue some more crappies. Walter Lee was the new guy today but the other 3 have fished with us a least 4 times now since we started our Freshwater Fishing Charters, and it's always a great time and loads of fun every time we go fishing!!!

We picked a few here and there in brush piles before I finally found the one I was looking for off the main river channel in 22 feet of water.

We finished the day up on this place putting 65 nice crappies in the cooler for several fish fry's. Already looking forward to our next trip coming up soon. Heading back to Jordan Lake in the morning for more crappies. Hope they still biting there. If they are we should find them!!

April is booked solid and May and June are booking pretty fast now. Don't wait too long to call Barbara @,336-309-5900 if you would like to experience a fishing trip the way we do it here at Yeah Right Charters, we promise, you'll be very happy with the way we do business and you won't believe the fun you'll have!!! And as always if you don't catch fish you'll still have a great time and no fish means you'll owe us nothing. That's our NO FISH-NO PAY Guarantee!!!

Thanks for stopping by and reading our fishing reports and till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Friday, 3-31-23

Today we changed up and went back crappie fishing. At 8AM this morning we met up with Ryan Huneycutt from Richfield, NC, Cordel and Oron Huneycutt from Albemarle, NC. at Jordan lake today to see if the crappies were biting. We have fished together many times and we met through our fishing charters and our friendship has now nurtured into more like family!!! Always enjoy these trips with these guys!!!

I could write a book about today's trip but not to make this too long, we found the crappies and as they say, " the rest is now history" as we got our 5 legal boat limits of 20 fish per person for a total of 100 very nice crappies and headed back home around 1:30 this afternoon. It was definitely an amazing trip and can't wait until we go again very soon.


If you want to get in on a fishing trip where you will catch plenty of fish and be guaranteed to not pay a dime if you should not catch fish on our local lakes then it simple and pain free with no obligation to book when you call or text Barbara @ 336-309-5900 for all information about your trip.

She said April is booked  now with some others on a waiting list should we have a cancellation. May and June have already started booking so don't wait too long to call or these will be full as well before much longer!!!

Thanks to everyone that continues to support us and read our fishing reports, we really do appreciate it. Tomorrow is canceled due to bad weather moving in, but the Next week looks great right now and if the weather holds we'll have reports daily now for April!!

Till next time, God Bless You All!!!!

Thursday, 3-20-23

Running a little late this evening so this will be short as it's nearly 11PM and I've got to head to Jordan Lake in the early morning to see if we can round up some crappies.

Scotty Pate came up from Eagle Springs, NC to go with us to see if a catfish would bite today. We'll, I ain't going to lie, it was one of the toughest days I've ever had to find a biting catfish. We started off behind the High Rock Lake dam only to have our baits ignored. Moved on down into Tuckertown Lake and had the same results. Finally loaded up and went up the road and launched again at High Rock lake and here we finally found a "hole" that gave us some bites and Scotty was able to Finally get a decent Blue catfish to take home for dinner. We had another rod to bend over and drag pulled only to have it pull the hook. Then after that another smaller Channel catfish was caught and released and then we called it a day. We didn't get skunked today but we sure scared the devil out of it....LOL!!!

Always a great time when Scotty comes to fish with us and already looking forward to the next time.

Got to go now, 4AM will be here in 4 1/2 hours and it'll be time to do it all over again just like I've done nearly everyday for the past 32 years. Thanks for stopping by and till next time, God Bless You All!!!

Tuesday, 3-28-23

It was a little cooler this morning when we left the dock on High Rock lake to go catch some more crappies with Terry Anderle and her grandson Evan Klein, both from Uniontown, Ohio and returning fisherman Tony Harris from Thurmond, NC. It was Terry and Evans first time ever crappie fishing but after today I have a feeling it won't be their last. Tony has fished with us before and is as good as they get at catching fish!!! But, it didn't take long until Barbara's past experiences from being a 31 year school teacher had Terry and Evan hanging right there catching crappies right along side Tony as they honed their techniques to perfection!!

Water temperatures were in the mid 50's this morning so once again I opted to stay deep around 18 to 20 feet for our technique to get a good catch of crappies for todays group .I'll have to say it was a good decision as we ended the day with 66 crappies in the fish box headed to Thurmond, NC and Uniontown, Ohio for several good fish frys.

