Capt Butch and Barbara's Freshwater Adventures
                                     YOU WILL CATCH FISH OR YOU WILL NOT PAY

    I think it's time to take Freshwater fishing trips to the next level and have decided it was time to branch out and teach some how to do what I've learned in over 65+ years of dedicating my life to not just fishing, but, how to catch fish so I can go catching, which is the most fun part of fishing . So now you have a choice..... Freshwater species from November thru March or backwater Saltwater May thru October.

    I am not advertising the freshwater trips because at 70 I'm too old to run trips every day like I do in the Saltwater fishing season in Southport/Oak Island, NC.  I'm going to only run a limited amount of trips because actually some of the best fishing happens in the winter months. 

   Like I said, it will be a limited number, so call Barbara @ 336-309-5900 ASAP about a Crappie, Catfish, or Striper fishing trip.

    On our new fishing platform we can take a lot of people being 24 feet in length, but I will still be limiting it to a maximum of 4 people. I am limiting the number so I can provide the level of customer service we have become famous for with our customers over the years with Yeah Right Charters on our Saltwater Charters!!! Our 24' pontoon boat has a capacity of 14 people, so you can see we will not be crowded and running into each other and she is now rigged and loaded with fishing options for Crappie, Catfish, and Stripers on the Piedmont lakes around Lexington, NC. I have an enclosure around the cockpit that is heated when it's real cold if we need it. Special arrangements at a little more cost due to travel distance pulling the boat and travel expenses can be tailored for other lakes like Jordan, etc.

  With my 65+ years of fishing experience I can teach you many different techniques of fishing from this vessel or one of our 3 other vessels. Spider rigging for Crappies, long line trolling for crappies, tight lining for crappies using both minnows or jigs casting jigs or minnows for Crappies,  live bait fishing and trolling for stripers using downriggers, planer boards, etc. drifting for catfish and how to control your drift speed, Santee rigging and slow trolling for catfish, or just anchoring and rigging up to catch catfish this way.

    If you want a trip behind the dams to go after catfish, this will be a specialty trip and we will only take one or two people in either my deep vee or the Carolina skiff. YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO WEAR A LIFE JACKET WHEN FISHING BEHIND A DAM !!! The vessel used here will be determined by which dam we will be going to as they are all different and deserve my utmost respect and safety measures. but it can be the catfishing trip of a lifetime!!

  I have made fishing my life, It's not just a hobby for me and I  do lots of seminars every year on how to catch fish. Now you can get on the water and hands on lessons and benefit from my 65+ years of fishing experience from freshwater to Saltwater!! We had been hesitant on doing this as our deep vee boats were just to crowded to provide a good fishing trip but now room is not a problem for most of our trips on our 24' pontoon.

  Call Barbara soon @ 336 309 5900 and get on board with Yeah Right Charters Freshwater Fishing Adventures and you too can experience a trip of a lifetime.

  Please go to our website and click on our guestbook and read our customer comments about us. You will then see why in the charter boat category at the Southport/Oak Island Chamber of Commerce why we have earned EVERY outstanding customer service award for charter boats from our Saltwater clients.

  Thank you for considering us for your fishing trips and may God Bless you all!!!!

Captain Butch Foster
Southport/Oak Island, NC

                            TRIP RATES

We will be doing 1/2 days 4 hours from 8AM till 12noon for 4 people is  $350.00 

Full days will be 7 hours 8AM till 3 PM for 4 people is  $550.00.

The above prices are for High Rock lake,  Badin Lake, and Tuckertown Lake.

Call 336-309-5900 to make special arrangements for other lakes we may do!!


                  LICENSE INFORMATION
  All anglers 16 years and older will need a fishing license.  The license is called Inland Fishing (basic).

  There is an annual and a 10 day license available.  There is a Resident and Non-Resident available depending on where you live.  You can purchase your license at a Wal-Mart or you can do it online with a credit card at


Our boats are equipped with all fishing equipment and necessary life jackets. 

