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Captain Butch has been working hard to bring you the best in the charter fishing business. I DO NOT see how he does it all, there has to be much more drive than just love for what he does!!!



Capt. Butch started his fishing career on High Rock Lake, Badin Lake and the Yadkin River way back in the 1960's. At that time he started to hone his skills at catching, crappies, large mouth bass, stripers, and catfish, specializing in flathead catfish. His first love in the 70's was largemouth bass fishing and he won many club tournaments. After his son, Chris was born and got old enough to fish with him (Chris was 4 years old), Butch started concentrating on crappie and striper fishing, teaching Chris everything he knew.

Butch is an all or nothing type of person so after getting very prolific in freshwater fishing, he decided to enter the saltwater field. When he presented his idea to Barbara and Chris, all Chris could say was YEAH RIGHT, thus the name YEAH RIGHT CHARTERS.

In 1998, YEAH RIGHT CHARTERS was born and Butch became Captain Butch Foster when he acquired his captain's license qualifying as a Merchant Marine Officer with the US Coast Guard. This license took hours of classes and testing but it was worth all the effort and he still holds this license which has to be renewed every 5 years. 


Capt Butch has been featured in many newspaper and magazine articles. He has been written about in several published books about saltwater and freshwater fishing and has presented at several of George Povoromo's Saltwater Sportsman Magazine National Seminar Series, where he was introduced as the "legendary Captain Butch Foster". He has presented and continues to present fishing seminars all over NC and VA at fishing clubs, Boat and Saltwater Fishing shows and the Oak Island Saltwater Fishing School. After running saltwater charters for over 25 years he decided it was time to retire from saltwater and return to his first love, freshwater fishing.

His service and desire to encourage others to love fishing as much as he does has won 31 Pineapple Awards that are given for excellent service by the OAK ISLAND/SOUTHPORT, NC Chamber of Commerce. His customers written comments about his desire and service are what the Chamber bases to whom the awards go. He has received all that have ever been given in the saltwater fishing business area and he continues to offer that excellent service. 


Competent and hardworking, Captain Butch Foster gives 110% each time he goes fishing and will do his best to make it a wonderful trip for you.    



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