Have had a cancelation for tomorrow and I needed this day to get ready for a catfish trip on Thursday and to service the Yamaha on the pontoon since it's been running just about every day lately.

Thank you Tony, Terry, and Evan, you guys had many Charters to chose from and we are honored you chose Yeah Right Charters for your fishing trip. We truly hope we met and possibly exceeded your every expectation. Remember, when you fish with us you are Guaranteed to catch fish on our local lakes, and if you would happen to have a day they don't bite, then you'll get a day of fishing and fun trying for FREE!!! If what we do interest you just call or text Barbara @ 336-309-5900 to get set up or no obligation information on the fishing adventure of a lifetime!!!

Also, thanks to everyone that stops by to read our reports and as always, till next time, God Bless You All!!!! 

Monday, March 27, 2023 


Today we hit High Rock lake with Neil Rodgers from Hampstead, NC. We still found the crappies deep although I know some are starting to move up as the water keeps getting warmer daily.

We got a few at every stop we made except for 2 places. They were there on the livescope, but not interested in biting so we moved on. That's why I invested in the livescope so I can keep my clients on active biting fish and not waste any of their fishing time on fish that don't want to bite. If they are moving, they will bite, if they are not moving, they don't want to bite right now. And that's especially true in brush piles like they did today and we ended the day with 35 nice crappies and a good fight on the light tackle from a flat head catfish that we sent back home to his mama to grow up!!

Neil, thanks again for your trust and consideration in Barbara and I and Yeah Right Charters for your fishing trip today. You had many choices and we were honored you chose us and we don't take that litely!!!

Back to High Rock lake again in the morning to see just where we find the crappies again. Come on back tomorrow evening and get our fishing report right here.

Till next time, be safe on the water and don't work all the time, call or text Barbara at 336-309-5900 and take a break and go fishing with us, I promise, you'll have a great time and catch fish. And if you don't catch fish you'll still have a great time, and the trip will be FREE!!!

Till next time, God Bless You All!!!!!

Sunday, 3-26-23

Today we were fishing for crappies on High Rock lake with Andy Dalton and his Son Caleb from Sparta, NC. The mission was to get enough crappies to have several family fish frys. We started looking shallow and worked our way deep once again. 15 to 20 feet deep was the magic common denominator for today's catch of around 63 nice crappies.

We had to dock the boat once and get off the water long enough to let a thunder storm pass. Lightening doesn't always play by the rules and we have to respect mother nature and keep safety first always!!!!

It was a great and fun day of catching crappies with these guys and we hope to be able to do it again sometime. Waters warming a little more everyday and I predict if things continue on the path we're on now they'll be shallow in a week ot two.

Thanks for stopping by and till next time God Bless You All!!!!

Monday March 20, 2023


Went to Badin this morning to fish with Glenda and Nick Tewell from Locust, NC. This will be short tonight as we have to go back to Badin again in the morning and when I got home I had to weld up my prop and fix a leaking fuel filter on the Yamaha because no one had one in stock so I just fixed what I had so we could not disappoint my fishermen.

The fish were there, but they were tough to get them to bite. We stayed on the move until we found some in 25+ feet of water that wanted to bite. We didn't load the boat but we did have around 20 nice slabs, plus, we lost several more big crappies trying to pull them into the boat without the net under them!!

March 8, 2023


Well dang if it wasn't a tough day for me and "Kropi Krusher" Mark Carmany from Apex, NC today. We started out up river for catfish this morning and on our first stop we just got the lines in and Mark soon had something pretty big on the hook that pulled the hook about 20 feet from the boat. And that my friends was it!!!

We moved to other areas up river only to not get bit. I had talked with my good friend Tony Schramm that morning and he was going behind High Rock dam, that was where I wish I had made plans to meet up with Mark. After talking with Tony and found out that this was where I should have gone because they had a hot morning bite there.

We weren't that far away from the dam so we loaded up the Carolina skiff and went there. But, unfortunately the bite had diminished and we fished the rapids, the boil, the calm water, and we had shad, Perch, crappie, chicken, and nothing could entice a bite for us today.

