I have 3 boats available but will be using the 23' Riddick Bay Runner most of the time due to its uncanny ability to perform in all kinds of conditions and situations offering a fast, stable, dry, comfortable, and roomy fishing platform with a "T" top for shade. The charters will be for 1 or 2 people maximum. Exceptions will be made when it involves kids.


 Our 23' Riddick Bay is fully rigged for you and a fishing partner to enjoy catfish fishing in the mudflats of the Yadkin River between Rowan and Davidson County or behind the High Rock Dam.


     She is loaded with numerous NEW rods and reels yearly, a very large selection of the "Hottest" lures, Grubs, Baits, and Rigs to cover any type catfish fishing!!


    Storage for your drinks and food is no problem!!! We have a large cooler loaded with ice for your convenience, She even has storage for your fish separate from your drinks and food if you want to keep some for dinner!! 


    Full electronics includes Plotter, Depth Finders (front and rear), Water Temperature gauges, and a "state of art"  Minn-Kota Trolling motor with features like Remote control from anywhere in the boat so I can take care of all your needs while the GPS and Auto Pilot keeps us fishing right on our selected course. This MINN KOTA Trolling Motor even has an "electronic Anchor" feature so when you catch a fish it can anchor us right there, electronically, with just the push of a button. No more physically dropping an anchor in the water unless it will be the best choice at the time!!

17' Power-Pole anchoring system in order t stay on the fish easier and not having to mess with anchoring so you can get fishing quicker!


     Catching fish at a certain speed trolling? Just push the "cruise Control" button and it will automatically keep you at that speed by automatically speeding up and slowing down to adjust for wind and currents and, this is just a couple of the Minn-Kota's amazing features, It's Awesome!!!!

    In my 55+ years of fishing I have fished for just about everything that swims in North and South Carolina. So if you want to learn how to catch catfish, learn where to catch catfish, learn how to navigate the Yadkin River at the High Rock lake head waters, or want to learn all the above, or maybe how to navigate and fish behind the dams where lots of the "Big Boys feed", or just want to go catfishing, just give us a call @ 336 309-5900 to get started.


    And as always, Thank You for being a part of our "Fishing Family" and your continued support is greatly appreciated!!! 




                                         Fish On!!!!

                                             Capt Butch Foster