All children under 13 will be required to wear the life jacket at all times. 


Adults are not required to wear one (except for when fishing up close to a dam) but it is recommended and if you feel that you do, you should bring one. The self inflating life jackets are very comfortable, light weight, and you won't even know you have it on, and you might want to invest in one of those. My adult jackets are commercial grade and are not very comfortable.  

                         WHAT TO BRING
Bring anything you like to eat and/or drink on the boat.  This includes alcoholic beverages.  If someone appears intoxicated to the point I feel it is a safety issue, we will return to the dock. 

There is plenty of room for coolers, bags, etc ( on the pontoon) but please try to keep it to a minimum. Bring a good sized cooler (especially for catfishing) to leave in vehicle to transfer fish into after trip.  I will have bottled water on the boat for your convenience and will have ice on board if you need ice.

                       WEATHER INFORMATION
  Check the weather before your trip.  You are responsible for rain gear, sunglasses, sunscreen or anything else to keep you comfortable on the boat.  I fish in the rain but not in, around, or anywhere close to lightning. Also, very windy conditions make for a tough day of fishing most of the time and I want you to have the best day of fishing we possibly can have!!

Remember, it is winter time, a 60 degree day on the water can be really cold. So don't show up in shorts and "T" shirts. Dress for winter time activities, you can always remove clothing but it won't do you any good if you leave it hanging in the closet!!


If weather appears to be an issue, I will contact you a day or two before the trip to hopefully rebook and possibly save you a wasted drive. Bad weather can be a beautiful day on land buy windy. Very windy conditions on water can be a very miserable experience!!!

                    BOOKING YOUR TRIP

  To book your trip simply call Barbara @ 336-309-5900 and we will hold your day with a visa or MC number. You will not be charged for the trip then, this number just holds your trip. No money expected until after trip is run. You will shortly after booking get a confirmation by text with all the information as to when your trip will be, what boat ramp I'll meet you at, what time you need to be there,  and any other important details you need to know!! Please try to be on time because your trip will begin at the time agreed on for either a 1/2 day or a full day. I will have the boat in the water ready to go fishing when you get there, if you're late your time still starts at 8AM and ends at the time of your trip. I run on a very busy schedule and usually don't have the option  to stay later!!


The fish you catch will be yours and you are allowed to keep any and all that fall into the legal limits regulations provided by the NC Wildlife Resources division in Raleigh, NC. So, if you plan on keeping your catch be sure to bring an appropriate size cooler and leave in your vehicle to transfer your catch into at days end. I DO NOT clean fish for various reasons, so make the necessary arrangements to transport your catch with you at the end of your trip!!



Unfortunately once in a while  we all get reminded that it's called fishing and not catching. However, I probably hate those days worse than you do. If that should be the case when you go fishing you will still get either a 1/2 day or full day, depending on which you have booked learning many different techniques to use to catch fish when they do decide again to bite. All this will be at no cost to you. My personal guarantee to you is...........




We have always had the best cancellation policy in the charter business. If you book a trip and are a "no show"  and don't call you will be charged for the trip!!!

However, if you have an emergency or something comes up and you can't make it, just call us, that's all you have to do. If you get sick on the way to the boat ramp the morning of your trip, just call us, and there will never be any charge. If you just decide you don't want to go and call in sick, there will still not be a charge, but you will have to deal with God yourself on that little white lie. If you can live with that, we can too!!
  We understand that in today's world there are things that happen that's more important than fishing, and that's why we don't say we have to have a weeks notice to cancel. No one knows a week in advance what's going to happen in our lives, when these things happen, just call, it's just that simple!!!

                        TRIP PAYMENT

  Payment expected at the end of your trip. We take cash, check, Visa or Master card for payment. We have never charged an up front deposit in all our years of operating charter boat services!! And once again remember, NO FISH-NO PAY!!!!




Capt Butch and Barbara's Freshwater Adventures

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