I think we were just too late for the bite as it was most likely winding down from the feeding overnight with this big ole full moon. That's the only excuse I have right now, so I'm sticking with that one until I can think of a better one. Mark wanted to know how much he owed me at the days end, and like I tell everyone once in a while when the unthinkable no fish day happens, we don't charge anything for boat rides!!!

Once again Bobo was just give out after trying to see if a rod was bending over today, he came home and crashed and burned on his bean bag. The photo dump is of today's catch and the picture of the reason I believe it happened the way it did. Thanks for coming by, and accept my apology for my no fish, fishing report. You always get the truth from us, no matter how bad it makes me look. Love me or hate me, it is what it is and will always be that way from myself and Yeah Right Charters..

Till next time, God Bless You All!!!

March 7, 2023


Today we hit High Rock lake with a group from Charlotte and Concord, NC. They were Aquil Shamsid-Den from Charlotte, NC, Tish Buckwith from Charlotte, NC, and Dee Shamsid-Den from Concord, NC.

We didn't set the woods on fire today but we did manage some decent crappies and ended the day with 33 crappies. And I'll be honest, with 30+ mph winds from a cold front passing through coupled with a full moon, made it one of the toughest days I've crappie fished in a very long time

Going after some catfish tomorrow, I know the full moon makes catfishing tougher but at least the muddy water doesn't bother them, now if I can just find some shad in the morning!!

Thanks for stopping by, oh and while I'm thinking about it, a friend of mine said someone had a catalytic converter cut off their truck today while fishing. Looks like I'm going to have the same infrared security system installed on my truck like I had on my sport fisherman when I was chartering offshore at Southport/Oak Island, NC. At least I'll know who did it when it happens and can forward it to the local authorities.


 Till next time, God Bless You All!!!!

February 26, 2023

Today we went to Flat Swamp on High Rock lake with a group that has become "regulars" on our Freshwater fishing trips. They always book again before they get off our boat for another trip. Thanks guys for your trust and faith in us and Yeah Right Charters. If at anytime we don't treat you with respect and ethical ways please let us know!!!

This group today was John Kirkpatrick, Jesse Allison, Larry Allison from Concord, NC and Derrick Massey from Charlotte, NC. High Rock Lake is trying to get its act together but this year so far she has been hit with so much rain, and a possibility of lots more coming this next week, cold fronts and water up and down with huge numbers on the water flow gage from the dam. But, it will be back to normal soon, I hope!!!

Luis and us were the 1st boats there this morning and Luis located some fish before I got to the area where I also wanted to fish. I tried staying on the outskirts of the bite he had but that wasn't going to do the trick for us. They were at one spot under the bait and that's where you had to be. I made the decision to do the right thing and give Luis the room here and not crowd him by exercising some "professional Courtesy" and go find my own fish so we wished him well and for him to catch 'em up and off we went.

The bite was really slow everywhere we went and the fish were small everywhere we went as well. I remembered a sunken road bed Barbara and I had fished about 40 years ago about this time of year so we made our move to there. Time was running short when we hit this spot but here we were able to catch some nice crappies and a Flat Head Catfish. I sure wanted to release the Flathead, but it was theirs. They caught it. It was legal to keep, and they wanted it, and so it was theirs!!! Even though we did OK today I wasn't real happy with 4 people only catching 20 crappies and a catfish for a full day trip, so as many of you already know, I run my business and treat folks the way I would want to be treated and be ethical, honest, and fair in all my transactions. So, I made sure they were taken care of the way Yeah Right Charters takes care of its family of fishermen!!!! If you've fished with us before and had a slow day of catching, then you already know!!!

Thank you everyone that likes our fishing reports, likes us on fb, likes our posts on fb, and that follow us on fb. You all are what keeps us striving to be the best at what we do, and we couldn't do any of it without you all!!! So, Thank You All Again, and till next time, God Bless You All !!

Friday, 2-24-23

Today it didn't rain, it was warm, and they said light winds, well 2 out of 3 ain't bad. If you fished today then you know about the forecasters version of "lite winds"

Barbara and I took some very special friends today to Jordan Lake to restock their freezer for some future fish fries. We were fishing today with Oron Huneycutt and his son Ryan Huneycutt from Richfield, NC. It started off kind of slow but we kept moving around and were picking up one here and there, then I did a complete rig change up, got the boat anchored up on a channel drop and it was game on.